1. BaileyAblaze

    Best Audiophile Portable Headphones

    I am looking for a pair of excellent portable over the ear headphones for use. I would like my iPod to be able to drive them sufficiently, and would also like minimum sound leakage. Thus far I have thought about the Beyerdynamic T5P or the Audio Technica W5000. And when I say portable, I mean...
  2. daniel521

    Ultimate closed headphone?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a closed headphone. Closed cans have a lot of limitations, but people say that high end closed cans deal with these limitations in very effective ways, so I'm looking for one of those high end closed cans. My budget is 700-1000 dollars. I won't be walking around in the...
  3. daniel521

    How much of a difference is there between the Ultrasone signature pro/edition 8 and a mid fi closed can?

    Im in doubt between two things: Buying a hi-fi open can and a mid-fi closed can, or buying a hi-fi closed can and a mid-fi open can. I can either have an ultimate open can and a decent closed can, or I can have an ultimate closed can and a decent open can. I'm willing to spend 1000 dollars on...
  4. daniel521

    are the mids in the Edition 8 recessed?

    Im planning on upgrading my ath-m50 for a better closed can. One problem I frequently encountered with the m50 is that the mids were way too recessed. This caused me to turn up the volume, causing the treble to be too harsh and they hurt my ears. Does the edition 8 suffer from the same problem...
  5. Kolkim

    Beats. For what it's worth.

    Sigh, idk why I am writing this but after reading so many posts I feel like I have to put my 2 cents about Beats, click away if you don't want to read somebody complimenting Dr. Dre.   The Beats by Dre lineup is just like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, or any designer clothes brand. You are paying...
  6. Artmindes

    Headphones that play great WITHOUT expensive audio system

    Please recommend me full-sized headphones that can play great WITHOUT expensive amplifier, DAC/source. The headphones themselves can be expensive. I just want to keep my system very simple and convenient, even at a cost of not getting the optimum performance. Thank you!
  7. beemarman

    ultrasone edition 8 or Denon 7100

    Hi all I've been offered the ultrasone Edition 8 for a good price and was wondering if anyone has heard both headphones and can offer advise. I currently got the Denon and wondered if it's worth getting the Ultrasone and selling the Denon? Thanks all
  8. DoomForce

    Is the ultrasone edition 8 the right headphone for me?

    Hello everyone, Long time lurker but rare poster, I made the life decision of skipping the next 5 upgrade steps and go to the end of the line directly and invest a big amount of money, so as to not have to worry about headphones for some years. After reading a bit, I think that the Ultrasone...
  9. dbalvo

    Best Audiophile isolating over-ear headphones?

    I'm looking for some advice on a new pair of cans.  I work in an open office environment, and need something that sounds good but also does a good job isolating me from the noise around me, and also isolates my music from my neighbors.  I have a pair SE535s which I use at times, but I find it...
  10. utdeep

    Value of Ultrasone Edition 8?

    All,   I'm back from my regular 2-3 year hiatus from this board.  My last incursion brought me the JH16Pros (to replace SE530s which replaced UE10s which replaced every other headphone in/out production in 2004) and Sennheiser MX980s (which replaced broken Yuin PK1s which replaced my...
  11. utdeep

    Is this a Palladium Ultrasone 8?

    All,   I'm trying to acquire an Ultrasone 8.  I found a listing on eBay for a headphone that looks surprising like a Palladium version: http://www.ebay.com/itm/ULTRASONE-S-Logic-Surround-Sound-On-Ear-Headphones-P0427-/360476970534   Is this the same headphone?
  12. Pablovila

    Portable amp for Ultrasone Edition 8

    HI:   I have an Ultrasone Edition 8 running balanced on a RSA Protector portable amp. Is there a substantially better amplification alternative to this rig? Thanks, Pablo.
  13. NimbleTurtle

    Your Top 3 Favorite Headphones in Appearance

    Topic.    1. Grado SR325is 2. Sennheiser HD 598  3. ATH-W3000 (Limited Edition)    In no particular order. 
  14. czqdtc

