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    Headphone X-ray: The High-Budget Movie. This classic, created by Tim Burton, is about a Q701's skeleton, played by Johnny Depp, who couldn't stop spinning.
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    High-tech image of a headache in the making. It's a skull wearing the Q701! This is one of two images, this one set to optimally image the Q701. I set the kilo-voltage peak down to 50 to ensure they don't burn out, but the skull ended up being under-penetrated, of course. No clear sinuses here, folk
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    Oblique shot of my Q701. 46kVp at 20mAs. Image brightness is uneven for some reason. My X-ray tube is getting old!
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    AP shot of my Q701. 46kVp at 20mAs. Blackening is better here than in my radiographs of the M50. I just wonder why!
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    I think I got a soft spot for black and white.
  6. Jamesy1969

    AKG K702 (701 also?) headband elastic....

    I've just today received a pair of used K702's.   Very happy with them, I must say (bass-light, I am not finding them, surprisingly, compared to the reviews on here: maybe a bit high-happy, but not bass-shy).   However, they are used. They were cheap (ish), and appear to be in very, very...
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    My setup in December 2012.
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    Picture of my head-fi setup.
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    My desk, showing my soldering station. Also shown is the custom headphone stands I made. These are wardrobe pole hangers cut at 90 degrees from the base with a piece of plastic taped on top.
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    AKG Q701 in white plugged into an Audio-gd NFB-12.
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    AKG Q701 + FiiO E9 & E10
  12. talisman42

    The AKG Q701 triple 3 mod

    After comparing several headphones, I realized that the AKG Q701 had lots of potential - especially for the price point at under $240 at time of this post. However, consistent with observations with many head-fiers, the high frequency response of the AKG can interfere with the overall listening...
  13. cali_afroman

    New Heafier looking for advice for 2nd Purchase ( detailed answers needed)

    Ive been on Head-fi for a while now and done a fair amount of research and reading. I am currently looking at purchasing a second pair of headphones around the intro audiophile price range. Ive looked up some of the classics recommendation and have contemplating the following with my current...

    Should I? SRH1840

    I can get a brand new pair for 630 shipped.   Should I?
  15. incognita

    what combination for 500€?

    Hi all, i will go fast to the point. What combination of headphones and portable music player should i buy with a budget of 500€? What i need: open headphones, i use them ONLY in my house portable music player MUST run FLAC and have 64g and works like USB not with programs like itunes...
  16. Tier One

    Need a pair of gaming/music headphones, can't decide

    Last year I bought a pair of DT700 pros (80ohms) and I do really enjoy them. I am looking at getting another pair but I can't decide between the HD 598s or the AKG K601. I will be using them for xbox gameplay and music on my computer/phone. I don't have an amp right now just a DAC for my pc. I...
  17. Sharp-Shooter

    Q701's and xonar STX or creative ZX sound card

    Hello im looking to purchase the Q701's for myself, i just have a question with the Xonar STX or the creative ZX sound card be enough to power these headphones to a point where i would be able to enjoy the sound quality coming out for gaming, the reason why i ask is because when i read about...
  18. Tuvwum

    Something different to the q701's

    Hi. I purchased the q701's in conjuntion with the m-stage a couple of months ago to replace my m558/fiio e7 combo, loving them so far.   What I'm after now is a cheaper set of fullsized cans. Say around the $150 mark, closed back, somewhat portable, and have an overall different sound to...
  19. beyerlad

    Comfortable Headphones For Smartphones Around $200 +/-

    Any suggestions for some comfortable headphones with low clamping force? The headphones will be used with a smartphone. Supra-aural or circum-aural designs are not the priority. Comfort and low clamping force is top priority. Sound quality is secondary.   I have used the DT880 for some...
  20. S

    (Full-Size) Headphone Recommendations by Genre: Nu/Heavy Metal, Rock, etc.

    Hi guys, I have been lurking around your wonderful forums for a while now, and finally decided to have the guts to post since I am total noob when it comes to hi-fi audio(but I'm  learning:) I noticed a lot of people come on here and ask for advice/recommendations on what headphones would fit...
  21. Phoenix Jackson

    I took the first step. Please help me finish.

    This should be called "Newbie's first impressions" but I need help more than need someone to read my impressions.   After so much research, I finally found at least two places to freely listen to display headphones (I'm in South Korea).  I didn't have my notes with me but I knew the models...
  22. gofered

    Noob Needs Help

    I recently purchased Audio-Technica M50s and love them. However, I am intrigued by the other postings on this forum regarding the various Beyerdynamics and the HD598. I am going to keep the M50s, but also want to buy another pair of cans.   I assume I could purchase the HD598 for a better...
  23. M Coupe

    What Over Ear To Get?

    Hi All,   First Post. I am a long time audio nut.  I have had the likes of Levinson, Classe, JM Lab and etc... for my 2 channel needs.  A few years ago, I settled in on my Revel Salon, Jeff Rowland, Transparent set-up and love it.  In that time, I found that having a wide/deep/accurate sound...
  24. euterpe

    Audio System Qs to drive Q701

    Hello im a complete newbie to audio area for PC so I came to ask... I have an overall good PC, but desperately need an audio upgrade I was able to fish out 600$ total to spend and I already have decided to buy  AKG Q701 and Titanium HD The question here is: Will getting an external amp...
  25. Shazb0t

    Q701 with E9 Question

    I currently play competitive fps games and use a Titanium HD with AD700's. I was curious to pick up a pair of Q701's as I've heard they are also very good directional, imaging, sound stage headphones. Would using the Titanium HD dac and getting a E9 for the amp power the Q701 effectively? Would...