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Based on my history which headphone is best for me or should i stick with CIEM?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bscheffel, Jun 11, 2013.
  1. bscheffel
    Really need some advice on which full size headphone I should get given my history and requirements.  
    -First of all the headphones I select must be closed headphones with good enough isolation/sound leak profile to be used on planes at moderate/high volume.  I travel every week and will be using these on airplanes alot.  
    -I will be using a ipod/iphone/macbook as the source with a JDS headphone amp but it would be nice if they could also drive adequately without amp when i feel like casual use.
    -Music listened to is Pop/Electronic Dance/Rock
    -I first bought Shure SE535 IEM's and loved them.  It was like have the vocal in your head.  They got me hooked on audiophile level gear so I decided i wanted better
    -Currently own JH-Audio JH-16 IEM's and like them.  The bass kick is incredible but I feel like I have sacrificed mids and vocals somewhat. 
    -I really just can't get totally used to IEM's and they bug me having them in my ear after a while so I am looking to supplement them with full sized headphones.  Also interested in better soundstage I think full sized headphone would give me. 
    -After much research I bought the Beyerdynamic T5p's and knew in the first 15 minutes that they aren't the headphone for me. They have absolutely no bass at all - no amount of headphone amp or EQ'ing could give them the bass I was looking for.  Also there was a considerable amount of sound leak at high volumes that would have made them a no-go on an airplane.
    I am considering Ultrasone Edition 8's but will consider any headphone that is a good fit.
    Or.... are IEM's really what I should stick with and "get used to having something stuck in my ear"?
  2. blueangel2323
    The Sony 1R is midcentric like the Shure, but more so. It's also gorgeous and super comfy to boot. It just needs some dampening inside the cups to get rid of upper mid resonance. I can't really think of a headphone off the top of my head that sounds like the JH-16. Maybe Denon D5000/D7000, Foxtex TH600/TH900, or Ultrasone Signature Pro/DJ.
  3. haejuk
    I am pretty sure that the Denon and Fostex will not isolate as well as you want.  They have excellent sound stage for a closed can at the cost of isolation.
  4. MattTCG
    This Sony mentioned above is pretty good. Also consider the Sennheiser Momentum if you don't have big ears. 
  5. blueangel2323
    There is an active noise cancelling version of the Sony 1R, but you may need a good EQ to tailor the sound to your tastes as ANC usually makes for some very odd frequency response. If you're going with passive isolation, it will be difficult to match the JH-13 or any custom IEM.

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