Ultrasone Signature DJ

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Ultrasone Signature DJ - 50mm driver

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Pros: Details, Imaging, Bass(Clean Quantity)
Cons: Possible Durability?
These have been my daily drivers for the last 3 years? Give or take I picked them up off another head-fier through a trade.

Not going to describe much with the sound, never been good with describing my 'feelings' on an audio product. By that I mean the minutia of every little sound detail.

If you get these new and use them from home, even daily I don't believe they will exhibit any durability issues. But reporting from my own findings. It bears no affect on the score as they have provided me, and continue to provide me with years of enjoyment. Would buy again if they died on me.


What I will say though is these are the kind of closed head-phones you buy when you don't want to make many sacrifices to audio quality. They present the small details, from the crunch of some instruments to the background static of some recordings. It is really quite lovely in terms of detail retrieval. They sound spacious, not like great open headphones but great for closed headphones.

The bass has bulk, and quantity while being extremely clean. No unnecessary driver rattle, other sounds or voices don't oscillate during extremely heavy bass (the kind of rumbling bass).


I got these used as stated above, and they were probably used to heck. The coating was dingy and continued to become dingy. The leather earpads were heavily worn and breaking slightly. All of the leather picked up a weird stench I could not remove.

I was able to scrape off a protective layer on the white of the housing to bring back the bright white color, at the expense of lengthier cleaning. The earpads were also replaced recently and fresh ones smell ever so good. Problem is they also cost $200(definitely price gouged due to necessity) but were an upgrade to 3rd party alternatives and the old overused pads. 3rd Party pads do not work amazingly well with these, too thick.

Under the earpads on the metal I spotted discoloration in the metal, as if water or sweat damage. But the driver and all components are pristine. Sound quality doesn't seem affected. These headphones were definitely abused prior to my ownership, but still function to what I believe is their full potential.
Pros: Outstanding soundstage. Powerful, yet tight bass. Crisp, clear but harsh-free treble and mids. Portability. Isolation. Few leakage. Good sensibility.
Cons: Bass will be too strong for some. Small pads. Cheap design and feel for the price. Way pricier outside EU.
Work in progress. I need to practice my English a bit...
Dobrescu George
Dobrescu George
Sounds like you're going to give us an interesting read about sig Dj! 

I wish I had a pair right now, but I'll probably get to it when I get more money. 
Pros: Sound,Isolation,detachable cable,Hard Carrying Case, secure fit
Cons: Finishing on headphone, little pressure on top of head
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Hi, what does finishing on headphone mean? Mine seems to be made flawless.


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