Jun 12, 2011
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    Music Sources: Ipod Touch 4g (most frequently used)-Laptop-Yamaha amplifier with Parasound DVD/CD player(expensive)
    Types of music:All kind of Pops-billboard and Itunes top lists...all kind etc 
    Currently Own: Sony MDR-Z1000 - HD25-1 ii (Blue) - Westone 3 - V-moda earphone - EW9 
    Used to own: Beats By Dr.Dre Pro (White)
    Broken Ones: Bose In ear  and JBL NC on ear headphone
    Amp: Yamaha.., Nuforce, Fiio E1
    Wishlist:Edition 8, UE18pro, Fiio E11+E9i+L9
    Question: Please PM me :)  Which Edition 8 do you prefer? any portable amps like Fiio E7 are preferable for Edition 8 or UE18 pro?  Tron T1 headphone or 50cent sleek audio headphone?
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