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what to purchase

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by rheiber, Jan 4, 2013.
  1. rheiber
    Budget of 250$ for headphones. I listen to classical music 95% of the time...so that's all I'm worried about the sound for. Will be using these on my computer for which I just purchased a new sound card. The Creative Sound Blaster Z with a 600 ohm amp. From looking around here you guys are extremely helpful and I'm sure you can help me find what I'm looking for.
  2. viralcow
    AKG Q701, or ATH-AD900.
  3. KCxSmacker
    both good recommendations. I would also throw in the HD598
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  4. rtaylor76
    Can't go wrong with the HD-598's.
  5. rheiber
    I've been looking at the HD-598s. And have heard good things about the ATH-AD900. My only reservation is spending so much on something with only a 1 or 2 year warranty. If Koss had any good headphones for my needs I would go with them ( I live in Milwaukee ). Can you guys give me an idea of how long the headphones should last?
  6. proton007

    Headphones can last years if used properly.
    Even a $60 Sennheiser PX200 headphone I purchased lasted 7 years.
  7. reddragon
    i had the koss tbse1 for a while, its decent. i think you can probably get something better for your budget though. guys, i never own the shure srh940 but how do you think the headphone is for the op? i have heard good things about it though never tried it myself
  8. BillsonChang007
    +1 for HD598! Don't worry, headphones are meant to last as long you don't drop them and listen in extreme volume
  9. rheiber
    Paying a lot for sound is addicting. Wow. I never pictured myself spending so much on headphones. Now are the AKG-Q701s or SRH940 going to be significantly better because the base price is higher and the price dropped? Or is that just a matter of quality.
  10. davidsh
    I'm aiming for my HE-500 to last at least 10 years [​IMG]
    I guess not, depend on what you compare to. Bear in mind that the q701 need amping a lot, whihc the other phones does not as much
  11. rheiber
    Now the issue with the headband on the HD598s has been resolved correct? Does anyone actually know what they did to the headband?
  12. rheiber
    Wanted to know. The Sound Blaster Z has a headphone amp. 33 to 600 ohms. And now I'm reading about this 1/8th rule regarding amps to headphones... Will the 598 experience any problems?
  13. davidsh
    Depends on the output impedance of the card
  14. rheiber
    I think the 33 to 600 is the output impedance...I'm new to sound technical stuff. Couldn't find anything specifically saying output impedance.
  15. chewy4
    No, that's not it. Although it likely is around 30 Ohms.
    Soundcard manufacturers don't like to publish their specs for output impedance for some reason. They're usually not that great, the STX has the lowest I've seen at 10 Ohms. Titanium HD is about 35. It might be safe to say that the Z is 35 or less but I can't seem to find measurements anywhere.

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