The AKG Q701 triple 3 mod
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Jul 10, 2009
After comparing several headphones, I realized that the AKG Q701 had lots of potential - especially for the price point at under $240 at time of this post. However, consistent with observations with many head-fiers, the high frequency response of the AKG can interfere with the overall listening experience given certain situations. More specifically, some of the high-hat and distant symbols sounded too forward. It sounded as though there were two drummers... one for the percussive drums, and the other sitting at arm's length with the cymbals and triangle. In addition, live recordings and audience applause had an artificial 'popping' sound compared to all of the other headphones I've used. Perhaps this description is bit of an exaggeration as I'm not good at writing reviews - and I'm likely missing a lot of other critical points, but I believe that a simple tweak (other than EQ) can make an appreciable improvement in the Q's SQ!
While these issues were few and far in between, there's a way to modify the sound with little investment - and without risking accelerated wear/tear/damage. Borrowing from many ideas shared in this forum is the Triple 3 Mod!
All you need is:
  1. $3
  2. 3 Minutes
  3. 3cm (30mm) earfoam covers (I imagine larger ones can be used, too)
The following are helpful pics to help save time writing and reading! Good luck - I hope this improves your listening experience. Let us know if it does and if you have any other suggestions. (The deli napkin in the first photo was not used in this mod - instead, it was used for lunch.)

pic1. reference size of foam piece (unmodified)

pic2. foam piece placed in middle of AKG foam ring

One further note, a mild bass boost does go a long way. I am currently using between 4-6 on my E17+E09K combo. It does sound warmer and more energetic.

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