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Looking for some headphone advice

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by rhythmiie, Dec 15, 2012.
  1. RHythmiie
    Hello to all a ya :wink: Hope the days farin well.
    I'm in the market for a fresh set of cans/amp , have had a pair of the hd 280's for something like 4 years now, un-amped.
    Having spent a fair bit of time browsing and reading, the like, I've still run into a good number of potential directions and I figured you folks might be able to toss me some words one way or the other. 
    I listen to quite a bit of string music, electronic/ electronically inclined bits (stuff which is otherwise predominantly acoustic), and rap/hip-hop. 
    Like classical as well.
    Ideally I'd like to find a versatile/balanced phone that leans towards thick/great bass (Goood stuff) but doesn't cloud the other ranges.
    I really dig some good highs (and good mids, while I'm at it).
     Something with an expansive and warm sound would be fantastic.
    I've been interested in making a jump towards tubes and was considering the little dot mk III,  on that note got the higher impedances in my sights..
    I've had my eye on a variety of the Sennheiser's and  Beyerdynamics DT's
  2. Lorspeaker
    u get better advice if u let us know what present gears do u have, plan on keeping...
    whats your budget...
    do u need a dac...
    u want a closed can? wanna take it out to the next ball game ?
  3. ArcticPhones
    Well they're are tons of headphones out there.
    DT 770 pro 80s sound great and lean a little toward the low end.
    Amp wise Fiio makes great stuff.
  4. RHythmiie
    Yes I recognize there are a "ton of great headphones out there". Kinda the circumstance that brought me here haha.
    Suppose I left detail a bit lacking there.
    I'm interested in an open back can but am flexible. For home use I have a dac integrated into an interface that I use for music production which can output for all of whatever I may need. The question there is whether something portable might be in order (I'm undecided at the moment which I'd like to take up first), Have any opinion on the cricri+?
    My budget is around 250 tops for the cans. Variable for the amp.
    I'd be interested as well in hearing from any of you that have used the Mk III and how your impressions ran. Seems fairly positive except for some grumbles about the pre-out and potential arcing on power up. Similarly, which phones have seemed to work well under this setup in your experience.
  5. Lorspeaker
    Hmmm...when I had the LDmk3 with the stock cable,
    The sound was thin...distant, spacious, vs my Burson.
    Then I plugged in LAT power cord, then the sound became fuller..closer.
    I sold my Burson since. :)

    Now I am enjoying the mk4se,
    It's a mk3 on steroids. Love it.

    for open cans, I am sitting on two mid priced evergreens...
    Hd600 n Q701 ( this Q version will be an evergreen :p)
    Quite balanced n neutral...the hd600 is just more smooth n intimate, love it for vocals.
    The Q701 has more grit, attack...great for classicals.
    I invested in two aftermkt cables on these. $sob$sob.
  6. RHythmiie
    Right on. I'm not too familiar with after market power cords, but they make em?
  7. Lorspeaker

    This cord has been a great buy in my set up....:wink:
  8. RHythmiie
    Been interested in some of the Ultrasone hifi-2400, As far as something which has good lows and a good balanced spectrum as well. Any feelings on these?
  9. zazex
    Plenty of bass for open headphones,
    but way too bright for me. 
  10. RHythmiie
    I've been curious, I believe I have a fairly good idea of  the concept of "brightness", though strictly speaking how would one describe it?
  11. Lorspeaker

    Halogen vs fluorescent light.
  12. zazex
    I'm not sure if there's a 'strict' definition for the concept in audio reproduction,
    but I'd say it's generally understood to mean
    overly emphasized high frequency information.
  13. RHythmiie
    mm, okay.
    What do people feel as far as the mids on the beyer 880, 770, and 990 are concerned?
  14. zazex
    I'd say that the DT880 is generally regarded as having the truest mids of those three -
    and very good mids indeed.
    The DT770 is best known for its strong bass.
    The DT990 probably would best be described as having a "V shaped" curve.
  15. RHythmiie
    how is the 880 bass. I really am looking for some strong mids and highs, but at the same point need some significant bass as I work with music production and things a the sort
    could anyone recommend a great balanced headphone that may be worth havin a look at?

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