1. gofered

    Noob Needs Help

    I recently purchased Audio-Technica M50s and love them. However, I am intrigued by the other postings on this forum regarding the various Beyerdynamics and the HD598. I am going to keep the M50s, but also want to buy another pair of cans.   I assume I could purchase the HD598 for a better...
  2. BeAsTMode4MVP

    LCD-3 (and other high end flagships) with Older Recordings/Lo-Fi Recordings

        I wanted to get some opinions on listening to lo-fi recordings, as well as recordings from the 60s and 70s, on headphones of this caliber. The general consensus of the LCD-3s seem to be: transparent, great bass response and impact, elite midrange, good (but not elite) soundstage. This type...
  3. Intrinsion

    Should I get higher end headphones with no amp, or lower end headphones with one?

    Hello, I'm looking for an entrance into the world of the audiophile and was wondering what would be best for me:   Budget of around £250 ($380). I will mainly be listening to music and playing games, but will occasionally watch films. Genres I like include Rock, Electronic, Classical...
  4. Sierra419

    Q701 question / help

    I'm purchasing a Q701 strictly for PC gaming (please don't try to talk me out of these cans because my mind is made up). I have a few questions because I'm pretty new to all of this.   1. I know I need a good amp (open to suggestions < $150), but do I need a good sound card and a DAC? My...
  5. kajira

    Really big headphones

    Hi! So I am looking for some headphones that have really good sound, really good bass... I like a lot of stuff like excision and DJ s3Rl and stuff =).. and I want them to be BIG! I do not know why, but when I see really big headphones I love them... I had the Skullcandy Mix Masters and I LOVED...
  6. trentrosa

    Quality cans for midrange music.

    So, I have recently purchased a pair of Beyerdynamic dt770 pro 250 ohms. I love them, but would really appreciate a pair of headphones that don't mask the midrange frequencies behind bass and treble. I will be using them to listen to my country music collection :D. Yes, I have different tastes...
  7. jbi130

    Recommendation for lightweight, open headphones.

    I'm after some open headphones to I can keep some awareness of whats going on.  I work at home, and the inlaws due to bad health are staying with us for a while.  I need to keep them from hearing the music, yet need to hear some ambient noise to keep an "ear" on things..  I find that over the...
  8. L

    HE-300 Impression

    I have been looking for more info on the HE-300 , especially with the good deal going around right now. Most of the reviews I find are bad, but are about the first revision. Can people with the HE-300 weigh in with their experiences and maybe recommend an amp?    Thanks
  9. mindflayz

    Destroyed my HE-400, what to get now?

    Hello, I had some buzzing/distortion from my left driver @ my Hifiman HE-400 so I opened them up to fix it but accually ended up totally destroying the left driver :(   Now I don't really know what to do, Hifiman doesn't answear my mail about how much it would cost to repair so I think I'll...
  10. vese

    Damaged headband on Hifiman He-300s??? help please?

    I've had my HE-300s for a long time and I don't really want to upgrade honestly, I love them, they're great. Recently the screw that connects the leather/metal headband to the actual speaker broke and I cannot fix it myself as far as I can see, what should I do? I dont think Hifiman offers...
  11. dub Beatz

    HD650 vs HE-300/400

    Hey guys,   I've never owned a pair of higher mid-range cans and was wondering if you guys could offer your input in terms of sound signatures etc. I'm in the market to pick some up for listening at work. I just noticed Hifiman is doing the HE-300 / EF-3 for $250, which is a freakin' steal...
  12. alterndog

    He-300 vs hd 598

    I am looking at getting the he-300 or the hd598. I was wondering how do their sound signature compare and if one is better than the other. I listen to mainly classic rock, some edm, raggae and rock.
  13. ruthieandjohn

    How We Rank Our Own Headphones -- Statistics of 2,000 Owner Rankings, Compiled

    We Rank Our Own Headphones - Statistics of 2,000 Owner Rankings, Compiled   SUMMARY:    I have compiled an aggregated list of how we rank our own headphones, based on the thread "Rank the Headphones That you Own,"...
  14. squishware

    HE-300 Hifiman

       These are the best phones for reggae, EVAH ! !
  15. Brizzl

    Grado SR225i vs. Beyer DT?

