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In a zombie apocalypse, which headphone would you take with you and which would make the most effective weapon?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by craigster75, Oct 19, 2013.
  1. Craigster75
    The concept of this thread is inspired by The Walking Dead as I just watched last Sunday's premier and am a huge fan.   My one headphone for listening, assuming I had a way to charge my player, would be the Ultrasone Signature DJ- great sound, durable and closed to isolate groans of the undead.
    In terms of weaponry, I could make good use of the Velodyne VTrue.  Their weight and pointed cups could be useful.
    Any other thoughts?
  2. EuphonicArin
    My beyer dt250 would be great for listening, seeing as hey are so durable, (another choose would be a pair of Hd25's due to their modular design and their up front and aggressive sound) and a pair of vintage Planars or Orthos would do me well as a weapon seeing as they are so heavy and can be used for bludgeoning he zombies,
    If we were allowed to pick any piece of equipment for weaponry the steel cables from older headphones would be a nice choice for just whipping at the zombies
  3. wolfetan44
    HD650 as they're open and let you enjoy the music. Open is necessary as I need to hear all things that would be going on around me.
  4. EuphonicArin
    but the problem with that is that wherever you go, he zombies will hear your music and follow
  5. wolfetan44
    The 650 doesn't leak too bad.
  6. jring
    Ety HF5 and my trusty Clip+ - lightweight audio rig means more shotgun shells and the Ety can double as hearing protection.
  7. Craigster75
    Here is a picture of my weapon of choice.  Michonne would be jealous.
  8. Craigster75

    Tough choice between open and closed
  9. ubs28
    Shure SE535 ofcourse. Doesn't need an amp, is extremely portable  and provides great isolation so zombies won't hear the music i'm listening too.
    You got to be very mobile with zombies everywhere. 
  10. AmbientK

    Thriller reference?
    A CIEM would be better if a lot of running is involved. Imagine full sized headphones fall off, and not being able to go back. [​IMG] 
  11. EuphonicArin
    I wasn't going for one but, you've figured me out
    Anyways for an iem I would choose my X10's as they don't leak and they don't isolate me too much, and paired with my modded X3 (which at the point that a zombie apocalypse would happen, I would have already hardwired a detachable hand crank and solar panel) sound phenomenal and keep me on my heels
  12. Malevolent
    V-Moda M-100. It sounds good, it's tough, durable, and when folded, can make a nice brick for a weapon. Zombies beware.
  13. wolfetan44
    As for weapon, I think I'll have to rely on running[​IMG]
  14. Headzone
    For use as a weapon I would consider taking the German Maestro: POS/ InfoPoint-Series: Nearly Indestructible: GMP 8.40D It also has a steel/metal cable that could be used as a whip.
    Otherwise I would take something light/open so I could hear around me: Sennheiser HD600
  15. DairyProduce
    I'd take the abyss or the LCD-3. I'd just throw them at the zombies. 

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