CanJam Singapore 2024 Impressions Thread (April 6-7, 2024)
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CanJam Singapore 2024 is in full swing, and we want your inside scoop! Which headphones have you fallen for? Did you discover any game-changing sources or amps? Stumble upon amazing new music? Connect with awesome fellow audiophiles? Was there a seminar that opened your ears? Share your CanJam Singapore 2024 experiences so far!

Missed our CanJam Singapore sneak peek? Dive into our (packed-to-the-rafters) Preview Video here and get a taste of all the incredible gear on offer at CanJam Singapore 2024!

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Hello people! Zepp's in Ocean 8 and 9 this year (Level 2) with our friends from Project Perfection in Ocean 10.
We packed up the store and brought the shiniest, the newest, or the best with us. Join us & contribute to the impressions thread!

// Ocean 8 Hightlights: New launches, Prototypes, The faces behind the brand marked with *
AVARA* — New launch, lineup showcase
HYLA AUDIO — 2 new releases: Arborea & Hallowelli
QUESTYLE AUDIO — Global debut, pre-order of CMA18
NIGHTJAR* — Duality Prototype sneak peek & line up showcase
SUBTONIC AUDIO* — Storm's still brewing
VERUS AUDIO* — Debut in Singapore / -20% debut special
Other brands available in room: Kito, Yaxi, Acoustune, Madoo,

// Ocean 9 Hightlights: New launches, Prototypes, The faces behind the brand marked with *
7th ACOUSTICS* — New flagship prototype
AME AUDIO* — Mousa, new prototype, first debut in Singapore
CANPUR AUDIO* — New prototype (10% CJ special)
CAYIN AUDIO* — N3 Ultra DAP, HA-2A Tube Amplifier, IHA-8, IDAP-8, IDAC-8 (Debut)
CRAFTEARS — Show Specials
dCS* — Find the LINAs
ELYSIAN AUDIO — Pilgrim & Pilgrim Noir debut (They're also on main exhibit hall)
EMPIRE EARS* — Triton, new prototype (& special deals)
FLASH ACOUSTICS* — Canjam Special Cable (24pcs only)
FOSTEX — Limited Edition TH900mk2 Onyx edition (1pc only)
HEDD AUDIO* — Heddphone 2
HIBY MUSIC — R4 DAP & Project Ace debut
IBASSO AUDIO — Special deals available, PB5, D16, DC-Elite showcase
LETSHUOER — Cadenza 4 debut, show specials
Mu by CHAN* — Prototype headphone release & something special (you'll see it at the door)
NOSTALGIA AUDIO* — New prototype
PLUSSOUND — 15% off CJ Special and Copper XL showcase
PW AUDIO — 1960s special edition adaptors & Epoch Pro cable launches
TECHNICS — TZ700 Debut
YAMAHA — Flagship showcase YH-5000SE X LA-L7A
ZMF HEADPHONES — Caldera Closed(Debut) & Bokeh Open (Mid-Summer release) & -10% CJ Special, & Limited Editions
ZEPP MERCH in limited quantities

Look out for this banner— Theme this year is: PLAY :) >>>

ocean 9 ready.jpeg
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Some highlights from Acoustune Japan (in Ocean Room #8)

New dongle AS2002
Flagship IEM HS2000MX MK3
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Here is a bit of pre-show coverage that I did today guys, Yeah it's like 3AM in SG but i am just excited to share everything about CJ SG 2024!!

Super excited for tomorrow.
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RAAL 1995 : Immanis and Magna, multi ribbon headphones.

You are welcome to try the next-gen of Summit-Fi!
It was nice meeting you today!! And really the next-gen Summit-fi level stuff you have there. That Amp and your together are doing the roll. Let me share an image of the same haha.


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Can someone please go to Ocean 8 and try Hyla Audio and give us your impressions? :pray::pray::pray:
I did today. Hyla Project A and Project H.
Well, very nice details, a bit less punchy, but very good resolution and clarity throughout the band. The Project H felt a little intimate to me as well, Project A was more open and has more clarity(well just had 15-20 mins with them and these were the only things i could note).
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Caldera Closed impressions please!
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Stop by the Abyss booth and have a listen.

Quick preview video…
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And so it begins, I look forward to meeting some of you head-fier’s, makers & distributors I’ve not seen in 5 yrs. The CanJam staff have been working hard to make this happen so come along and have a blast!

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