1. mrconfuse

    What is the next step down from the ultrasone 8?

    After listening to the Ultrasone 8 for a bit (in the store) they are starting to grow on me but I'm still not at the point where I want to spend that much on the Edition 8. What is the next step down from there in the Ultrasone family? The one thing I really sorta of liked was that while the...
  2. Matkinson121

    Ultrasone Edition 8 encounter.........

    Hi there,   I've not been into headphones for a while now. I haved owned a pair of HD595 headphones for a few years now and love them, although I haven't used them in ages now as I got into speakers a lot more.   Anyways, I'm in Selfridges in Birmingham today and there was a pair of...
  3. xnor

    Headphones sensitivity, impedance, required V/I/P, amplifier gain

    The following table is based on measurements, not manufacturer specs.   Target SPL is 110 dB SPL. The source is assumed to output 2 V. The amp is assumed to be a voltage source (0 ohm output impedance). Voltage, current, power are RMS figures.   What do the columns mean? S@1V is the...
  4. boebi0

    Impendance confusion, portable headphones

    So I decided to get myself a new pair of headphones. I have a headset (usb) I always use with my pc and I love it, now I need something portable. Up until now I've always used earphones but I'd like to get into some better headphone equipment.   I've been looking into a lot of headphones and...
  5. stephenbou

    Headphones with soundstage of a concert hall

    I attended a concert last night (I sat in the 5th row at the Chicago Symphony) and I was thinking of how the experience of the live soundstage differed from headphones I've listened to. Are there headphones that come a little closer to the soundstage you'd get in a live performance? (Keep in...
  6. LoSt IN Hifi

    Recommend Headphones for travel?

    Hi everyone   This is my first post and glad to finally join the forum after years of reading   I was wondering if some people who are more knowledgeable than me could help me in choosing a headphone that I will use ideally at work and for travelling to work.   I need a closed back...
  7. WeggliNet

    High End closed Headphones for me

    Hi,   i own a pair of LCD-2 rev.2 for over 1 year now and i like them very much except for the weight. They start give me headaches because of the weight if i wear them for more than 3-4 hours. Plus i work now in a different environment that is not that quiet as before so i would prefer...
  8. bassgroove

    Addicted to Bass?!

    When I was a kid, about 30 years ago, I had an uncle we went to see, he lived far away and died young so I only ever saw him once.  He had some large wooden speakers, a large stack of hifi separates and while the adults talked about stuff in the kitchen he put some music on for me.   It is...
  9. oopsydaisy

    Universal IEM for best midrange(vocals) w/removable cables budget $600

    Title says it all. My Shures just died (crappy cables) and I'd like to replace them with something a little less bright and with replaceable cables. My main concern is the quality of vocals as well as good isolation. I'm going with universals because I can't afford the really good customs...
  10. hush4hire

    Which portable headphone has reference class/hi-fi sound quality?

    Which portable headphone has reference class/hi-fi sound quality? I'm planning to buy one ultimate portable headphone.
  11. Slash86

    Request - Headphone maintenance - Any Tips ?

    Hi everyone,   This is my firsh thread here, so I appologize if a missed the right forum section for that kind of question.   I recently bought a pair of phones for nomad purpose and Ultrasone ED8 were the perfect match for me.   As you may imagine, i've been as careful as one would...
  12. JohnnnW

    Is the general high price of headphones justified?

    Do these headphones we all talk about actually cost the company a lot of money to make? Can anyone chime in on the margins that the headphone manufacturer typically have?   There are certain products products in the market that are highly price just because that's how it's always been. The...
  13. RaeCarruth

    Ultrasone Edition 8 alternatives

    So yesterday I got to spend some time listening to the Ultrasone Edition 8 and really enjoyed the sound.   Are there a pair of headphones with a similar sound, preferably for a lower price?   They don't need to be hand-made (or advertised as hand made).   Thanks.   On another note I was...
  14. mrAdrian

