1. MaloS

    Review: Ultrasone Edition 9 and Proline 2500

    Preface This is going to start off as a placeholder, that I would like to develop further. When desiring to try Ultrasones, I wanted to know what they are like first, so I tried to read the gigantic thread, and found really no comparisons I could solidly use, or firm description as to what...
  2. VolkswagenFox

    Grado's really good with organ music

    I think so. I used to live in a small city in Germany, as a kid, which had two historic churches, both of which had organs. Well, I recently found some CDs my dad had purchased a long time ago, which featured music played on those organs. I listed to the CDs with MS-1, and I was really...
  3. jailhouselounge

    Need help - Used Ultrasone Proline 750

    Hi, I'm new to this kind of stuff but have read many posts in this forum to decide on what kind of headphones I'm looking for. I found a deal- a broken in, 2 year old ultrasone proline 750 (for $100). I've been leaning towards purchasing either Pro 750's or ATH ESW9's... Should I bite the bullet...
  4. bkchurch

    Sell my Ultrasone Proline 750 for Sennheiser HD 598?

    So awhile back I was considering adding my second pair of cans to my Head-Fi collection. I've had my Proline 750s for four years and I love them. They're the cans that got me into the whole Head-Fi thing and arguably the first piece of high quality audio equipment I'd ever owned. So I decided it...
  5. Patrol

    Denon d2000/Ultrasone proline 750

    where there is a greater bass in denon d2000 or ultrasone proline 750?
  6. celtsof67

    sr80i or ultrasone 2500 - if you had the choice ??????????

    hi all , has anyone tried both sr80i and ultrasones 2500, i can get the both for the same price ! although the ultras retail for more than double the sr80is, so what would you take if you could get both for same price ?????????????
  7. sunneebear

    Damn you orthodynamics (LCD2 & HE-6)

    About two years ago I had my hearing checked.  Just starting my forties and my high frequency hearing was pretty good considering the crap I've been sticking in it during my younger days.  My left ear rolled of at 18.5k and my right ear at around 18k.  Not 20 to 20 but I was fine with that.  I...
  8. HeatFan12

    Ultrasone Fan Club! (Roll Call)

    Well, from my searching there has not been an official "fan" thread for Ultrasone.  A huge "There's Something About Ultrasone" thread that was started by dexdexter almost five years ago (I have read that entire thread through the years), is the closest.    There's various specific Ultrasone...
  9. blackwhitered

    Beginner headphone advice

    Hello, I'm a real beginner to all audiophilic things and I'm in the process of purchasing my first 'real' headphone setup. I'm ready to spend about 300 € (about $430) and possibly a bit more. As I said, I'm a total newbie, and though I know a bit about this stuff, I don't really know what the...
  10. Citan

    Is the pro 2900 a real upgrade from the proline 2500? Are there any upgrades at around $500?

    As the title suggests I'm curious as to whether the pro 2900 would be a significant upgrade to the proline 2500.  Additionally, I wonder whether there are any legitimate upgrades at the $500 price point, and not simply a bit different sound.  I enjoy detailed, crisp clear presentation, and...
  11. music_man

    k701 to proline 2500

    hi. a store which i will leave unmentioned...... tried to talk me out of k701's and into ultrasone proline 2500's. i have already owned k701's, and went looking for another pair in shame that i had sold them i assume they are trying to move something that is not selling? someone...
  12. hellomoto170

    Ultrasone 2200 vs 2500?

    hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and in all honesty new to headphones in general - I am certainly not an audiophile but my interest and knowledge is growing!   basically I am a complete amateur, I've never owned any headphones and the only earphones I've had have been Sennheiser CX 300...
  13. J

    help me spend $1000 on new kit

      Living in Switzerland, hifi kit is very expensive but in the next month I'll be travelling to both New York and London so will have plenty of opportunity to upgrade.   Q1, My home set-up is a marantz cd player and marantz surround amp that I listen to through an old pair of...
  14. Nauticle

    First pair of true headphones.

    Price - $250 max Canadian Dollars, including shipping. Location - Manitoba, Canada Method of purchase - I wouldn't mind buying them from a store but I doubt I got much chance of that, so anything basically with a credit card. Also no paypal. Needs - Able to have superior sound quality in a...
  15. wazzupi

    decent amp for ultrasone 2500??

    i need a decent amp for my ultrasone 2500 or a good portable amp ?? its mostly for gaming i do listen to music with them but i just need a amp that can really bring out the soundstage and detail of my 2500 !!!!
  16. Danman96

    Need someone to tell me the differences in the ultrasones!

    So well my budget is 100-200, and I really want ultrasones because I've heard my cousins and there pretty sweet, so could anyone tell me the difference between the Ultrasone proline 750, the proline 550, and the proline 2500. I was going to get the 750's but I didn't see the price so if anyone...
  17. Akella

    Beyerdynamic 990 pro ( 250 ohm ) vs Ultrasone 2500 pro?

    Help me to choose one. I like deep bass and good sound and would buy new headphones for using with laptop. I listen to all kind of music ( pop, rap, rnb, hip-hop, electronic some kind of jazz with deep bass ) and watch movies. I'm not listen to metall, rock, classic music. Also like to hold...
  18. spacemanspliff

    Ultrasone 2500 specific thread

    Ok folks. I've heard just about every major can from the K1000 down. I have to say that the 2500 is the best overall headphone for the $$ period. Darth's do bass bigger but better? mids I think the 2500 is certainly better and same for highs. The V3 might be preferrable but I've only heard V1...
  19. mmss939

    RIP hifiman re0 (yes i am aware this is a full headphone thread)...sorry its long

    *excuse me. I'm not very fond my writing skills...*   It was yesterday afternoon. I was bumming around at a nearby mall, enjoying the last week of summer before I go off to college. So there I was, getting overly excited about the 6$ shirts and 7.97$ jeans (clearance section) at old navy. I...
  20. frenshprince

    Can Open headphones do as good as closed ones in bass response ?

    Hi there, I've bought a lot of headphones this year, and read a lot of threads on this fantastic forum, and it seems to me that only Closed headphones with strong clamping, are able to offer really deep and punchy basses similar to a subwoofer. Am I wrong ?
  21. 1Time

    Creative Aurvana Live!

    I can't believe my $35 (used) Creative Aurvana Live! - CAL! - headphones sound this good / fun from a $10 (used) c-media sound card. I often listen to this rig for hours at a time because it sounds so good / fun - great synergy. The bass is deep, bumping, tuneful, and loud, just how I like...
  22. eternal_drake

    Recommendations for Ultrasone Proline 2500 amp?

    Hey there, I'm looking for an amplifier to drive my Ultrasone Proline 2500s. They're fairly low impedance (40 Ohm), but at the moment all I have in my current setup is just the cans connected to an nForce uDAC (original). My budget is at most 200$   I was doing some searching and digging and...
  23. ULTRASONE PROline 2500

    ULTRASONE PROline 2500