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Noob Needs Help

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by gofered, Dec 12, 2012.
  1. gofered
    I recently purchased Audio-Technica M50s and love them. However, I am intrigued by the other postings on this forum regarding the various Beyerdynamics and the HD598. I am going to keep the M50s, but also want to buy another pair of cans.
    I assume I could purchase the HD598 for a better sound stage to specialize in indie rock, acoustic, and other music outside of dub step and electronic. I would maintain the M50 for this type of music. That being said, is the HD598 my best option, or are one of the Beyerdynamics my best bet?
    Thanks for your help!!
  2. MalVeauX
    The HD598 can be a good choice. There are other options however.
    I would have you also consider:
    Beyer DT880
    Sony MA900
    Hifiman HE-300 r2
    AKG Q701
    AudioTechnica AD900
    Very best,
  3. McPatD
    Very good to have open phones to compliment the your closed.
  4. punks15
    HD598 is good, but for rock i think DT880 is better
  5. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Might help to know what source(s) & DAC & amp your using?
  6. gofered
    I have no source currently. I am open to purchasing one in the future but not for significant dollars (i.e. over $100). With that in mind, I have heard that the dt880's sound a bit boring but are better sound quality than the hd598. How is the beyer's sound stage? I really would like a balance of great sound quality and large soundstage. With that in mind, which of this list is best? Thanks again.
    Beyer DT880
    AKG Q701
    AudioTechnica AD900
  7. gofered
    Erg. Now I found several options on Dakmart that opens up my price range.
    Can afford any of the hd598, 600, or 650
    Additionally, could pick up the Denon ah-d5000
    Can anyone recommend between these headphones and let me know if Dakmart is not reputable? I have good experience with refurbs overall.
  8. Doc-holliday
    I personally avoid Dakmart due to a few horror stories but there are many many people who have had success with them.

    I would indeed look into those HD650. They are head and shoulders above the 598 imo.

    With a proper amp the HD650 are my favorite headphone. Not owning the HD600 I can't say but people who don't like the added bass emphasis on the 650 rave about the 600. For sure worth looking into both of those if they are in your budget.
  9. gofered
    Thanks Doc, could you recommend affordable amps for either the 600 or 650? I might take a shot at the 600 on Dakmart for $200. I can always charge back if they screw me over.
  10. Cakensaur
    I like the HD650 with LD MKIV.
    im not sure how it works with the LD MK III but its said to have good synergy.
    That HD600 is Still extraordinarily cheap, even for B stock. I'm not sure i would trust it personally.
  11. gofered
    I can get the hd650 for $308 + $20 s/h from Dakmart and it is refurbished w/ warranty. Do you think it is worth the extra $100 and can I use a portable amp to power it until I can afford a nice amp?
  12. Doc-holliday
    Schiit just released a new amp last night. It is called the Magni for $99 dollars. It is more than powerful enough to run the HD650 and I would give that a try for the cost. It is almost 1.2W into 32 ohms which is just ridiculous for its size and translates to 260mW into your 300 ohm 650's or 600.
  13. gofered
    Doc, you are making this decision much easier. One last question, is the sound stage good on the 650? 
  14. Cakensaur
    i picked the HD650 over the HD600 because i preferred the bottom end of the HD650's mostly.
    go try the two for yourself if you can :)
    The problem is Its very varied on your personal tastes. for me the HD650's would be worth the extra $100.
    But i cant speak for you.
    In regards to amplification, reasonable amps will set you back $200+
    You can use a portable for amplification (i fell in love with the HD650 with a portable amp in a shop) but it wont be AMAZING and there is no question that a better amp is so much more worth it.
  15. Cakensaur
    Gofered, i assume you are in the US but just incase you are not, they only ship the Magni with 115v options.
    just something to take into account (bummer :frowning2: )

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