1. krown

    Ultrasone 900, Denon D2k or Ultrasone 650+amp

    Hello,   This is my first post and it is really long...so be gentle          So I have been doing a lot of research for the past week on deciding what cans to get and I have narrowed it down to either the Ultrasone Pro 900 or the Denon D2K. However, they are quite pricey and without any...
  2. Koukol

    Headphone Results With The Pono (or other DAPs)

    I thought I'd start a new thread so we can gather results from all the Headphones we've tried with the Pono  (good or bad) and any fixes that took them from bad to great.   The other day I got the 650's and gave them a spin on my Marantz CD Player connected to my Little Dot MKIII tube Amp. I...
  3. zuk0v

    Does anyone else have this issue with music?

    Whenever I listen to music on my headphones, I have a lot of difficulty in creating a soundstage. This is specifically my problem:   When vocals and drums play through my headphones, they sound as if they are a single instrument, and I can place the singer / drummer somewhere around me if I...
  4. deeza

    Best Headphones for Metal?

    Price isn't an issue. I currently own the HD580s and 650s, but people here say they aren't good for metal (even though I don't find them to be bad in any way). Any suggestions? I listen to: Symphonic Metal (Within Temptation, Nightwish, Epica, Xandria, After Forever, and Haggard) Melodic...
  5. uyehara

    Calculating dB with my Ultrasone Pro 650 and Nuforce uDac-2

    How can I calculate how badly I am hurting my ears with these? I found a dB calculator, but couldn't figure out the mV output of the uDac-2.  My headphones say 75ohms and 95 dB which I assume is 95dB/mw? If I am listening at half volume (6 o clock) what dB am I at?
  6. zangazora

    ultrasone pro 650 brand new, unbalanced sound? send them back?

    just received my brand new pro 650 and got some strange problems   on the left ear is almost no highs and bas than on the right side on the right side less bass than on the left side  and it sound like there is less isolation than on the left side   and if i wear it otherwise its just...
  7. Ch1Kn

    Comparism Ultrasone hfi580 Audio Technica ad700

    looking for cheap entrylevel hifi headphones. was thinking about getting unltrasone or audio technica ad700 i mostly listen to edm.   I live in canada and can get ath  ad700 for 100$ or Ultrasone hfi580 for 150$. I heard the ad700 has low bass i also think im a bit of a basshead but...
  8. Angular Mo

    Best mids over-the-ear open headphone for less than USD 300?

    I am looking for: best mids for under $300, Open, over-the-ear full size headphone - to use at basement home office. Looking for soundstage and separation.   I have not yet experienced bass detail, nor airiness - curious about these characteristics.   I thought I had wanted treble...
  9. Gallade475

    Headphones for a friend who plays acoustic guitar

    My friend who plays acoustic guitar wants a pair of sond MDR-X10's with the reason that beats vocals sound underwater-like (Finally someone gets it). I warned him saying that MDR-X10s are bassy too, and are also underwater-like. He doesn't like swampy bass, but he also can stand anemic bass...
  10. joeljjison

    Please help me choose some headphones

    I'm sorry for such a rubbish thread opener. I have been slogging round the reviews all day, and I'm more confused then when I started. I have three requirements. 1.) Really Comfortable. 2.) Under £200 ( thats 320 dollars apparently) 3.) I am not willing to need an amp. A...
  11. dlami130

    Clear closed heaphones

    Hi guys, I am looking for a pair of headphones priced between $200-400. I am looking for a pair that puts emphasis on the tremble and mids. I like clear mids and very detailed tremble. I could care less about bass. To give you a sense of what i am looking for: my yama eph100 are my favorite...
  12. Confucius

    Looking for headphones/headset - $300-400 price range!

