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Aug 30, 2019
Apr 8, 2013
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Not much

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Member of the Trade: Wired For Sound, Male

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Aug 30, 2019
  • About

    Not much
    Music, Movies
    Headphone Inventory:
    Sony Z7, ATH ESW9 LTD, ATH900, DT50p, Fostex TH900, Fostex TH500RP, Senn HD650, Senn HD25 aluminium, Senn HD25, Senn HD25 Adidas, Fitear TG344, Dita Truth, Final Audio Design Heaven V aging, Final Audio Design Piano Forte II, ATH CKR9, Foxtex TE05, Hippo Pro One, Koss PortaPro standard, Koss Portapro with DIY copper cable, Monoprice 8320, Xiaomi Piston, Zero Audio Basso, Zero Audio Tenore, Zero Audio Duoza, Zero Audio Doppio, Rotel RH730 Vintage
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    RSA Hornet, RSA 71a, Alo Mk3b+, GoVibe PortaTube, CLAS Original, Sony PHA3, Cozoy amp/dac, Shozy Anniversary ed

    Sansui G7000

    Oppo Ha1

    Vintage Pioneer Quad QX9900

    Pioneer LX53 AV receiver
    Source Inventory:
    AK120, Sony Z2, Ibasso R10 Hibino, Pono, Sony D100

    2 x Ipod Classic 160GB, Ipod 120GB, Ipod IMOD 80GB, Sansa Clip 4GB, Sansa Zip 4GB

    DIY PC (i5) > Asus Xonar STX > 20TB HDD's > Bose 2.0 > Bose > 5.0
    Cable Inventory:
    CPC interconnect, Dita Interconnect, Toxic Silver Widow for Fitear, Toxic Silver Poison for Fitear, Fitear 000, Oyadie for HD25's, Oyadie for HD650, Toxic Virus for HD6xx,
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Sonos 5 zones, Sonos Play5, Sonos Play3

    JBL 4319

    Yamaha NS10M, Yamaha NS20
    Music Preferences:
    80's mainstream pop, late 70's-early 80's rock, country, jazz
    Slingbox Classic, Slingbox HD, TVIX Media Players, Monsoon Vulkano


    Wired For Sound - Exclusive Distributor for Questyle Audio and Dealer Specialized in Portable Audio, Desk-Fi for Singapore & Indonesia.
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