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Oct 6, 2019
Jan 9, 2003
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Computer programmer

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Just when he thought he was out..., Male

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Oct 6, 2019
  • About

    Computer programmer
    Headphone Inventory:
    Stax 009 (two)
    Stax L700
    Stax 007 Mk I (71xxx serial)
    Audio Technica ATH-L3000
    Sennheiser HD650-ish (2012 HD650 replacement drivers in rare HD580 Jubilee body) w/ 2004 Equinox XLR cable
    Sennheiser HD650 (2003 model; darker smoother sound) w/ Zu Mobius XLR cable

    Sony MDR-R10 (nice for classical, but totally not worth insane prices. awful headphone for rock)

    Sony Qualia 010 (awesome headphone with a kinda awful midrange and fit issues...still somehow sounds awesome when the stars aligned. HD800 is a cheap knockoff of this.)

    Grado HP-2 (three times! nice headphone, except for the complete lack of soundstage and horrific comfort)

    Audio-Technica L3000 Leatherhead (3 times!)
    Audio-Technica ATH-W2002 (w/ matching amp; pretty!! nice sounding but not stellar overall)

    Audio-Technica ATH-W5000 (truly awful)
    Audio-Technica ATH-W10VTG? (I may have got the model # a bit wrong, but it was the first wood headphone they did)

    JVC HP-DX1000 (fun listen; lots of bass)
    Ultrasone Edition 9 (sounds decent overall, but a very mediocre $1500 headphone)
    AKG K-1000 (meh)
    AKG K340 (meh)
    Sennheiser HD600 (awesome, but I liked HD650 better)
    Sennheiser HD580 (deal of the century in headphones)

    Grado RS-1 (twice: really vintage w/ wood box and less vintage w/ pizza box. not worth the price when you can get HD600/650)

    Grado HF-1 (Serial #15! Should have kept; probably enjoyed this more than any other non-HP1000 Grado)

    Grado RS-2 (meh++, maybe a better choice than RS-1 if you want a Grado for some reason)

    Grado SR-225 (ugh - way too bright with bowl pads; way too muddy with flats; OK with old vwap pads but never gonna get to where you want it)
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Balanced hev90 (DIY build from someone else)
    KGSShv Carbon
    KGSShv 500V
    KGSShv 450V
    Head-amp Gilmore Reference Balanced
    Singlepower SDS (original toaster style...the ORIGINAL SDS)
    Source Inventory:
    Shiit Yggdrasil
    Eximus DP1
    Clearaudio Innovation Wood, Graham Phantom Supreme, Koetsu Onyx Platinum, Jade Platinum, Ortofon Cadenza Bronze, Rogue Ares, Sonic Frontiers Phono 1 SE+
    Cable Inventory:
    wires everywhere
    Power-Related Components:
    bigger gauge wires, poorly concealed
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Tannoy Canterbury SE speakers
    Rogue Audio Apollo monoblocks
    Rogue Hera II preamp
    GA Tech Comp Sci 2K1
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