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    Headphone Inventory:
    Sony MDR-1000X
    Focal Utopia
    Stax SR-007Mk1
    Stax SR-009
    Shure E5c
    V-Moda XS
    V-Moda Zn
    V-Moda Forza Metallo Wireless
    V-Moda Crossfade Wireless
    V-Moda Crossfade Wireless II
    V-Modex (T50RP in a Crossfade LP2)
    FitEar MH335DW-SR
    FitEar TO GO! 334 (again)
    FitEar Titan
    Dita Truth
    Shure KSE1500

    Sony MDR-Z1R
    Sennheiser HD800S
    Fostex TH900
    Ocharaku Akazakura Plus
    V-Moda Crossfade M-100
    Alpha Dogs
    Ultrasone Signature DJ
    Ocharaku Kaede
    KEF M500
    Rhapsodio RDB+ v1
    Rhapsodio RDB+ 2v1
    PSB M4U 2
    Tralucent 1Plus2
    Sony XBA-30
    Unique Melody Merlins
    Unique Melody SE530x8
    FitEar To-Go! 334
    Ultrasone Edition 8 Limited
    Sony MDR-F1
    Sennheisers HD25 (don't know 1 or 2)
    Shure E500PTH
    Shure E530
    Ultimate Ears TF10Vi
    JVC/Victor HA-FX700
    V-Moda M-80
    Sennheiser Momentum
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Cypherlabs Duet
    Cypherlabs Trio
    Eddie Current Electra
    Eddie Current Zana Deux
    Analog Squared Paper TUR-06

    TTVJ Apex Glacier (used as amp)
    ELEKit/EK Japan TU-HP01 (Lost somewhere Russia)
    Leckerton UHA-6 MkII (209 & 627 OpAmps)
    Stax SRM-727a
    ALO Rx Mk3
    RSA SR-71B (upgraded)
    VentureCraft Go-DAP X (LME49860, 10 ohm)
    V-Moda VAmp
    Fostex HP-P1
    HeadAmp Pico Slim
    Source Inventory:
    iBasso DX200
    Sony NW-WM1Z
    Woo Audio WA8
    Resonessence Labs Invicta (v1.0)
    Cypherlabs Algorhythm Solo
    Cypherlabs Algorhythm Solo -dB (again)
    VentureCraft Go-DAP 4.0 (AD8397, 10 ohm)
    iPhone 4s
    iPad Pro 12.9"
    iPod Photo (4G) diyMod - Elna 6.3V 47uF caps

    iRiver AK380 Copper with Amp
    iPad Air
    Aurender Flow
    VentureCraft Go-DAP DD 12V OPA627SM
    Sony NW-ZX1
    Hifiman HM-901 with balanced and discrete amp module
    Resonessence Labs Herus
    Tera Player
    iRiver AK120
    iBasso DX100
    Cypherlabs Algorhythm Solo -dB (2Vrms)
    Red Wine Audio mod of the iRiver AK100 = a.k.a. RWAK100
    Sony NW-F807S
    Benchmark DAC1 Pre
    Fostex HP-A8
    Cable Inventory:
    Oyaide Augline +pt/+α sel-custom combination headphone cable
    Brise Audio UPG001Ref 8-wire
    Cardas Neutral Reference RCA IC
    Harmony Tech DigitalSilver RCA
    Harmony Optical
    Chris_Himself OCC Silver IEM Cable
    Chris_Himself OCC Silver/Gold IEM Cable
    Tralucent Uber Silver/Gold Core IEM Cable
    PlusSound Silver OCC IEM Cable
    Mezzo Soprano Mini-to-Mini IC
    Tralucent Uber Silver/Gold Core Mini-to-Mini IC
    ALO Super Cotton Mini-to-Mini IC
    Power-Related Components:
    VH Audio Flavor 4
    Oyaide MTB-4
    Oyaide Tunami
    Other Audio Equipment:
    B&W N804
    McIntosh MC275LE
    Oppo BDP-105
    Bose Micro Music Monitor (M3)

    Accuphase E-407
    Marantz DV9500
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