1. bscheffel

    Based on my history which headphone is best for me or should i stick with CIEM?

    Really need some advice on which full size headphone I should get given my history and requirements.     Requirements:   -First of all the headphones I select must be closed headphones with good enough isolation/sound leak profile to be used on planes at moderate/high volume.  I travel...
  2. sloomingbla

    The best basshead 'phones?

    Hey guys, im in search for the ultimate basshead pair of headphones, and my budget is around 1300$.   Quality is more important than quantity, but i would like as much quantity as possible without losing anything.   Right now i have the Ultrasone hfi 580's (yeah i know its a huge leap...
  3. seeteeyou

    Sony's new flagship 2014 - MDR-Z7

        Sony just put this rather "mysterious" picture on their official site in China   http://www.sonystyle.com.cn/products/headphone/index.htm   Something alone the line of "1,500 days of anticipation" and then "Sony's BRAND NEW milestone about to be revealed" on the second line.    ...
  4. Hawaiibadboy

    The Hardest hitting Headphones are.. ( "The EXTREME BASS Club")

    What are the best bass headphones? This is the hunt for the "Top 10" Bass headphones on the consumer market. The list will be compiled and based on identical set-ups (or similar) and tracks with identical Eq sloping/boosting...
  5. Scorpion667

    ~$1000 budget for Cans for on the go

    Hello,   I commute 4 hours a day and am looking for a pair of cans on the go. My source is Theorem 720 DAC/AMP taking it's digital signal from my iphone 5. Headphones used currently are Ultrasone Pro 900 with silver plated OCC copper cable. I love the sound however the isolation and leakage...
  6. Hans Waider

    Ultrasone HFI-580 to Signature DJ driver mod

    Because the Signature DJ and the HFI-580 use the same construction and you can get spare parts of ultrasone headphones (I live in europe), I decided to replace the drivers with the SigDj drivers to get the sound of the SigDj in the casing of the HFI-580.   The drivers of both headphones look...
  7. Taistelu-Jaska

    Portable Amp/Dac for Signature DJs

    Hello! I've been lurking Head-fi for quite a while now and recently bought a pair of Ultrasone Signature DJs for portable use. Now i'm searching for a portable amp/dac to further improve my current setup (xperia z1>firestone fireye mini+>sigdj). To my knowledge, SigDjs don't really need a heavy...
  8. ldzhjn

    Ultrasone Signature DJ or Denon D7100?

    I've been struggling between these two for some time. Just want some opinions from you guys.   First, here's the music I listen. 30% of punk/rock, favorite band is Sum 41/Yellowcard/Green Day. 25% of rap, 2Pac/DMX/Lupe Fiasco/Eminem are my favorite. 15% of electronic and dance music, for...
  9. musicmaker

    Ultrasone Signature DJ or Pro or used Edition 8 for portable use

    I'd like to hear from people that have heard both of these...   I use the Edition 8 at home and absolutely love its synergy with the Buffalo dac & Meier concerto with my custom built cables. Just put together a portable rig (iPod classic + solo-db dac + Larocco PRii mk2) and looking for a...
  10. Craigster75

    In a zombie apocalypse, which headphone would you take with you and which would make the most effective weapon?

    The concept of this thread is inspired by The Walking Dead as I just watched last Sunday's premier and am a huge fan.   My one headphone for listening, assuming I had a way to charge my player, would be the Ultrasone Signature DJ- great sound, durable and closed to isolate groans of the undead...
  11. CodyBanks

    Best full-sized headphones for trance w/ no price restrictions?

    Hello everyone!  I'm not a new audiophile and I've had a J3 and XB1000 rig for a while (yes I know, very muddy).  I'm new to these forums and am finally deciding to create different rigs for different EDM genres that I listen to.  I blow enough money on everything else, why not blow some cash on...
  12. D

    Ultrasone Edition 8 too much treble? Will an amp dramatically change the sound profile?