    After-market cable/mic for ue/shure/westone/custom/etc FINALLY!!! - Bo SIR

    This is from some brave (very brave) guy called Bo Sir in HK, well known of fixing IEMs or heapdhones, recables etc. After thousands and thousands of requests, I think there we go!     Choose your own jack, choose your own cables from him (a lot, and you can mix/match), choose your own...
  15. baloo123

    Roxanne Amp Recommendation

    So I just got my JH Audio Roxanne's and I love them. But I am looking to get a second amp/dac combo for these. Currently I have an RSA predator for my Edition 8's. Ideally something that could work with both would be nice but having something that is a better match with the JH's is great too...
  16. livedavid

    What Happened to Head-Fi? (Rant)

    Hello,   While this may be my first post, I assure you I am not new to the world of headphones or this forum.  I started to really get into this hobby around 2000, but had some interest in the late '90's.  At the time Headwize was the authoritative forum.  Then Head-fi appeared and grew.  It...
  17. GRIFONE1973

    Amp/Dac for Ultrasone Edition 8 Ruthenium

    Hello to all,  I just bought these beautiful headphones and I am very satisfied.  I ask you some advice to match a good amp / dac.  Now I  use a FiiO-E7 and Matrix M-Stage.  The synergy for both is very good, but I wonder if it is possible to make the leap.  Thank you very much.  David
  18. baronkatz

    The Battle of the Portables - A review of my headphones: Audio Technica ATH-ES10 vs. ESW9A vs. Denon AH-D950 vs. Ultrasone Edition 8 vs. Beyerdynamic DT770Pro 32Ohm Limited Edition

    Dear Fellow Head-Fiers,   I wanted to create a list of the various headphones I have to give you an idea of how they differ and chime in on my opinion of them. You may agree or disagree but this is my general view for anyone searching for headphones. This is kind of my way of giving back to...
  19. ashutoshp

    Want to listen online to various headphones?

    Hi guys. I wanted to draw your attention to the following company's website which posts audio samples online as heard from several different headphones and manufacturers (link to the website below). I am looking for opinions in general from those more experienced than myself, and also for...
  20. fp581

    ultrasone edition 9 vs edition 8

    i am listening to rock, pop, metal, new age, r&b, classic and franc house and the source will be amp3 player or creative zii i currently have the ultrasone 2500 pro and i love it!! but its about time to upgrade the gear thx for the help
  21. fomoz

    Looking for a USB DAC for the office

    Hi guys, I'm looking to get a DAC for the office. I will plug it into my Burson HA-160 and use with my Edition 8. Right now I get a ground loop when I use the HA-160 with my Pico DAC because it uses the PC's ground through the USB. I would like to avoid this ground loop by having the DAC use...
  22. maymur8

    What are the Dream Hip-Hop and Rap Headphones?

    Hey everyone,    I just wanted the community's take on what the best (closed) headphones would be for rap and hip-hop   For the longest time I thought it would be the Ultrasone Edition 8's, which I own, but the more time I spend with them the more I question it...   The Edition 8's do...
  23. chenshihchi

    Ultrasone ED8 or ED8 Romeo; any sonic difference?

    Hello there..   I am debating between a ED8 and ED8 Romeo. The local shop has the ED8 palladium at $1,250 now. My question is are there any sonic difference between ED8 and ED8 Romeo? If the sole difference between the two is just the replaceable cable, maybe I would go for the old model... ...
  24. bonoscot

    Headphones for Flight?

    Hey people im looking into a set of headphones for my tablet/iphone for flying,can anyone recommend some that I can look into?   noise cancellation ofc Pretty loud  for movies/music/ games Hopefully look pretty good on flight and out and about/     Would appreciate it guys im stuck...
  25. christox1234

    Ultrasone edition 8 or sennheiser hd700, which is better?

    I am searching for a pair of headphones that works good, usually, i hear house, chillwave, inditronice and indie pop. I like the senn hd800, but they are more expensive and need a good amp to move them. Then i check the hd700, that does'nt need a powerfull amp like the hd800, but a friend talk...