Unexpected background noise recorded onto music - What have you heard recently?
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Aug 15, 2011
I don't know if we've had a dedicated thread for this but if not I thought I'd kick one off. This thread is for any background noise/chatter/unexpected sounds picked up by the mike during music recordings and thought folks can share what they've heard. The scope of this topic is, naturally, tracks recorded in a studio - not live recordings, etc. where one would naturally pick up background sounds.

I was just listening to Billy Joel's My Life in the 52nd Street and toward the end around the 4:37 mark I think I hear some talking. With this album it's hard to tell which part is meant to be part o the music and which isn't. e.g. even on the 52nd Street song itself at the start at 0:01-0:03 mark, it sounds like a count but I think that's part of the music.

Another is Matt Monro's From Russia With Love at around the 1:04 mark there's a Chipmunk chatter on the left channel.

There's probably more I've heard but can't remember now. What sort of misrecordings have you heard that you'd like to share?
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Tube trains running under Kingsway Hall on various classical recordings…
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Tube trains running under Kingsway Hall on various classical recordings…
Lol!! You're serious!? I've gotta give that a listen!!
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Old Decca and EMI recordings, especially audiophile reissues (e.g. Speakers Corner) which used master tapes without low frequency filtering for mastering. Back in the day, Decca used the „Kingsway filter“.

So no, your turntable isn’t broken…
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Soothe from Smashing Pumpkins's 'Pisces Iscariot' B-track album.

I must have gone death as I used to pick this up easily but had to look it up online again, can hear the bus at 2:16 - 2:22.

I could finally hear it listening to the original album, not the remaster one available on Qobuz... I've only re-listened to this song but the original recording sounds better to me with the guitar in voice well anchored in space vs the dead recording remaster.

There are comments from Corgan online about this recording being made at home, explaining the bus sound etc.

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Don't think I have Smashing Pumpkins. So there was even an explanation as to why! I'm gonna have to look for it :D.

This is a test of whether we our investment in our gear!
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Jimi Hendrix- Manic Depression
At the end of the solo Jimi mutters something under his breath that cannot be repeated here.
Ive heard this song probably over a thousand times and never noticed it until a recent listening session on the ZMF VC.
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Necroposting my own thread here. So on The Bangles' Greatest Hits Eternal Flame (Track 10) at around 03:28-03:30, there's "something" that like a stack of books or horse hoofs that's trotting from the right to the left channel. It's bugging that I can't work out what it is!!

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