1. eidahl

    Ultrasone Proline 750 Modding

    I recently purchased a proline 750 from one of the awesome people here at head-fi and... since I've been hearing mentions of modifications.. like the cotton-stuffing.. mod/procedure and 'markl modding' (??), thought it would be curious to check on what other people have done to these, (any...
  2. cali_afroman

    New Heafier looking for advice for 2nd Purchase ( detailed answers needed)

    Ive been on Head-fi for a while now and done a fair amount of research and reading. I am currently looking at purchasing a second pair of headphones around the intro audiophile price range. Ive looked up some of the classics recommendation and have contemplating the following with my current...
  3. zombie medic

    help! need a new pair of headphones for around $200

    hey everyone. I want to buy a new pair of  headphones for around $200 and was wondering what would be the appropriate headphone based on my music preferences.   i listen to rock,electronica,emo,screamo,dubstep and heavymetal. I also dont want the headphones to require a amp ( i want them to...
  4. Yellowgoesfirst

    First pair of headphones.

    Hello Head-Fi!   Within the next week I'm looking to purchase a fantastic pair of headphones with your assistance. Lately, I've been getting into music, and iBuds aren't cutting it. Taking my listening experience to a whole other level is what my goal is.    I listen to a small variety...
  5. xnor

    Headphones sensitivity, impedance, required V/I/P, amplifier gain

    The following table is based on measurements, not manufacturer specs.   Target SPL is 110 dB SPL. The source is assumed to output 2 V. The amp is assumed to be a voltage source (0 ohm output impedance). Voltage, current, power are RMS figures.   What do the columns mean? S@1V is the...
  6. metalx

    bass heavy headphone for gaming

    hello. im looking for some headphones that are great with bass real heavy but that have some type of sround sound for my video games. i dont really need a mic on it cause i can just buy a  little mic to clip on. i just want good bass and good sound for my games and dubstep thank you! not looking...
  7. jchu

    Which ones for Trance/EDM/Hardstyle?

    Wondering which ones should I get for trance, edm, and hardstyle music?   Ultrasone Pro 750 (Can get them for $215) Ultrasone HFI-780 Beyerdynamic DT-990 250 OHM   Open to other options too Using these with a Xonar DX w/ 320 bit rate mp3 files Budget is <$250-$300 For 100% home...
  8. wakazuki

    A newbie questions

    Hey guys so I'm new to headfi and I wanted to get some advice from you who are quite into headphones :)  So I've owned a v-moda crossfade LP for 2 years and they were fine while I was really into house and those kind of music's but recently I've started to listen more and more to pop and more...
  9. escf

    Closed-ear earphones for a fan of UE TripleFi 10?

    Hi, Head-Fi folks,   I'm in the market for a pair of closed-ear over-the-ear headphones, with an emphasis on good isolation, low leakage, and comfort, and I hope you can help me pick some. I've worn UE TripleFi 10s for many years and have always preferred them to all other headphones I've...
  10. jasonrk

    Best headphones for Hip-Hop & Rap for around £150/$250.

    Hey guys, I'm new to this site and am pretty much a noob when it comes to Headphones. I'm looking to get my moneys worth so I'd be grateful for any advice from a few people who have actually tried various headphones and know what's best. My budget is around £150 ($250). It will mainly be...
  11. spenny91

    Looking for a good pair of headphones ( over ear) for outside use !

    Hey my name is Spencer Gorman I am looking for a good pair of headphones around 200-500$ I bought a pair of sennheiser hd 558s I absolutely love them. I have a hearing loss in my right ear and I just got a hearing aid so I cant use my earbuds anymore. As much as I would love to use the...
  12. primitiveworker

    In praise of Canz3D, crossfeed for MacOSX

    Canz3D Homepage I recently obtained my first significant set of headphones, Ultrasone Pro 750s. I selected these specifically for music production, mixing and pre-mastering in a hobbyist/enthusiast capacity. Due to my present living situation, closed headphones are my only option. Mixing...
  13. astroid

    Got new cans , what to expect?

