1. Rice

    best earphones

    Etymotic er-4s/p SONY mdr-e282 SONY mdr-e252
  2. Mops123

    [Help] Budget Iems In argentina

    hi, i am planing on buying sony mdr-v6 for listening in home/library, and i need a decent low cost iem for travelling (bus and subway ) i am currently using sansa clip+ and a 32gb sd card.   the options i found but cant decide between them are:   1) philips Shh 3580 ( i dont like the...
  3. jeffmangum

    Thoughts on Sennheiser MX series?

    I already made my choices and was about to buy a Soundmagic pl11 // Sennheiser cx300 but i cant find any of those 2 in stock.  I saw the MX series of Sennheiser and i was surprised that they  were really cheap. Even cheaper than philipps. I was wondering if theyre any good? I wanna know what a...
  4. audiofan

    How much money have you spent on headphones in total?

    Ive spent about my wife has locked the wallet away!
  5. redshifter

    Sony MDR-E888 earbud mod

    this is a very easy mod and i guarantee you will like it. 1. take your e888 earbuds and remove the foamies. 2. remove the rubber ring around the earbuds. 3. remove the metal grills off the drivers. 4. if there is a paper filter over the drivers, remove that too. 5. the metal drivers will...
  6. Shriker

    Do earbuds require a tight seal like IEMs?

    Hi all, new guy here. Ive just bought myself the Klipsch S4 and have the Re-Zero on their way to me so i can test my first IEM phones out. Im not really liking the S4's at all even after burn-in as many of the high frequencies just arent there - Cocteau Twins sound underwater thru them...
  7. headfimarc


  8. millenium

    Is there any chance I will like MX 760 if I absolutely hate MX 500

    Hi guys,   I'm in a need of new earbuds and after some research I suspect mx 760 is closest to what I'm looking for as it does seem to have good bass response and doesn't fatique ears. Having said that, a couple of years ago I had a chance to try out mx 500 and absolutely hated them -...
  9. jjb3

    Brand Loyalty

    Anyone here a brand-loyal type of person like me? I owned/own a variety of IEMs from different mfgr but am gravitating toward Sennheiser for their sound signature, design, etc. Worried I will miss out on other good sound (i.e. Westone 4s) but I love my Sennheisers.
  10. mclaren20

    Anyone ever had the OLD Koss K-6?

    I was in a goodwill store and I saw them being sold 'as is' for $3. So being one hell of an impulse buyer, I decided to blow the $3 and pick them up. I get home to find out that the left cup doesnt work, unless the wire is manually held in place, so right now im heating up my iron and im going...
  11. kenchi1983

    Same Model, one made in China, other in Ireland. Any difference in Quality?

    I originally thought that all Sennheiser brand headphones or earbuds are made in Ireland. But most of the models that are offered in VirginMegastore Made in China. Even some of the topper end phones are made in China. So if i were to buy a senn product thats not from...
  12. lobbleton

    Which Foam tips for SoundMagic PL-50?

    I just got Comply TX-400's in the mail today and they don't fit PL-50's. They only fit PL-30's.   What are some tips that will fit the PL-50's?
  13. dynasonic

    The old, lowly, cheap, surprising MX400

    The other week Woot had a deal on 2 sets of MX400 headphones for 12 bucks shipped. I got them on Tuesday of this week. I wasn't expecting much when I fired them up but I was surprised! They didn't sound mediocre like I had expected. They sounded like absolute garbage. I immediately regretted...
  14. JoeyRusso

    2 pair of Sennheiser MX400 In-Ear Headphones for $11.99 shipped...

    Just thought i'd put this out there.  I've never heard them before, but at $12 for 2, someone might want them to keep in their glove box, console, desk or purse.
  15. Sennheiser MX400 Black In-Ear Headphones

    Sennheiser MX400 Black In-Ear Headphones