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Ultrasone Edition 8 alternatives

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by raecarruth, Nov 11, 2014.
  1. RaeCarruth
    So yesterday I got to spend some time listening to the Ultrasone Edition 8 and really enjoyed the sound.
    Are there a pair of headphones with a similar sound, preferably for a lower price?
    They don't need to be hand-made (or advertised as hand made).
    On another note I was really disappointed with the Signature Pros, I preferred the build and design but the sound was not what I was looking for.
  2. Levaix
    The new performance series is looking extremely promising.
    In my experience not a whole lot sounds like Ultrasone other than Ultrasone. You could also try the Fostex TH600 or TH900, but unfortunately I don't think the durability is there. Zach at ZMF is also going to be releasing a new Blackwood edition of his ZMF x Vibro, and it sounds pretty sweet. A little tamer than Ultrasone, but still forward and punchy and fun.

    Your best bet is probably the Performance 880, though (or 840 is you're a true basshead). The feedback is coming in very positive for those.
  3. dallan Contributor
    Sometimes you can find them for a thousand bucks. There is a reason for it. The most comfortable and very detailed for a portable. Extremely versatile. I have the whole line of portable Audio-Technica portable woodies(esw9, esw10jpn, esw11ltd) and they are really good but even they don't compete with the ed8 in my book. Good luck, you may have to lower your expectations if you want to save money, or look for used. For home use I think the W3000anv beats the ed8 but it is bulkier and used may be under a thousand if you wait around for one to come up.
  4. RaeCarruth
    I was somewhat worried that that would be the case.
    I haven't heard anything like them.
    Headphones so good they make music you don't usually like sound enjoyable to listen to...

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