    I managed to get a new set of Ultrasone Pro 750's for the princely sum of £79, i had the ULE 2200 and remember liking the sound a lot but i needed a closed set at the time so they went.   Anyway the Pro 750 doesnt get much coverage on Headfi, is that because they suck?
  14. michael7795

    Best Headphones Under $400

    Hey All!   I am looking to upgrade my Parrot Ziks to a better sounding pair of headphones under $400 bucks. I listen to modern as well as classical music. I am pretty much lost in the plethora of awesome choices out there and I can't seem to figure out which pair I should get!   I am...
  15. Axiomatic

    Best option for ~$150 closed headphones

    Hey all!   Well, I'm new to the site, and also generally new to the headphone game, so I would love some input from some more experienced enthusiasts. Right now I am looking to buy a good set of headphones for some around-the-house listening. I'd like to get some closed, full-sized...
  16. milanocookie

    Need a recommendation for the Best Closed Circumaural headphones for EDM/Trance/Electro/Dubstepper

    Dear fellow head-fiers:   I need a new pair of headphones that are closed and full sized. I need the utmost clarity/SQ with a very good low end; punchy and full. You can consider me a basshead as well but I prefer clarity over exessive bass.   Genres I'll be listening to are...
  17. orphodoop

    Need recommendations! Closed back headphones for electronic music

    I'm looking for a suggestion on a new pair of closed back headphones. Let me desribe the situation. I had ATH-M50s. The left speaker stopped working on me and I'm trying to decide what to do about it. When using full-size head-phones, I listen mostly to electronic music (dance, progressive...
  18. Superma

    Ultrasone Vs. Momentum on Ear vs. Beats Wireless (new)

    Still a noob here in the headphone world, and discovering the fact that I am able to afford Sennheiser's new momentum headphones made me excited and i added it to my list of headphones i might buy. So my main objective is to find a new pair of headphones or keep the ones I have now ,which is...
  19. Superma

    Sennheiser VS Ultrasone

    I'm at a deadlock at a choice between two headphones, should I choose Ultrasone Hfi780 or Sennheiser On ear Momentum? Or Ultrasone Pro 750? I DONT KNOW WHICH ONE TO CHOOSE, but according to Cnet, they said that the Momentum doesn't have much bass or comfort. I'm at a deadlock since my dad has...
  20. Matrixerx

    The best headphones for metal/hardcore music?

    Hi everyone. I am an entry level audiophile type and I really need a headphone that is durable, going to handle metal and hardcore music very well and also be portable. I usually listen to my headphones at home, in the car, bus and sometimes in school; for these reason they need to be closed...
  21. KenshinNGB

    VS. List the best to worst. Best being #1

    Ultrasone PRO 750 Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO AKG K702 65th Anniversary Edition Sennheiser HD 598 Sennheiser Momentum Ultrasone HFI-780       You can add your own in the list
  22. Luca B

    IEM's For Office Use

    I'm looking to purchase a pair of IEM's to replace my Klipsch S4's which recently broke. I've outlined some of the important information to consider when choosing an IEM.   Budget - Up to $100. I'm willing to spend a little bit more if it's absolutely necessary to find the right headphone for...
  23. Dobrescu George

    Best headphones that you would recommend based on my tastes

    i have been testing headphones for the entire day...    so...   let's do this in order of what i do remember.... akg... k550 - amazing sound quality and soundstage. sennheiser - hd650 - sounded like it was no improvement over my dj one pro from ultrasone sennheiser hd800 - liked it at...
  24. dosquito

    ultrasone pro 750 recabled -- left channel now weak / cuts out. Advice?

    A while back I bought these:   http://www.head-fi.org/t/551007/price-drop-fs-ft-ultrasone-pro-750-recabled   The left channel was acting kind of weird, then yesterday it cut out. It seemed to be working today, but clearly something is off. Not sure what I should do about this. These...
  25. AzraelDarkangel

    $6 dollar headphone kills my Ultrasone!

    I liked my DT880 better anyway but the Ultrasone pro 750 wasn't too bad. Just not as smooth sounding or comfortable. Today I went by Goodwill and found these for $6, quadrophonic headphones Realistic Nova44 (I use them in stereo mode from my Pioneer reciever ): Modded them to take care of a...