    I recently bought a pair of the Ultrasone Edition 8s. I also bought the Woo Audio WA7 but it's backordered so I haven't received it yet. For now I'm listening to the Ultrasone's plugged directly into my Macbook Air.   I'm finding that the sound has far too much treble for my taste. The...
  13. IzzyAxel

    Ultrasone Signature Pro vs Signature DJ vs HD600

    I'm looking at high end non-IEM portables for an upcoming trip, and settled on the SigPro, but I couldn't put the sound into perspective very well from the limited reviews of them available.  My question is, keeping in mind that I love the HD600, which Sig should I be looking at, and how does...
  14. Stratok

    Dac & Amp recommendations for Ultrasone Signature Dj?

    I'm upgrading from DT770 pro and no amp/no dac and I'm pretty sure signature Dj's will be my next headphones. I could use some recommendations :)    Got around 600-700$ to spend.
  15. fhuang

    Ultrasone Signature DJ

    a new headphone from Ultrasone, i believe it's called signature dj. basically has the same build as the signature pro. i tried it some some schiit amp.  it does have more bass than SP.  it was at the Hong Kong Hifi Audio show last week.   pictures i took from the show    
  16. MaximumSandvich


    These look... really, really nice.   Can't wait to read some reviews!     Priced at 1049 dollars MSRP, it's not a toss-em' around can, and most of us hope it's got a price/performance ratio not at all similar to the edition 10.  ...
  17. drubrew

    *NEW* Ultrasone Signature DJ Headphones - IN STOCK - FREE Shipping and $20 off International Shipping with code on Moon-audio.com/specials page!!

      *NEW* Ultrasone Signature DJ Headphones - NOW in Stock!!!   Free Shipping in the U.S. and $20 off Shipping for International Orders - Limited Time!!!     See the Moon Audio "Specials" Page and Facebook Page for coupon codes and Limited Specials!!     Strong, Emotional...
  18. HeatFan12

    Ultrasone Fan Club! (Roll Call)

    Well, from my searching there has not been an official "fan" thread for Ultrasone.  A huge "There's Something About Ultrasone" thread that was started by dexdexter almost five years ago (I have read that entire thread through the years), is the closest.    There's various specific Ultrasone...
  19. AudioGurl

    Graduation gift for my cousin (She loves music)

    She loves music but she only uses her iPhone earphones.  She helped me out economically many years back and I want to get her some special headphones.  I will spend up to $1000.   What are some good closed headphones that cover the whole ear? Some headphones with clear vocals, great mids...
  20. aviusmc

    Best solid state amp/dac in one unit

    I'm about to order the Ultrasone Signature Pro or Signature DJ (haven't fully decided) headphones, and was looking for a little source/amp guidance. I was looking at the Fostex HP-A8 due to good reviews and the fact that I find the two-in-one package of the amp/dac to be very convenient...
  21. Luv My BASS 1

    Headphones with THE biggest bass

    I am looking for some headphones that have utterly enormous bass, that is fast, deep and BIG. However, if there is anything that I hate more than a headphone with insufficient bass, it is a headphone that muddies up the other frequencies with the bass. I will be driving these through an iPhone 5...
  22. noxa

    Need new amp, need help

    I really need a new amp but i'm trying to find one that fits my specific needs. I don't know why but there's something about my ipod mini that i just really like, but after recently aquiring the Ultrasone Signature DJ as my portable can i really need a new amp. I'm looking for an amp that will...
  23. ltgem612

    Ultrasone Signature DJ

    This isn't going to be the typical post about sound quality.  They sound great easily equaling my Denon D7000 and Senn HD650's.  Of course they are different from those but the sound is still worthy of the price.  However they went back for credit and here is why.   Isolation:  Several posts...
  24. Ultrasone Signature DJ

    Ultrasone Signature DJ

    Ultrasone Signature DJ - 50mm driver