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He-300 vs hd 598

  1. alterndog
    I am looking at getting the he-300 or the hd598. I was wondering how do their sound signature compare and if one is better than the other. I listen to mainly classic rock, some edm, raggae and rock.
  2. rubinstein
    look for used he 400. you can easily find used ones around 300 US$
    have you looked this, http://www.head-fi.org/products/hifiman-he-300
  3. georgelai57
    Hifiman will be taking $100 off their HE300 and HE400 on Black Friday.
  4. rubinstein
    I will go for new HE 400, if I were OP
  5. alterndog
    My budget is $200, so the 400 are out of my budget. I know the he-300 are $150 for black Friday and 598 are $190.
  6. rubinstein

    It is a very good deal on HE 300 for 150 US$
  7. Transformatron
    Where will they be on sale? I'm thinking of getting a pair of HE-400s and giving the HE-300s as a gift.
  8. audiohurric4ne
  9. alterndog
    Bump for more comparisons between the two
  10. awshosll
    HE300 is a level above the HD598 just like the HD600 & 650. HE 300 has better fidelity, warmer sound signature and is more dynamic & open sounding. It's also harder to drive.

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