Which headphones to get based on my just bought AMP/DAC AND main music genre I listen to?
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Oct 28, 2011
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Couple months ago I sold my Nuforce Icon HDP and Sennheiser HD650, sort of wanted to start fresh and with a set of headphones and amp/dac to match my main music genre. I mostly listen to dance/electronica music and that music really didn't seem to go well with those HD650's. I'm assuming the headphones themselves are just too dark for dance music or simply my amp/dac combo at the time was not a good enough match.
Recently saved up some money and found a good deal on a used [size=small]Burson Audio HA-160DS... $615 shipped. [/size]
[size=small]What would you guys recommend I get as my headphones? I do want a good match for the headphones with the Burson, but I really more so want to match what would sound best with my type of music. [/size]
[size=small]Heres a few songs you could listen to that could give you an idea of my type of music.[/size]
Those should all be a bit varying in dance music types... So if someone with experience in this music and many headphones types, please help me out! Don't want to make a mistake of blowing a lot on buying something that really isn't intended for my music. Budget is to be under $1,000 but preferably around the middle of that budget, $400-$700. I'm not a super audiophile or anything like that. I appreciate the differences between low quality and high quality equipment, I try to get the best that I can afford, but still within reason in regards to price.
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Ultrasone pro2900? My hfi2200(same as 2400) is excellent for trance, a little eq to tame the highs does the trick during dubstep sessions

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