1. bangraman

    Current Edition 8 owners - could you tell me a couple of things?

    - First of all, the isolation on offer. Is it anything like the regular closed Ultrasones? - Secondly, the cup size: Could you measure the external cup height, width and depth?     Many thanks
  2. m7md

    Best portable amp for the edition 8.

      Hi,   I`m new to this forum, so go easy. I'm looking for the best portable amp with DAC, that synergizes the best with the ultrasone edition 8. I'm looking for an amp that is suitable for home use and on the go with my ipod. I listen to different kinds of music, bass is important. My...
  3. pekingduck

    Ultrasone Edition 8 "Limited Edition"

    Only 888 pairs will be produced   http://www.phileweb.com/news/d-av/201005/06/25896.html  
  4. Boomeh

    Cant decide on the Grados Ps1000 or the Ultrasone Edtion 8s

    Hi folks   Great forum, but boy is it hard to make any decisions with so much information to hand :)   Im trying to get my hands on some headphones for movies, music and games. Roughly in that order. I read one review of the Ps1000s saying they were amazing for detail and they're...
  5. johnnylexus

    Do any IEM's sound as good as Ultrasone Edition 8?

    So I have been enjoying my Westone 3's for several years.  I use them all the time at the gym out of an iPod.  Always enjoyed them.   And then, something happened.  I bought a pair of Ultrasone Ed 8's and began listening to them a lot at home.  I listen to them thru my Cary 300 and for me it...
  6. Tidal

    For you who have Ultrasone Edition 8

    For you who have Ultrasone Edition 8, I'd like to ask you whether you think they're worthy or not in term of SQ per bucks. Becasue I can't found portable cans that range around ED8 do. If the ED8 aren't described as cosmetically expensive cans, I think I'd like to try them. (Sell SA5000 and...
  7. MuseMan

    Ultrasone Edition 8 Lust

    They seem to be perfect, nice fun headphones, small enough to be portable. Great isolation and sound. The only problem is the cost - I can afford them, but it's still a lot of money to spend on an impulse buy. Am I insane or should I just get it over with and buy them?
  8. cifani090

    Most engaging headphones

    Hey everyone, im looking for a high end headphone that is engaging with bass (unlike the Denon Ah-5000's)but the correct amount of base, clear and precise, but not overpowering. Im also needing a good vocal expressions. Budget is $700-2500. Here is a list of headphones ive been looking at...
  9. cifani090

    Want a loan headphone

    Hi everyone, i am looking to have someone loan me there Sennheiser HD800, Ultrasone 8, and possibly a pair of Grado Ps1000. I am going to be guying a pair soon, but i would like someone to let be borrow theres and for me to see which one i like best. I will pay for you to loan me a pair. I was...
  10. FatmanSize48

    Closed Headphone Setup Under $1000?

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you head-fiers out there. I'm suffering from an acute case of upgraditis-for a closed, semi-portable (I'll explain that later) setup. Right now my top choice is the AKG K550, as they are purported to be (pretty much) a closed, improved K702 (I loved...
  11. Synthax

    Smoothest sounding but spacious closed headphones.

    Dear Headphone Lovers, After a period of use my HD650 and T70 I've noticed a need of closed headphones (due to my environment) similar in sound to HD650. Of course I did dig many threads but it is hard to find right recomendations. To me Denon D7000, D2000.. D7100 are not enough smooth. Thay...
  12. ostewart

    HIFI Headphones Demo Room - A headphone shootout (HD700, HE6, T1, PS1000, ED8 and more)

    Feel free to comment
  13. fmlfml

    Which High End Headphone Has Good Sound Isolation?

    I'm looking for a close can headphone that is able to travel with me and thinking if I should go with T5p or Edition 8?? What you guys think? 
  14. Ultrasone Edition 8

    Ultrasone Edition 8

    The Edition 8 is a stunningly elegant, black and silver closed-back headphone employing Ultrasone’s latest S-Logic™ Plus technology that results in an impartial acoustic feeling that allows the listener even more spacious tonal perception. Designed with the audio connoisseur in mind, the...