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Are Cans Even That Good

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by richardallen08, Oct 31, 2012.
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  1. richardallen08
    Ok, so I've been wanting to listen to something better than my iPod earbuds for a while now. I've done a ridiculous amount of reading on this website and a few others. I'm a college student so I just wanted to get the best bang for my buck for now, and one day when I have real money go all out.
    I was thinking about either Sennheiser HD 558, 598, 600 or Fischer Audio FA-003 (which are all out of stock). After reading several VERY good reviews, I had settled on the HD 558's because they are so close in comparison to the others, I listen to all types of music, they're black which make them more durable than the 598's and they're super cheap, relatively speaking. 
    Of course, I knew reviews only go so far and every ear is different so I had to check them out in person. So I went to the local Guitar Center because that's the only place I can find that lets you test out the equipment first. They didn't sell any upper end Sennheiser's but they did have a pair of Beyerdynamic DT 880's. I tested them out with a really nice amp because I wanted to see just how loud the music would be to people around me. Being my first open back headphone experience, I was surprised to see they would be very disruptive to use around people. Furthermore, I wasn't really that impressed at all with the sound. It was better than my iPod earbuds for sure but not by much for the price.
    Then, just out of curiosity, I looked up reviews on here about the Beyerdynamic DT 880's only to see that most people rated them very close to all of the Sennheiser HD models that I was considering shelling out big bucks for. From my experience, they were nothing special, so if they're anything like the Sennheiser's, then those won't be anything fancy either. 
    Now...shift gears a little...
    When I worked at Nike, I did have the chance to listen to a kid's Monster Beat's (Studio or Pro I'm not sure). They sounded awesome to me because of their ability to make me feel like I'm secluded in a sound proof room with total surround sound being beamed into my head. I'm not a bass head at all. I enjoy acoustic, instrumental, classical, jazz, and I just don't like bass much. It seems to drown out the clarity and perfection in Mids and Highs. Almost EVERYONE on here always hates on the Beats & says people who buy them are hipsters, just following the crowd, will outgrow them, will regret it, is buying because of a celebrity name, etc. etc. Well I'm sorry but that's complete BS. If the same self proclaimed experts that review and constantly post on these forums, say that the Beyerdynamic's are close to the Sennheisers and that Beats suck, but I listened to the Beyer's and the Beats and know the Beats are way better, then what gives? I understand difference in tastes and ears are different but my experience was totally 180...I don't like bass, but I like Beats, which people say are too much bass. I don't like Beyer's, which people say are like Senn's, which people say are better than Beats...but I like Beats! It makes no sense if what you guys say on here is accurate.
    My impression is that it seems people on this website hate to be cliche so they hate on the popular Beats...which make you cliche since you're all doing it. OR.... Most of you guys are just going with what you've heard others say rather than actually picking them both up and listening. All I'm saying is...something doesn't add up because there's no way my ears are just that extremely different.
    Someone, please elaborate without wasting my time with sarcasm, jokes, ridicule, or scorn.
    Btw...I think I like the Beats so much because they really seam to seclude your ears from the outside environment (through noise cancellation on some models I guess) and by doing so you're ears are subjected to a much more immersive music experience. Much like the difference of a Bose car system vs factory standard or a Movie Theater vs a Home TV with Mono.
  2. WickedChicken
    This isn't exactly an answer to your question but if the plan is to run them straight from an iPod or other portable device I would take a look at the new Bowers and Wilkins P3 headphones. They are getting very good reviews and are designed for use with portable devices. Me specially the iPhone with the included in line mic and remote.
  3. jwong
    While I suspect anyone that says Beyers are only slightly better than stock earbuds is only a troll looking to get a rise out of people, so far all you've really said is that you tried two pairs of headphones very briefly in completely different environments and times, and based on that have judged the expertise of everyone who posts on this forum. [​IMG]
    I'd say that in every Guitar Center I've been in, I would probably prefer closed phones too. So go try a good pair of closed phones and see if you like them. Or buy some Beats. Knock yourself out...
  4. chewy4
    It looks like you prefer closed headphones. You're obviously not going to get a closed, isolated headphone feel with open headphones.
    Maybe try other closed headphones and see how you like those. Or maybe even better for you: IEMs.
    The big issue with Beats here is their price. There are better options at the same price range, and equal options at much lower price ranges.
  5. Mingus Ah Um
    Headphone sound is a very subjective thing.  A set of headphones may sound great to one person and terrible to the next person.  A lot of people love the Audio Technica ATH-M50's for example...I hate them.  But it's more of a function of comfort as opposed to sound, although I don't like their sound very much either.
    That being said, I have owned the Beyerdynamic DT880 600ohm cans for the past month and a half...I've also heard Beats on multiple occasions with multiple genre's of music.  Beats aren't even close...not close at all.  You really can't compare a closed headphone like Beats to an open headphone like the Beyers.  Of course an open back headphone is going to be disruptive to people around.
    Like I said, sound is all about personal preference...but lumping the bulk of head-fi'ers here as cliche is laughable.  I think you get pretty honest opinions on this board.
  6. richardallen08
    No, I said they were better than the iPod earbuds but not by enough to justify the price. Yes they were better...but not for whatever expensive price Guitar Center had them marked up to. The Beats, in my experience, were good enough to justify paying top dollar. And by top dollar I don't mean MSRP, but maybe like $150-200 off Craigslist or Ebay. 
