1. scolaiw

    OFFICIAL Headphone Aesthetics Thread - The gorgeous and the hideously ugly!

    Whether we like it or not, the aesthetics of our headphones can sometimes be a critical part in our choice in headphones. The extreme popularity of Beats headphones can at least in part be attributed to their particular looks. Since what you wear speaks a lot about you, the looks of your...
  2. Levaix

    Differences in High-End Ultrasones

    Hopefully this isn't too presumptuous of me as a new member, but I figured this would be a much better alternative to posting the exact same question several times and hijacking multiple existing threads.   Ultrasone makes and has made several different models of high end headphones, and it...
  3. ClassicalHIFI

    How about the Ultrasone Edition12

    How about the Ultrasone Edition12?   The Ultrasone Edition12's sound is better than ED 10,isn't it?   I want to know the difference between the two headphones.   Thank you.
  4. kiikasi

    Which headphones look the most expensive to you (Regardless of price)?

    We've all been there: "Those were $500? They look like they were 50 dollars". Some headphones perform really well and are some serious cash, but they just don't look the part.   In your opinion, which headphones look the most expensive/impressive with no mention of the price. (They can even be...
  5. John2e

    Need help in setting a price for Ultasione Edition 10 HP

    Hi,   I am a long time member who has been away from this site for a while   I am looking to place a FS ad for My Edition 10's  ( I do not use them)   What is a reasonable asking price that would ensure a quick sale   Item is in like new condition but I do not have the wood box or any of...
  6. InnerSpace

    New Pads and Many Hours: The Ultrasone Edition 10, Take Two

    I am taking the liberty of starting a new thread to collate post-op impressions of what I think might one day be seen as a reasonably significant - although far from outstanding - headphone.   To recap: Like many folks I have liked many parts of many Ultrasones, and I hoped that one day they...
  7. quantx

    Ultrasone Edition 10 or Audez'e LCD3

    After much poring the subject, this is my first post here. I'm on the market to complement/replace/enlarge my Grado RS1. I mainly listen to : - 1955/1965 jazz - contemporary music (Ligeti to Morton Feldman), very demanding tones - vocal music (from Monteverdi to Sinatra)   Which...
  8. agoston.berko

    Ultrasone Edition 10 - The Butterfly -> BEST SOLID STATE AMPLIFICATION THREAD

    Hi Dear Head-Fi Community, which is the best ss amp for UE10 ? price limit 1000$   THANKS  
  9. DavidMahler

    Battle Of The Flagships (58 Headphones Compared)

  10. wakeride74

    Thinking of selling my LCD-2... what's next?

    I've been using the LCD-2 rev2 with a Lyr (Lorenz tubes) and bifrost (recent) for about a year as my only real headphones. I've owned the HD800's in the past and really enjoyed them for the level of detail, soundstage, and space. I've kept the LCD-2 so long because they have great emotion...
  11. HeatFan12

    Ultrasone Fan Club! (Roll Call)

    Well, from my searching there has not been an official "fan" thread for Ultrasone.  A huge "There's Something About Ultrasone" thread that was started by dexdexter almost five years ago (I have read that entire thread through the years), is the closest.    There's various specific Ultrasone...
  12. ohhgourami

    What does you partner think about audiophilia?

    Not sure if there is a thread exactly like this yet, but we seem to be having fun with the "non-audiophile reactions" thread so why not have other about what our significant others/partners/mates think about our beloved hobby.     I will start off. My girlfriend doesn't mind me spending so...
  13. peregrinare

    Recommendation requested

    Hi. I'm planning to purchase a pair of high-end headphones ($1000+) for a road trip, and I need it soon. I have read about various models but haven't been able to0 decide. I am hoping the folks here could recommend something.   This will be my first pair of headphones, as I usually listen to...
  14. paulchiu

    EMF levels from 3 top headphones: Ultrasone ED10 LE, Grado GS1000i and Sennheiser HD800

    Last year, Ultrasone claimed that their Edition 10 LE has lower EMF radiation to protect user from dangers that may cause hearing loss or something even worse.  Although they did not state this in official web posting, they certainly repeat this message during road shows in numerous audio...
  15. cifani090

    How they made the Ultrasone Edition 10's

    This video shows parts of the headphone making process, and how its processed. Very interested video, and when i saw the person putting on onw of the ear panels by hand, it almost made me feel like i could do it http://ht.ly/4oLL8  
  16. R300

    se420 Advice

    I'm trialling a several pairs of iems at the moment, one of which being the Shure se420. I'm an iem newbie btw.   Whilst there is plenty to commend these phones, there are a couple of big problems. I don't know if this is because they need burning in, or maybe I'm not fitting them correctly...
  17. Kazimir

    Beyerdunamic T1 vs Ultrasone Edition 10

    I was wondering if anyone had a chance to try them both.  I have heard the T1s and liked them, however the Ed 10 has struck my interest.  I my main questions are how to the sound signatures match up, which is easier to drive, durability of both, and how does long term comfort compare(generally...
  18. alota


    Hello head-fier´s, i bought the edition 10 and i sent the headphone in lisbon to fit the neutrik 4 pin. my friend call me and say me that the headphone have only three wires(left, right and one ground) soldered in the neutrik jack and is not possible the operation. to balance the ed.10...
  19. zenpunk

    New £1799 headphone. A new Ultrasone ED10 challenger?

    Looks tempting but couldn't find any review. Would it be a could match for my Fiio E3? http://www.firebox.com/product/3015/Swarovski-DJ-Headphones  
  20. thinker

    Ultrasone edition 10 "THE BUTTERFLY" initial impressions

  21. warp08

    Review: Ultrasone Edition 10 “The Butterfly” Limited Edition

          Over the past several months, few flagship headphone launches had generated so much initial excitement, anticipation, frustration over delays of Ultrasone’s ability to begin fulfilling preorders to the US market, and finally, the subsequent controversy over various aspects to the...
  22. ATHFANe

    EDITION10 the greatest DYNAMIC HPin the world surpass PS1000,HD800,T1

    To say in short ED10 is a powerful HP with large soundstage and analyze IT MIDSTAGE BEATS HD800,HD800's midstage seems so thin compared to ED10   PS1000'S LOW FREQENCY IS TOO FAT COMPARED TO ED10   T1 's sound stage is too small copared to ED10,and is is too dark compared to ed10  ...
  23. RPGWiZaRD

    Are there any more suitable headphones out there for me?

    I currently use the Sony XB500 and absolutely love them but the upgradeitis is always haunting me with the "dude your headphone costed only 43 EUR, ofc there is better headphones out there!"-argument so I feel I had to create this thread so I could try and get a better picture together with your...
  24. googleli

    AMP for Ultrasone Edition 10? Please help a NOOB

    I am a noob of full size cans. I don't even have a proper source or desktop amp. Currently I only use my Hifiman 801 (playing 24/96 files) as source and output to RSA blackbird and then to the Ultrasone ED10.   I will consider an amp first then source. In my driving vicinity, the following...
  25. googleli

    Noob question: would Meier Concerto match my Ultrasone ED10?

    Hello all,   Just got my first pair of full size cans - Ultrasone ED10 http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/527856/my-first-pair-of-full-size-cans-not-skullcandy-dr-dre   I also found out that Meier's Concerto is on sale on its website. Is it a good match for the ED10? I am sure a lot...