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Need A Middle Ground

  1. Macmuffin
    Im looking for something in the middle of the DT800/600 and the HD600. 
    I love the HD600 because its ease of listening, everything seemed balanced. I like the DT880/600 for it's amazing detail and bright sound, but for me sometimes they can be a bit harsh in the treble.
    So to make a long story short i'm just looking for something in the middle of the two. I would love nothing more than to buy something like the Beyerdynamic T1, but unforchantly i do not have a spare gold bar laying around. =P
    My budget is $350 MAX.
    Thanks everyone!!!!
  2. lsamod
    You should look at new Audio technica ath-R70x. It seems to have the sound you're looking for.

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