    Hello, thank you for taking the time to read my thread!   I am currently looking for a nice headset for gaming and music purposes (would also consider headphones with clip on mic). I would mostly be playing MMOs and some FPS games like BF3 on the PC and the music I listen to is mostly from...
  13. pokercem

    Hi-fi cans for rock and little bit dubstep

    Hey guys;   I am looking for hi-fi over ear closed headphones about 150$. Natural sound is important for me. As you see on the title i want for rock. It will be nice if it look good but not too important.    Thanks for advices.
  14. JoeyBrucs

    Need portable headphone!

    Hey I been looking into what headphones to get for the past week and have been very VERY indecisive about my situation.   My Specifications First, off i am still open for either an on or over ear headphone (heading towards the over ear) Second, and quality just for bass. A lot of house...
  15. brendan l

    will the ath m50's sound good with idevices?

    Hey everyone, I want to keep this short, I'm looking at upgrading to some nicer, over ear headphones for music listening and so far it looks like the ath m50 is the best choice for my budget.   Here's my question: I know from reviews that the m50s sound excellent.  I'm going to be...
  16. arkfi

    Need help with model choice (akg, beyer, ultrasone)

    Hi, I'm in the market for a great, long-lasting pair of full-size closed headphones.  I've been browsing the Head-Fi forums for a while now and have gotten quite a lot of great information (thanks!).  After demo-ing a few models at a local pro-audio store, I'm left with a few questions that they...
  17. PFiddles

    Looking for a setup to compliment these cans

    Hey Head-Fiers,   I've been trolling for a little while, trying to learn what I can.   Having just put together a new m-ITX build, I was wanting to get some new headphones to use in conjunction with the new computer.   I was looking quite closely at the new ATH-A700x closed cans...
  18. urbanhusky

    Searching for a blend of Sennheiser HD 25 and AKG k701

    Hi,   I prefer to listen to a varied field of genres, but my primary focus is on electronic music. I store all my music in lossless formats and use an ASUS Xonar Essence One DAC for playback. I'm now looking for a pair of headphones to supplement the detailed sound of the DAC since my...
  19. obobskivich

    Most under-rated headphones...

    Whats up! So after seeing the "most over-rated headphone" thread, and the "whats the worst headphone you ever heard" thread, and similar threads in that vein, I had an idea: what about a thread that encourages people to list headphones they feel are under-rated/unknown/real dark horses that...
  20. KodaO

    I'm looking for a pair of studio headphones, heavy on the low end.

    I'm leaning toward the Dt-770 Pro's (80ohms). Are there any other cans out there around the 200 dollar range?
  21. Voxata

    What would be the best cans for me?

        Well, I'm new into the hifi audio world and wow..have I been awakened..and, well I want my mind to be blown with the right pair of headphones. I'm using an Asus Xonar STX soundcard, which has been amazing compared to what I had before it..a $25 dollar pair of USB headphones - Microsoft's...
  22. IvanFromReno

    Need Help buying new Bassy headphones!

    Okay, So right now I have some Skullcandy Hesh & Skullcandy Gi (I know not the best but gotta start somewhere right?) and the bass is okay on the headphones but they arent cutting it for me anymore. I was looking to buy some head that literally will make your head vibrate because of the bass at...
  23. deafandblind

    Q701/Ultrasone 750...UA25EX

    Hello to you all,   after having read so many threads and info (almost everything I found in here and other places, geraslutz in paticular) I still have a few questions which I hope you will be able to answer, so here goes:   I was (still am a bit actually) looking for a new pair of cans...
  24. MRiNiCK

    Need Advice on Getting a new Headphone..

    hello all recently I sold my PRO 650, and AiAi tma for my customs and now have the HD600 However I want a headphone that fulfills the sound of a DBA-02/GR07 The sound on the 650 were okay but not great. I mainly listen to rock/ pop/ punk/ acoustic/ and a little of some hip/hop. I was thinking...
  25. abernardi

    Buying Reference Headphones

    Oh boy guys, I am overwhelmed! I've been sifting through posts here for the last 5 days and becoming more and more indecisive. I'm new here and am really enjoying the threads. Thank you all. I'm a film editor with a somewhat unique situation. I work on an older Avid Media Composer with a...