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Sep 25, 2019
Sep 9, 2006
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Hong Kong

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fhuang Send PM

Headphoneus Supremus, Male, from Hong Kong

fhuang was last seen:
Sep 25, 2019
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    Home Page:
    Hong Kong
    my girl
    not too much.....:P
    Headphone Inventory:
    akg - k26p, k181, k270s, k271 mk2, k301, k303, k340, k400, k403, k412p, k501, k518, k601, k612, k701, k712, k81, k812
    audio-technica - ath-ad900x, w1000z
    beyerdynamic - amiron home, dt1350, dt1990, dt231, dt250/80, dt770/32 LE, dt880/600, dt990/600, dt990 pro, dtx501p, dtx900, t1(black dragon), t1.2, t5p, t51p, t70, t90 jubliee
    compac audio - stage 4
    denon - ah-d7100
    etymotic - er6i and er4s
    grado - , sr60i, sr80i, sr125i, sr225i, rs2i, gs1000i(black dragon), hf2, ps1000(zeus hex 22 copper)
    jh audio - jh16
    klipsch - custom 3
    koss - portapro
    numark - hv-215v
    sansui - ss-20
    sennheiser - ie8, px200, hd25 ii, hd280, hd450, hd600, hd650, hd800
    shure - se210, srh840
    ue - metro fi, red super fi pro(es cable), black super fi eb, triple fi 10 pro, rm
    um - se210 remold, um4
    ultrasone - edition 8(le), edition10, hfi-550, hfi-700 dvd, hfi-780, pro 2500, pro900(balanced), signature dj, signature pro, tribute 7
    yuin - pk2
    1964 - q
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    alo - studio six
    c&c box - xo
    darkvoice - 337
    harmony design - ear90(xlr)
    headamp - gsx mkii, pico power, pico slim
    meier audio - 2stepdance, headfive
    pro-ject - head box mkii
    rsa - sr71, sr71a, p-51, xp7(with power supply)
    rudistor - rp010b mkii
    woo audio - wa5
    Source Inventory:
    audio refinement - complete
    cary audio - cd306 sacd
    cayin - cd15b
    chord - hugo
    classe - cdp-10
    cypher labs - algo rhythm solo - r
    iaudio - u3
    ipod - 4th gen and 6th gen
    marantz - cd14
    opera audio consonance- ref cd2.2 mkii
    opus - #1
    samsung - yp-u2, t10
    shanling - cd300
    Cable Inventory:
    alo - bling bling dock, super cotton dock, jumbo cryo dock
    cardas - golden reference xlr interconnect, 10ft extension, hd600/650 xlr cable
    entreq - challenger hd800
    gotham - 10701
    labkable - 7N Super OCC cables(ultrasone signature pro/dj and hd800)
    sineworld - coleman(speaker), naga(rca), cosmos(xlr)
    stefan audio art - xlr to 1/4' adapter
    tara labs - prism
    voodoo - ipodlink, renaissance(xlr)
    zu - gede(rca & xlr), mobius 2(for hd600/650), oxyfuel
    Power-Related Components:
    cardas - cross
    gutwire - b16, pure 3, sp5.1, sp6.1
    ps-audio - ac12, power punch(x2), juicebar ii
    shunyata research - ztron alpha digital
    sineworld - cosmo, saf-60a, sat-5kv, othello
    signal projects - lynx
    voodoo - silver dragon 3, black diamond dragon
    w-audio - power filter, power cable
    zu - birth, event
    Other Audio Equipment:
    celestion - sl12
    musical fidelity - a500a integrated amplifier
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Music Preferences:
    soul & jazz mostly, some rap, funk and Cantonese pop


    rise up
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