Is the pro 2900 a real upgrade from the proline 2500? Are there any upgrades at around $500?
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Apr 16, 2010
As the title suggests I'm curious as to whether the pro 2900 would be a significant upgrade to the proline 2500.  Additionally, I wonder whether there are any legitimate upgrades at the $500 price point, and not simply a bit different sound.  I enjoy detailed, crisp clear presentation, and separation(I honestly don't know if the proline's are well regarded in this respect).  I also really like the tight, responsive bass I get with the proline 2500.  My source is comp>Nuforce HDP.  Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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i have both in my possesion and to me yes,, its definitely an upgrade.. but that also depend on what your preference..
the pro 2900 is more detailed while also smoother.. midrange is thicker and more linear,, and the bass is what i think mostly separate them the bass of the pro 2900 is so good,, detailed,, tight,, n go much lower than pro 2500 which i think missing some low notes rumble.. the soundstage of the pro 2900 are suprisingly not as wide and less open sounding than the pro 2500,, but the separation is better.. the pro 2900 also seems to have more efficient driver than the pro 2500,, as i get more gain and volume than the pro 2500 in the same setup..

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