1. vvanrij

    Pro 900; Full Review -> modded mini-review.

    Pro 900 Review After looking around for some semi-portable headphones, I ended up with ultrasone. They are foldable, closed back, come in a handy and sturdy carrying case and also had an unpluggable cable. I was looking at the edition 9, but that one didn't came with a portable carrying...
  2. markl

    Impressions- Ultrasone Edition 9

    I received these headphones from Ultrasone this morning and have been listening all day. At this time, there are several review samples floating around, and Ultrasone was not able to tell me precisely how many hours of burn-in my particular pair has. It's possible this pair was sent...
  3. fp581

    ultrasone edition 9 vs edition 8

    i am listening to rock, pop, metal, new age, r&b, classic and franc house and the source will be amp3 player or creative zii i currently have the ultrasone 2500 pro and i love it!! but its about time to upgrade the gear thx for the help
  4. Richter Di

    Ultrasone Interview with D.Sc. Florian M. Koenig

    Update January 2017: Head-Fi seems not allow links to outside media. So please copy paste the URL to play, DO NOT CLICK, it doesn't work. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Sorry that it took more than half a year from starting this thread to the final...
  5. MaloS

    Review: Ultrasone Edition 9 and Proline 2500

    Preface This is going to start off as a placeholder, that I would like to develop further. When desiring to try Ultrasones, I wanted to know what they are like first, so I tried to read the gigantic thread, and found really no comparisons I could solidly use, or firm description as to what...
  6. thread

    My Edition 9 w/Ear pad mod (Lots-o-Pics!)

    Update 2007-08-26: Posted pics of the whole rig on page 5. I've had my Edition 9's for 10 days now, and I'm just so happy with them. I'm just now approaching the 200 hr mark on them, with a few hundred hours to go before they'll be considered fully cooked. Their sound, while still...
  7. masterljf

    SOS! Please big brother to find a suitable home for the Ultrasone Edition9‘unit .

    Please big brother to find a suitable home for the Ultrasone  Edition9‘unit . I was lucky to get one on the unit  .But I found that I caught in a trouble. What should I do ed9 cavity home it? Please get expert support a move jars.                     ATH-ESW9' cavity okay?      ...
  8. y3llowassassin

    The Better Headphone for EDM... Denon D5000 or Denon D7000?

    Hi I want to upgrade my Ultrasone Pro 900 to a Denon phone. I've been researching and I've been getting a lot of differences between these two phones on genres of music that aren't EDM. I just wanna know which of the two would produce the better sound for EDM like dubstep, house, trance, glitch...
  9. negev

    Best portable headphones, very specific use-case, please help :)

    Hi,   I'm looking for a new pair of headphones but have quite a specific use-case.  I currently use QC15s because I used to work in a very noisy office but that isn't the case anymore and I'd much rather have cans that sound better than have the noise cancelling.   So my criteria is...
  10. Austiny6


    Ultrasone is going to sell an unlimited headphone Signature Pro http://www.lyra-media.com/teach_details.php?id=35   The headphone is a semi-copy of Edition 9 plus Pro series this is a new series They say that the Signature pro is like a new series between edition9 and 8 With those...
  11. HeatFan12

    Ultrasone Fan Club! (Roll Call)

    Well, from my searching there has not been an official "fan" thread for Ultrasone.  A huge "There's Something About Ultrasone" thread that was started by dexdexter almost five years ago (I have read that entire thread through the years), is the closest.    There's various specific Ultrasone...
  12. mulveling

    Ultrasone Edition 9 Has Landed (Big Pics)

    Actually, they landed a week ago but since neither NSL nor Fedex nor my apartment's management office saw fit to inform me of delivery, they've been sitting in the office until today First impressions - don't trust my first impressions! They need a ton of cooking but they're quite...
  13. guy30

    Best universal IEM for trance music ?

    so after a loooong research i bought the shure se535. the sound is great but the bass just not there. i'm looking for some good headphone with warm sound that produce healthy bass got un limited budget any ideas ?   btw what do you people think makes music more fun to listen, iem or...
  14. project86

    Kanen woodies: anyone try these yet?

