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~$1000 budget for Cans for on the go

  1. Scorpion667
    I commute 4 hours a day and am looking for a pair of cans on the go.
    My source is Theorem 720 DAC/AMP taking it's digital signal from my iphone 5. Headphones used currently are Ultrasone Pro 900 with silver plated OCC copper cable. I love the sound however the isolation and leakage is not the best for traveling by bus. I mean it's not TERRIBLE but I can hear a lot of what's going on around me.
    My requirements:
    -balanced headphones (one wire in to each can)
    -removable cables
    -good isolation
    -minimal leakage
    - I listen to EDM (dubstep, drum and bass)
    -I don't mind some color in my lows
    -I like industrial designs and metal construction such as the Beyerdynamics (DT770, 880, T70 etc) but it's not really necessary as long as it's durable.
    Headphones I like sound wise:
    Ultrasone Pro 900
    Hifiman HE500
    Fostex TH900 (I would buy these but the cable is not removable and it's clunky/thick/heavy)
    Basically sound wise the Hifiman HE-500 is the PERFECT headphone for me sound and feature wise but the isolation is worse than my Pro 900. I love the way HE-500 sounds and it's going for an amazing price at my local shop. Blah
    Please help me with some suggestions.
  2. MattTCG
    You might consider:
    Alpha Dogs by Mr. Speakers. Good isolation, removable dual exit cable, $600 price tag but offer $1000 worth of sound IMO. They are a bit harder to drive so you'd have to check your amp for that. 
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  3. syNRG
    You're looking for cans on the go, but you've listen full sized headphones that are not portable at all.
    I've heard good things about the MarinLogan Mikros 90 which are open, but have an isolation feature with a good fit.
    So are you also open to fullsize, or are you really looking for portability?
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  4. Claritas
    This might not be so hard. Ask ZMF (http://www.zmfheadphones.com/) to make it balanced the way you want. He'll do it. It sounds closest to HE500 that exists in a closed model.
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  5. Scorpion667

    I only wear full size headphones. By on the go I mean the wire isn't a ridiculous beast like the stock Fostex TH900 cable and the jacks don't stick too far out of the headphone (so it doesn't snag on my hood etc).
    Thank you guys kindly for the suggestions, I will look in to those!
  6. syNRG
    Ah I see. At that budget, why not go some custom IEMs, or even just universals. They have excellent fit and most higher end IEMs have the physics feature that you desire. Then you can just find a pair that suits the musical preferences.
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  7. MattTCG
    I'll take back my earlier suggestion. I think that while the AD is a very fine hp, it would be too bulky for everyday travel. How about the Sony mdr-7520? Easy to amp and decent isolation. Nice signature to boot. 
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  8. Dragonzeanse

    The Mikros 90 aren't open.
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  9. syNRG
    My bad, I meant on ear
  10. Dragonzeanse

    Either way, I'm interested in their sound quality. Used to be $300, and now I find them on Amazon for $69. I don't traditionally wear ergonomic chairs on my head, though.
    For your daily commute, OP, I wouldn't suggest the HiFiMan HE500s because they're open headphones, unless you want to share your music with the world. Your options - at least as far as the highest-of-high end go - aren't exactly robust. The only headphones I can think of off the top of my head that would fit your criteria (while remaining closed) are the ATH-W5000 (requires an amp), ATH-W1000X, Mr. Speakers Alpha Dog, and Ultrasone Pro 900. There's a lot more IEMs that could be quickly recommended in that price range if you want to take a look at them. You've got a lot more further south of the $1000 range to choose from. Take a look at some of those and see if you like them.
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  11. Scorpion667
    I stumbled across an AMAAAZING deal on a pair of Sennheiser HD700's (like new, ACTUAL flawless condition, all accessories and purchase receipt) for $500 flat. They retail for $800-$1000.
    Those are open cans so they will be for home use only but I will have to postpone my purchase of better isolating cans.
    Thank you kindly for your help guys I look forward to auditioning some of the cans listed in this thread. At least this gives me more time to make a proper decision.
  12. davidsh
    Not to kill the joy, but that isn't an amazing deal.. It's good but not amazing. The hd700 can be had for pretty cheap, and the general consensus is that it should have been priced more like 600 to be competitive.
    No one recommended ultrasone signature pro?
  13. Scorpion667
    I tried the signatures, wasn't the biggest fan of the sound. I prefer the Signature DJ, although both those headphones leak about as much as my Pro-900's.
    As for the HD700 - if I lived in the US I would agree with you.
    Shipping to/from/in Canada is very expensive. Customs fees up to 50% of the value of the product. Most offers I see are from US which adds about $40-$100 to the cost depending on which direction the wind is blowing in at the custom's office. The ones I got were local so $500 flat local pickup. In my particular situation, it's a pretty good deal.
     And like I said they look mint, there isn't even a spec of lint/dust on the cups, zero cosmetic wear. I'm pretty OCD about this stuff and it passed the test =)
    I might consider some Darth Beyer 770 V6. I know first hand the DT770 has great isolation. I use DT770 80ohm for gaming and I can't hear **** when people try to talk to me.
  14. davidsh
    Good luck anyway [​IMG]
  15. e22big
    Ever considered Bose QC 15? I now not many people like the Bose but QC 15 is, for me, very exceptional especially when you are going to use it with a phone and noise cancellation is considered.
     Its isolation is excellent (provide that you don't move so mush) and have quite a good bass.

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