1. Arin7

    Is there any differences between Beyerdynamic DT 880 - 32/250/600 ohms?

    The title sums up my question but if sound vise there is any difference please explain to me, (of course I know above 32 I will be needing an amp to drive them) :) , and one other thing, after 15 days of reading and watching reviews I finally have bought Sennhiser HD 600, but I heard many good...
  2. [No title]

    [No title]

    Beyerdynamic DT880 headphones with Moon Audio Blue Dragon V2 Headphone Cable
  3. gofered

    Noob Needs Help

    I recently purchased Audio-Technica M50s and love them. However, I am intrigued by the other postings on this forum regarding the various Beyerdynamics and the HD598. I am going to keep the M50s, but also want to buy another pair of cans.   I assume I could purchase the HD598 for a better...
  4. jbi130

    Recommendation for lightweight, open headphones.

    I'm after some open headphones to I can keep some awareness of whats going on.  I work at home, and the inlaws due to bad health are staying with us for a while.  I need to keep them from hearing the music, yet need to hear some ambient noise to keep an "ear" on things..  I find that over the...
  5. retskrad

    Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO (250 ohm) + DT 770 (80 Ohm)

    Hi,   I'm a student and I'll be studying full time with room mates, so I can't use these headphones. I bought the dt770 a couple months ago because I wanted a close headphone to use, but I never used them because I'm always never alone. Plus, I'm in desperate need of cash. :( Oh well, they...
  6. LaPierre

    Ma900 vs DT880 and JVC FX850

    I'll keep this short as I don't have too much to say. A friend of mine bought the DT880 250 ohm (premium) and I decided to spend an hour listening to all three headphones, out of my Sansa Clip+ and Schiit Magni (I'd have used my modi, but I didn't have a laptop/computer at the time).  The...
  7. twalker294

    Fiio E07K enough to drive Beyer DT880 250ohm?

    I am about to pull the trigger on a new set of cans. I have pretty much decided on the DT880 250ohm but I want to be sure that my Fiio E07K will have enough juice to drive them well. If not, would I be better off with the DT880 32ohm or the Hifiman HE-400? I had pretty much decided on the HE-400...
  8. i am ralph

    soldering advice - DT880 repair

    decided to replace the 3.5mm jack on a stock dt880 cable.   cut the cable.   stranded enamel wire. why the hell do they use enamel wire?   How do i tin a solder this stuff??
  9. MickyPlays

    Choosing a headset for a new audiophile freak

    Hey guys, so I recently started becoming an audiophile, but I got a problem. I don't own a proper pair of headphones. So obviously I need some help My past experiences with headsets are only a few which I use regularly now. I own a pair of Motorola S11-HD for outdoor use and a Logitech G930...
  10. Benaiir

    First ever AKG K99 Full Review

    First off: I'm no audiophile (Best I've tried is like Beyer DT880, which kinda squeeze your head, which I don't like and Bose Triports, which are pricy) and I'm 13 (And a half!) years old. Alright, last week I picked up theAKG K99's @ $75 bottomline @ Guitar Center (If you're on a tight...
  11. Halonoonan

    Help me pick out my Christmas headphones

    Looking to get new headphones that will be played from my iphone. I'm looking for something with good bass and soundstage. Can be open or closed. Listen yo variety of music, but especially metal (I love Opeth). Been looking at: Hifiman He 400 X1 Beyer 880 Price range less than $400. Will...
  12. Gnawbert

    DT-880 (32ohm) just lost 75% volume in right ear.

    Hi All, Long time lurker, first time poster. I bought a pair of Beyerdynamic DT-880's (32ohm) last October as they fit most of my needs. They're my first real entry into the world of high end audio, and I've absolutely loved them. I use them with my Macbook, my iPad, my iPhone, and they've been...
  13. seamonster76

    Beyerdynamic DT880 DT-880 Premium 600 ohm mint condition

    The phones are in excellent working and cosmetic condition and they sound awesome. They are used in office but I need closed headphones now in my new job location. Around 100 hours on them so they are broken in.   Includes original box, case, user manual, and 1/4" TRS adapter.   Asking...
  14. Jbucla2005

    FS: Beyer Dynamic DT-880 600 ohm

    In great condition, works perfectly. Includes carrying case.   Ships from Los Angeles, CA.
  15. luciferzexii

    Plz advice me some budget headphone!!!

    Hi guys, i need your help to recommend some of the budget headphone that suit for classical and vocal music. I prefer those could give a relaxing sound and comfort to wear since i feel that my sony V7506 is quite sharp and hard to have a long and relax time for listening to music. my budget is...
  16. kjoh

    SOLD: DT880 (32ohm Manufaktur)

    Hey everyone, I recently acquired a pair of DT880's through the FS forums and though I've enjoyed them, I keep going back to the grados simply because I seem to prefer their more forward sound signature. So since they're not getting as much use, they're up for sale. These are 32ohm and have been...
  17. swbf2cheater

    Beyer DT880 32ohm

    looking for only the 32ohm edition, 2005-06 model
  18. swbf2cheater

    AKG K701 mint priced to sell or trade for DT880 32ohm

    comes with box and manual only, priced to sell, need the quick cash   $185 shipped    
  19. negev

    Portable amp for DT880 32ohm

    ugh sorry i just realised that i posted this in the wrong section.  i can't find a delete button so i'll just repost in the portable amps section and ask any admin reading this to kindly delete this post :)
  20. swbf2cheater

    DT880 32 ohm Tube Amp recommendations?

    looking for a budget tube amp, nothing special but something that will show improvement over just using my sansa cliip+   How is that Q2 for $60 over at Head-direct?  Any other suggestions under $100 are appreciated, looking for new or used.
  21. swbf2cheater

    Beyer DT880 32 ohm cable has been cut, needs recable but in new condition

    Purchased these just about 8 days ago new from amazon, tried to trim the cable myself but was having trouble doing so, made a rookie mistake and cut it way too short.  Ideal for anyone who wants to recable it.     $125 + shipping costs
  22. rjsbass

    my senn HD650 for your beyer DT 880 (32ohm)

      hey,   I have a pair of the famous sennheiser HD650s that are collecting dust. It's not that they don't sound good - they sound great. however, i find them uncomfortable and my tube amp is crapping I think i'm up for a change.    they are in very very good condition. I...
  23. zero7525

    WTB: DT880 32ohm

    I'm looking for a Beyer DT880, the 32ohm version.  I'll be willing to pay an amount below $200, no more; and original packaging and all that jazz is preferred.  I am located in Canada, so Canadian sellers are preferred but CONUS is fine too. The shipping price will be negotiated after it...
  24. psych

    Beyer Dynamic DT880 Pro - Volume/Balance mismatch - Can it be fixed?

    Hi Guy, I've been using these for a couple of years, and am not sure if my warranty is still valid now. Anyway, Lately I've noticed that the right earpad seems to be noticeably quieter than the left. I'm going to try a different pair of phones/source when I get home to be sure, but any ideas if...
  25. psych

    Beyer Dynamics DT880 Alternatives?

    Hi Guys, I love the way they sound, and the comfort level is great with velour pads. Unfortunately, the right headphone appears to not be matching the volume coming through the left. I'm looking to see if this can be fixed, but am also wondering about any alternative phones I could buy to use in...