    Kanen KM-880 Stereo Headphone Earphone - Focalprice.com It says "premium wood" so it must be real, right? I'm sure they are junk but yet I am tempted to buy some just to mess with. Maybe the wood is actually real, and if so could be used to mod some more worthy cans? Or maybe the wood is...
  15. H

    SPL Phonitor, new reference amp?

    I have recently enjoyed listening to the new Sound Performance Lab Phonitor. A stationary headphone monitoring amplifier. After a search here on head-fi I did not find anything so I thought I might start a thread on it. (or my search was wrong ) I was really stunned! It drove an Ultrasone...
  16. AndrewG

    ultrasone: worth it to have both ed 8 and ed 9?

    I already have an Edition 9. I want to get another headphone, such as edition 8. Is it not recommended to have both the 8s and 9s? ... I will use them balanced, with SR-71B. Hifiman as source. So keep that in mind when giving a recommendation.
  17. donunus

    The ATH-AD900 Thread

    I did a search and was amazed I couldn't find an appreciation thread for these amazing cans. Well, let me just say that these are my favorite cans now and are more musical and complete sounding than anything Ive ever had before(check my profile). Plus these guys sound great even out of my ipod...
  18. Hydrocharged

    JH-16's bass compared too...

    How would you compare the bass of the JH-16's to, say, the TF10 and XB500? Yes, I know they are two completely different headphones, but I have both and am very, very interested in these customs and need to know about their bass response. Thanks!
  19. swbf2cheater

    Taking big step up to expensive portable sets $1500-1800 Budget

    well, I've never owned a set of expensive closed backs portables, even though I've tried a few.  I've got a few grips that I am afraid I will have to live with such as on ear sets, which I hate.  I have some requirements and I hope to meet as many of them as possible.  Three must be met, which...
  20. ATHFANe

    EDITION10 the greatest DYNAMIC HPin the world surpass PS1000,HD800,T1

    To say in short ED10 is a powerful HP with large soundstage and analyze IT MIDSTAGE BEATS HD800,HD800's midstage seems so thin compared to ED10   PS1000'S LOW FREQENCY IS TOO FAT COMPARED TO ED10   T1 's sound stage is too small copared to ED10,and is is too dark compared to ed10  ...
  21. ardilla

    What is the most fatigue-free high end-headphones?

    I'm very interested in the absolutely most non-fatiguing high end headphone. Stax, dynamic, orthos?   Thanks
  22. RPGWiZaRD

    Are there any more suitable headphones out there for me?

    I currently use the Sony XB500 and absolutely love them but the upgradeitis is always haunting me with the "dude your headphone costed only 43 EUR, ofc there is better headphones out there!"-argument so I feel I had to create this thread so I could try and get a better picture together with your...
  23. Baird GoW

    Sennheiser hd 650 vs Ultrasone pro 900

    If i were to upgrade headphones which would be the best pick out of the Sennheiser hd 650 and Ultrasone pro 900. also if you guys can find other headphones that beat these that are closed headphones at the 300-400$ range let me know. also if one is just slightly better than the other id be...
  24. Acix

    An Ultrasone Comparison

    Members of the forum have asked me about the differences between the Ultrasone models, so I hope this post will help you decide which model would be most suitable to your needs. My experience with Ultrasones began with the HFI 550, which were great headphones for me. Big punchy bass that...
  25. googleli

    Noob question: would Meier Concerto match my Ultrasone ED10?

    Hello all,   Just got my first pair of full size cans - Ultrasone ED10 http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/527856/my-first-pair-of-full-size-cans-not-skullcandy-dr-dre   I also found out that Meier's Concerto is on sale on its website. Is it a good match for the ED10? I am sure a lot...