    ATH-W5000, an amazing headphone, even for portable purpose. (some comparison with ED8)

    Gears used in this test: iPod classic ---> Algrithm solo -----> Continental V2 -----> Audio-technica ATH-W5000/Ultrasone edition 8   I have been listening to edition 8 on this system for a while. While pleased by the clear and crispy presentation of edition 8, I always found the vocal part...
  15. baloo123

    Amp for Edition 8's

    I am looking to get an amp for my iPhone and Ultrasone Edition 8's. I just saw V-Moda's new amp and it looks nice but it has terrible battery life. Any suggestions?   My Priority List: 1. Portability (if it's too big I won't carry it and won't use it.. doesn't have to be as small as the...
  16. purrin

    Do Objective Headphone Measurements Correlate to the Audiophile's Subjective Experience?

    I've discussed with peers whether this post belongs in the sound science forum or here, and I decided to post it here for the following reasons:   This study is really about the subjective experience first. And how objective measurements back up those subjective experiences rather than the...
  17. shamrock134

    Trader Advice - Am I in the wrong?

    I'm not sure if this is appropriate to post here, but I'd appreciate some advice from fellow head-fiers.   In Jan 2011 I bought my Ultrasone Edition 8 from a member. The transaction was quick and smooth. In the ad there was a clause which I thought was odd at the time, but never really gave...
  18. Pimothy

    Top of the range headphones for opera

    Hello all,   I am looking to get my dad some top of the range headphones, where price is not an issue. He is a real audiophile with sensitive ears, but needs to get something for when he is not at home.   He would use them exclusively for opera and classical music (for example: Verdi...
  19. fud4ever

    Which high-end for trance?

    Looking for a high-end set of cans that would be optimal for the trance genre. I have no budget, looking to spend a minimum of $800, but would like to see suggestions in the thousands. Some cans that i remember but havent looked too far into are audeze lcd2 and lcd3 and ultrasones signature pro...
  20. ephemere

    Best headphones that don't leak sound, price no object

    I work in a shared office.  I need full-sized cans that isolate well enough to not annoy my officemates.  My JH13 is too annoying to keep inserting and removing throughout the day.  My brand-new Denon D5000 leaks too much.   I like transparency, high resolution, and full-range reproduction...
  21. MorbidToaster

    High End Closed Headphones (More and more options, anyone heard a few?)

    So I've been searching for a closed can to be my second go to for a long time. There weren't that many options up until fairly recently but now with so many hitting at once I'm not sure where to look anymore so I'm looking for impressions and comparisons on the various choices.   Ultrasone...
  22. pellryan

    Top 5 Closed Back Cans

    I'm leaning towards the Denon AH-D5000's or 7000's, but I'd like to see what everyone else thinks on this matter. They have to be closed back (if there are any open back headphones with little bleeding feel free to throw those into the mix). Price range doesnt matter, I'm interested in quality. 
  23. dgiles

    Recycling Edition 8's

    I have a pair of Palladium Edition 8's with Moon-Audio Silver Dragon V3 cable.  I was thinking about selling them, Sound is good, fit isn't perfect.  I was talking with a friend about it.  He's a jeweler.  He said if they have palladium cups I should recycle them.  He said his jewelry store...
  24. CantScareMe

    AKG K550 vs Some others (denon d2000, akg k271, ultrasone edition 8, shure 940, shure 840, beyer dt770.....)

      Contents overview 1. Competitors  (shure 940, denon d2/5/7k, akg k271, beyer dt770 (80/600) dt150, beyer t5p, ultrasone ed8, htf600, shure 840)  2. Isolation 3. Leakage 4. Build  (looks, materials, portability) 5. Fit  (clamp, earcup+earpads, overall comfort) 6. Amplification and...
  25. DarkChewby

    Beats Style Headphones but Not Beats?

    Hello Everyone,   I am pretty new to the higher end headphones. I was wondering are there any high end offerings that offer the style of Beats, but a lot better SQ?   Thank you! Alan