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Cheap basshead IEM - help me choose

  1. flamefox850
    Hi, i would like to buy an IEM that can give good sub-bass, not midbass hump alone. Bought Soundmagic E10 sometime ago which already faulty (damaged by my son LOL) and like the sound signature. To replace the E10, i give a shot and buy a portable (portable?? haha) headphones that is Superlux HD681 which is superb by my definition in terms of detail (quite ok) and bass (superb sub bass response). Out of the box, HD681 isn't quite a bass monster by my definition but after i alter the EQ from my Rockbox'ed Sansa Clip Zip, it rocks. The HD681 response really well to the EQ. It does rumble even when watching movies using my PC. The E10 coundn't match the HD681 in terms of everything including the bass. I like it when i play Flac file of Hotel California (live) and the HD681 can 'sing' the low bass of the drum in that song really well.
    So, now i'm searching for an IEM that at least quite as good as the HD681 in terms of sub bass rumble and will response well with EQ without distorting when we increase the low freq in EQ. Is there any cheap IEM can do the job well ?
    I have a few cheap IEM in mind but don't know if will satisfy my needs though. The IEM are :
    1) Meelec M6
    2) Soundmagic ES18 (some said this IEM very similar to E10?)
    3) Philips SHE3580/SHE3590
    4) JVC HA-FX101
    Please help me choose or recommend any other cheap IEM that can coupe my needs. Thanks
  2. Tanjent
    The E10 beats the Philips....Personally I would get some more E10's
    Together with the Fiio E6 they have even better bass..
  3. JK1
    The Soundmagic ES18 sounds so much better than the JVC HAFX101. The ES18 sounds great, but does have a cheap feel to it. I guess I shouldn't expect the world for $12. The Sony MDR-EX210B for around $18 gives very deep bass since it has 13.5mm drivers. I wouldn't describe it as an extra bass earphone though.  I haven't heard the Meelectronics M6, however the reviews I read of it were not so favorable. I do have the Meelectronics CW31 though. It is okay and warm sounding, but not great. I suggest that you get the Sony MDR-EX210B and the Soundmagic ES18. Together they are only around $30 on Amazon. I have a number of IEMs, and I have noticed that in general those with 12.5mm or larger drivers seem to do a much better job at delivering the deep bass. While the ES18 only has 10mm drivers, its overall sound is very musical, and it is nice for just $12.
  4. flamefox850
    Thanks for the suggestions guys. What about Meelec M31 and Meelec R1 ?
  5. blueangel2323
    I have the MEElec M6 and the sub bass is pretty big. Responds to EQ very well. The mid treble has a harsh peak though, so you'll need to EQ it out. There's a link to my review in my signature.
  6. dnullify
    sony mdr-ex37 are good cheap bassy iems, and available almost everywhere.
  7. Tanjent
    Listening to my philips in bed...the bass is great and deep try some Beastie Boys or Run D.M.C.
  8. ubs28
    Shure SE215

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