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Dec 22, 2012
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Dec 22, 2012
Ok quick back story, i love watching movies primarly and tv late at night. Im a night owl but the wife is a early sleeper. Unfortunately my tv downstairs is right under our bedroom so i literaly have watch tv or movies at 10 out 50. Drives me crazy! A few days ago i thought i wonder if they make a good wired or wirless headphone to watch movies primarly and tv.. I almost ran out to best buy to pick up a pair but decided to do some research first and was not prepared for what i found especially dealing with audiophile type headphones . Im use to cheap $20 ones. I started doing research on senheisers pioneers hifiman etc and become very overwhelmed. I was thinking $150 or so but then thinking $400 or less. I am a surround sound junky when watching movies loudly hence thinking moving up to a higher price range be worth it and as a long term investment. If possible i would also like something that would work with my ipad where i watch a lot of tv shows on.

After looking into it i notice and assume since i havent researched it much that a lot of these higher end earphones require amps to power them to get the best quality out of them...this is where the noob comes out of me. How much are the amps, how big, do the connect by the headphones or where you plug into your device?

Also how would i plug the headphone into my 2 year old samsung blue ray player and tv? Can tou do it together or do i have to switch the connection everytime to watch a movie or tv?

Lastly what headphones do you reccomend for primarly movie watching and tv? Added bonus capable sound decent on ipad. I guess ok amped when using ipad if amp isnt big and be able sit next to or on ipad case.

Like i said have searched about sennheiser hd600 650. Wirless 170 180 hifi400 etc and am absolutely lost. Any help would be great. So come full circle $400 or less used primarly for movies. And tv watching added bonus use with ipad for tv/on plane use.

Thank you
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