    Dude why are forum people so quick to scream troll? Just so people have to reply with justification of their initial statement? That's retarded and a waste of time. Just answer my question or reply without so much skepticism. I'm not here to invade your head-fi universe but to hurry up and make an educated decision so I can get on with life and enjoy listening to my tunes.
    In reply to the rest of your comment, I'd say yea my two listening experiences were different from one another. It's not a science experiment that needs extremely controlled environments. If you can't quickly and easily tell a noticeable difference, then there probably isn't much of one. I don't plan to listen to my music in a soundproof room, so my actual real life experience will never be controlled. I'll be walking around in public or on my laptop. If need be, I'll get one of those small pocket amps from fiio. All of that should have been discernible when I indicated the Beyer's were too loud to use in public.
    I don't care much for recommendations as that is what I looked for before trying out the Beyer's and realized recommendations apparently don't mean much. Instead, I'd like some clarity as to my experiences and why everyone hates on Beats when I unbiasedly found them better than the Beyer's despite my affection for Mids & Highs and my disdain for bass....
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  7. wes008
    Buy your Beats. If that's your cup of tea, then that is what you'll enjoy. And you will enjoy them, regardless of what people say. We look forward to welcoming you back here when you've enjoyed the Beats and are ready for something more :) It's the story of 60% of the people who join these days. (Myself included)
  8. milligan
    You should try out some noise-cancelling headphones.  Sony makes some, so does Bose, and I have heard the noise cancellation on the Boses are really good, but the sound quality could be better.
  9. richardallen08
    Thanks  Chewy & Mingus  for your replies. They were honest, clear, and lacked the typical stereotype against Beats. I guess I'll need to try more closed back. I thought the open back would still give isolation through it's improved sound stages, but I guess I was wrong. Open back definitely sounds like the route to go for studio or somewhere in an isolated environment where the outside environment already gives you what closed back headphones try to replicate.
    Before I go on a wild google search tangent, what are IEMs?
    I definitely agree Beats are expensive, but most it seems most good headphones are.
    I guess what I need is someone who is a fan of the isolation Beats give, not the bass, who can give me recommendations for even better closed back headphones that will give me that same isolated feel with better sound stage. Price I guess could be anywhere from $100 up because I shop well so hopefully I'll find some refurbished with a warranty. 
    As for my comment of cliche headfiers...I don't take that back. My experience is my own and that is my opinion of it. I believe it's an easily documented opinion if you just scroll through the forums on here. Bash after bash of the Beats and many times price isn't even mentioned as a factor.
  10. chewy4
    If you follow reccomendations for the exact opposite thing you are looking for, like you have done here,  then yes they don't mean much.
    There is no general consensus on what a good headphone here is, if someone comes here asking then they are always questioned on their music preference, whether they need isolation, and other important elements.
    Open are really only for quiet environments, yes. Sometimes even my computer fan bugs me when songs are in a quiet part.
    IEMs are internal ear monitors. They're essentially earplugs that play music. Ultimate isolation.
  11. Scyy
    I really can't tell if you are being serious or just trying to get a rise out of people.  No crap the beyers are not going to work well on the go, they are open headphones, no crap people around you will hear them, they are open headphones, no crap you aren't going to get an intimate sound in a crowded shop, they are open headphones.  Do you even understand the concept of open vs closed headphones?  I'm sorry I don't mean to sound harsh but the way you squeezed in the insult of everyone's tastes and essentially questioning if anyone here has any idea what they are talking about just screams troll.  If you are being serious sorry but you should maybe work on not coming off like a troll than.
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  12. yepimonfire
    If you really don't feel they're better enough to justify the price that's fine. Find some cheaper cans that sound better than your ibuds and save your wallet. [​IMG] If you want something that will really give you that "secluded" feel, try iem's.
  13. richardallen08
    I didn't follow the exact opposite. Reviews for what I was looking for didn't specify the necessity to have closed back for isolation. I never saw that, after reading tons of posts comparing headphones. There is a lot of lingo and uncommon knowledge that adds to the learning curve here. 
    I listen to a little of everything. Anything on mainstream radio stations as well as classical and jazz
    More: Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Alternative
    Some: Classical, Jazz, Country, Rock
    Little: Instrumental, Acoustic
    Very Little: Rap
    That being said, I don't like much bass, just normal. I prefer clarity in vocals and instruments which would indicate an inclination towards Mids & Highs.
  14. Scyy
    As far as an actual suggestion from what you said you liked about the beats I second the idea of iem's.  Maybe check out the gr07 mkII they sound like they would be in your price bracket and have a good balanced sound that can be equalized fairly well as well.
    Lastly like I said if you are being serious I didn't mean to come off as harsh but I would think it would be common sense that if the back of the headphone is open that obviously a fair amount of sound is going to come in and leak out,  I bet if you listened to those 880's again in a quiet listening environment you would have a more favorable listening experience.
  15. jwong
    I just like how you think all the forum members hate on Beats as part of some herd mentality, even though as far as you have described things you have never tried a single set of comparable closed headphones. The bashing of Beats here is usually because people have heard much better at half the price, or because it's loved by people who want them to be popular without checking out what's out there in the market.
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