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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
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  1. Currawong Contributor
    Due to the large page count and recent amount of off-topic posting, I've restarted this thread. 
    As Carl said back in 2007:
    For the sake of those people seeking information, especially given the discussion of vintage gear which often needs maintenance or repair, please do keep on topic (or not far off it). [​IMG]
    The old threads are here:
    The Stax Thread (New)
    The Stax Thread
    Long, meandering comparison of Stax 404 and Stax X-III, Episode I
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  2. jjinh
    The Stax Thread is here
  3. davidsh
    Stax related: Actually, the Jade has a diaphragm thickness of only 500 nm, and that is the thinnest diaphragm I have ever heard of. HE90 diaphragm is 1 um, and the thinnest Stax diaphragm is 1 um as well from my knowledge.
  4. Currawong Contributor
    Thanks. I just worked out how to find the old thread after Google decided to be unusually unhelpful.
  5. jjinh
    The original lambda signatures and sigma pros are 1um
    Aside - Question for mods/admin:
    Why does the link from the opening post of The Stax Thread (NEW) to The Stax Thread go somewhere else?
    I've noticed this happens all the time with links in old threads.
  6. n3rdling
    hi peeps
  7. davidsh
    That was OT [​IMG]
    Stax related: The original Lambda was made for mercedes benz to re-produce the low frequencies of the engines according to Darth-Nut.
  8. jjinh
    Hi Milos. Are you still listening to your King Sounds?
  9. DairyProduce
    How were people getting off topic? I browsed the last 1-2 pages and it seemed to be (kind of) relevant to staxs
  10. davidsh
    I guess Currawong removed some OT content.
  11. Tus-Chan


    I'm going to do whatever I have to do in order to win these since I don't have any mid-tier gear anymore (just electrets) and I've been looking for these for quite some time. The terrible condition of the foams also works very well in my favor as well since I just happen to have an extra set lying around.

    Basically, I'm just hoping that nobody is going to bid me up for no reason. [​IMG]
  12. davidsh
    Look, I made it 350 now [​IMG]
  13. milosz
    What do folks use on Stax earpads to clean / preserve them?  I would think a premium leather treatment like Lexol would work for the real leather ones.  For the pleather ones, a little mild soap and water would probably be fine.
    Any thoughts?
  14. dukeskd
    @Tus-Chan, posting an auction that you're bidding on here publicly is sort of like shooting yourself in the foot.
  15. Tus-Chan
    Could Lexol, say, soften up leather enough to take a big wrinkle out of a headphone pad? One of the electrets I'm soon to own has a pretty big ripple on one of the pads. I know they're made out of pleather, but would it have a similar effect?
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