    I have recently come into some cash and decided to invest more into my sound. I mostly listen to alternative rock, folk, EDM and classical, so I would like a headphone that can cover all of these ranges if possible. I really like headphones with huge soundstages and I'm a bit of a treble head...
  16. bibas

    Hifiman he300 and ef3

    Hi, I am relatively new to the audiophile world and wanted to upgrade my vmoda m80 to something better. Read many posts about hifiman headphones and feel like buying them. I am stuck between he300 and he400 but hifiman and a combo deals for he300 and ef3. The thing is I didnt see any review for...
  17. kiikasi

    Hifiman HE-300 & EF3 Amp combo on for just $249

    This deal is so off-the-hook it's as if the hook never even existed. http://www.head-direct.com/Products/?act=detail&id=194 I mean, $249 is the already great price of the HE-300 and now it has this Amp with it!
  18. phillyd

    Non-Fiio DAC/AMP for Note 3

    I just sold my E17 as I was very underwhelmed with the amp's power. Is there a way to bypass the note 3's DAC? If so, I'd love to find a portable DAC/AMP (maybe an iBasso?) well under $200, willing to buy used. To power my HE-300's, my Image One's and sometime in the future, V-Moda M-100's. Any...
  19. MrTechAgent

    This is why I am never buying a HiFiMAN product again (Fang you might have a Ph.D. but you can't respect the simple concept of consistency)

    So I have been facing this issue , I have tried real hard to ignore it but can't do it ..My HE-300 (REV 3) is having rattling issues at low frequency extensions , might have asked for a remedy 1000 times , nobody there responded so had to ask here , people were kind enough to tell me a hair...
  20. phillyd

    HiFiMan High-End Series Owners' Club (Enter with the Google Docs form!)

    There are a lot of HE related discussion threads, but I think it would be nice to have a thread for all HifiMan headphone owners to discuss, share and enjoy these wonderful products. How to join, or edit your entry Fill out the form here...
  21. Kh3naz

    I own this DAC , do i need an amp

    Hi there ,   I currently own this DAC along with a pair of he-300   I plan on buying another pair of headphones such as the he-500 or something else that will probably be harder to drive   My question is , DACs are probably all different , but i have a feeling mine has good amplification ...
  22. kwitel

    Easy to drive <$300 Open Ear Can recommendations for first time user?

    Actually for my girlfriend; will be used primarily for home use. She listens to virtually ALL genres: hip-hop, electronic, rock, classical, jazz, etc...so something that can handle a little of everything would be ideal.   Also, I just don't have the money for an amp right now so would like...
  23. slayerdemon555

    Best upgrade to Alessandro ms1's: HiFiMAN HE300 or Audio-Technica ATH-AD900x?

    Hello again everyone.   I have been looking into some options for new headphones to replace my Alessandro MS1's. I have narrowed my choices down to either:   The HiFiMAN HE300   or   the Audio-Technica ATH-AD900x   Noting that either will be sold to me for the same price (250 US), I...
  24. Mr calvin

    Cheap Amps.Cant Spend Much. What Should I Buy?

    Hey guys! I have a pair of He-300, Hd650, m-80, and sel40. My current amp is a Fiio e11. Being 16 and buying all of this on my own, I am looking for a desktop amp. My max is 120. No more. I'm not opposed to buying used either. So far I have narrowed it to Fiio--e90k Bravo Audio Ocean Little Dot...
  25. Kakuz

    Looking for an amp and/or DAC for my HE-300

    Hello hello,   I've been enjoying my HE-300 for a month now, but it's my understanding that they do benefit from amplification regardless of their easy to drive nature. Most importantly, I feel that a DAC would be mandatory, since I can hear a slight and obnoxious hizzing sound coming from my...