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First pair of headphones.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by yellowgoesfirst, Nov 1, 2012.
  1. Yellowgoesfirst
    Hello Head-Fi!
    Within the next week I'm looking to purchase a fantastic pair of headphones with your assistance. Lately, I've been getting into music, and iBuds aren't cutting it. Taking my listening experience to a whole other level is what my goal is. 
    I listen to a small variety of music. Every sub-genre of electronic music you can think of (Electro, Progressive, Deep, Dance/Trance, Dubstep, Nu Disco, Tech-Funk) Also, I have a passion for Indie music. But I'm very open to all kinds of music.
    I will mostly be using these headphones commuting through subways and railroads, daily. The audio jack of these cans will be run through my iPad, and MacBook at home. I need a headphone with a nice curb appeal, fantastic audio quality, comfort, for under 250$ with tax included. I will purchase a portable amp, one week after I purchase the headphones but that is another post. 
    I have a couple of headphones in mind. I will purchase them at B&H, they have some great prices. (tax not included below) I prefer over the ear headphones, instead of on the ear. Not a huge fan of IEM's, yet. I've listened to my friend's HD-25-I-II by Sennhesier, great isolation, audio quality, basic design, built like a tank. What headphone for the price would offer the same or close of an experience to the HD-25 but a Over-ear design. (I'm not letting the "DJ" label deter me)
    Pioneer HDJ-2000 (230)
    Ultrasone Pro 750 (220)
    V-Moda Crossfade LP2 (200)
    I think those headphones all have fantastic designs. My question to you is, which is the best in terms of audio quality running through a iPad/MacBook, sound isolation, comfort, and lends it self well to types of genres.  I really like the HDJ-2000's. Or, could you give me suggestions of other headphones for the same price range that are better then the ones mentioned above.
  2. biggbenn74
    Out of the three you mentioned, and from what music you listen to, I'd say go with the V-Modas. I got to listen to a pair the other day, and they don't have AS much bass as the Ultrasones, but they can with the right amp, of course. However, the bass that they produce is still very good. Also, their overall sound signature is great for the lighter electronic genres as well. Plus, they look plain awesome. Anyway, that's my opinion for you. Hope it helped.
  3. fjeena
    Ultrasones are great for EDM. I listen mainly to trance with a bit of house here and there. I'm currently using the HFI-780(my first real headphones) and I cant fault them!! The best part is that you don't need an amp to enjoy them..
    From what I hear the PRO series is better! 
    Good luck, hope u find a pair that u like :)
  4. McPatD
    I agree about the HFI 780. My friend has them and they will work for your needs. They are not expensive, sound great unamped, comfortable, but beware...they will give you the itch to move up lol.
  5. sidejam
    I just recently picked up a pair of the V-Moda Crossfade LP2's. They're my first decent pair of headphones. So far, I really like them. I found once they're "burned in" the sounds seems to liven up a bit. I'm not sure how else to describe it. They sounded great right out of the box, but after a couple of weeks of use, I find they sound even better. I also have a FIIO E6 and E7. The E6 I'll use with my iPhone 4s and the E7 I'll use with my iPad though the camera connector.
    While I can't comment on the sound of your other two choices, as far as looks go, IMHO, I think the V-Moda's win hands down. I love the way they look and I also personally find them very comfortable. One other thing that might be worth mentioning, is that the V-Moda's come with a pretty decent hard case. If you're going to be traveling with your new headphones a lot, that may be something else worth considering.
    Hope that helps a bit.
  6. Yellowgoesfirst
    THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE INPUT! The Ultrasones look very promising. So, how will the Ultrasone HFI-780 compare to the PRO 750? How will the Pros compare to the V-MODA LP2, and HDJ-2000. Doing a little more research, I seeing that that the LP2's lend itself well to the lighter sides of electronic music, as Big Ben said, but the vocals on the LP2 aren't that great. I also seeing that the Pioneer's lead itself well to every genre of music, according to Tyll from Inner fidelity, and he reccomends them highly as a great all purpose portable headphone.

    My question changes, what is the best over the ear closed headphone with great isolation I can purchase for below 250$. Weight doesn't really phase me, and I get use to things easily in terms of comfort. I really enjoy the designs and aesthetics of the Ultrasones, V-Modas and Pioneers btw. Im not to crazy about the bass, I just want fanstastic quality off a iPad.
  7. fjeena
    thats exactly what the HFI780 has done to me!! Ive now got a pair of DT770 PRO 80, and just ordered a Fiio E11, should be getting delivered tomorrow!! YAY[​IMG]
  8. fjeena
    Theres no right answer to which headphone is the best for under $250. And if you've got it down to a list of 2-3 try buying one or two of them from somewhere u can return them? if not, just go for one, first pairs are the hardest to pick!!
    in terms of sounding great from the ipad, the 780 and LP2, will be fine unamped.(i think the PRO750 should be too). Im not sure about the Pioneers, just do a bit of research on that one. 
    Best of luck
  9. sidejam
    If you're using an iPad without an amp, perhaps consider using a program other than Apple's music player? This is the one I use and with the equalizer function, I've found I can easily tailor the sound according to the type of music I'm listening to. Of course, I realize the other argument is to get a pair of headphones that need very little EQ'ing.

    Just thought it might be something else to consider.
  10. fjeena
    doesnt this drain the battery more than normal?
  11. Gneiss
    I would also recommend the HFI 780. They have great bass for many of your genres, but are still pretty well balanced. I do not find them to have a V shaped sound as many entry level closed headphones seem to.
  12. sidejam
    Seems about the same to me. It certainly didn't seem to be any more of a drain than normal audio use. I use it on my "new iPad" with a FIIO E7 and also on my iPhone 4S with either the FIIO E6 or just straight off the headphone jack. I did read somewhere before that this program had to be "on" in order to be used. But, I can lock either device and multitask with it and leave the application playing in the background no problem.
    Perhaps the battery drain problem was on earlier versions of the program?
  13. fjeena

    I havnt tried this particular app, but i have tried others that do the same thing and ive found the battery does drain faster with many of them.
    Another thing with some of these apps are they dont support gapless albums or being able to view lyrics(which i use as a tracklist on live sets) and because i listen to trance, these two features are very important to me..
  14. Nirvana Woman
    This is maybe the first time ever I see someone make a distinction within electronic genres.
    Thank you :)
  15. Yellowgoesfirst
    Wow, Head-Fi is great; thanks for all the input again! The battle is between the V-Moda Crossfade LP2 and Ultrasone PRO 750. I don't have enough money for the 900's. I'm leaning more towards the V-Modas, and I've purchased the EQ app.

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