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Audio System Qs to drive Q701

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by euterpe, Dec 24, 2012.
  1. euterpe
    Hello im a complete newbie to audio area for PC so I came to ask...
    I have an overall good PC, but desperately need an audio upgrade
    I was able to fish out 600$ total to spend and I already have decided to buy 
    AKG Q701 and Titanium HD

    The question here is:
    Will getting an external amp (i.e. Schiit Magni or Objective 2) be better than the one in Titanium HD?
    Will getting an external DAC (i.e Schiit Modi) be better than the one in Titanium HD?
    or to the point...
    Do I need DAC or Amp with AKGs and Titanium HD setup or do I need both?

    AKGs come in about 250 and Titanium HD comes in about 100
    I have about 600-350 = 250 for DAC or AMP, or both.
    Also an addition...
    How do I connect all of these equipment together?
    and by which way (i.e. Optical, RCA, 3.5mm jack)
    I have used my PC350 from Titanium Fatal1ty in Headphones mode with CMSS-3D;
    but on Windows settings I used 5.1 and was able to get surround sound.
    Will I be able to do the same with AKG > DAC/AMP or both> Titanium HD?
    Thanks in advance!
  2. euterpe
    desperate bump
  3. euterpe
    will someone help me please ><!
  4. jasonb
    I dont know much about pc soundcards, but I use my Q701 with a Fiio E17 and it does the job very well. It goes, usb out to the E17, then the headphones just get plugged into the E17. It's very simple.
  5. Tjj226 Angel
    I have the Q701s myself and I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt to NEVER EVER EVER EVER get a sound card for them. A dedicated magni and modi will be a million times cleaner and clearer. 
    Personally, I would actually tell you to find the Q701s on sale for about 200. (it can be done, but it is hard to find). Then I would get the schiit valhalla http://schiit.com/cart/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=0&products_id=2 which would be an all tube amp (the q701 LOVES tube amps). 
    Then I would save up an extra 50 bucks and get the modi for the dac. 
    Later down the road you can roll the valhalla's tube for some nice vintage ones and get some really nice warm sound. 
  6. jasonb
    Unless you're gaming and want dolby headphone....
  7. euterpe
    I all appreciate your replies!
    I would be mostly be gaming and listening to music 50/50 and if I dont have a soundcard to route them to
    I would have to use onboard audio, which doesn't support much
    Im not complete audiophile, but rather want to drive the Q701 as much as possible with my budget and aesthetics
    Im not extreme enough to get tube amps ><
    So that means its better to get the schiit stack (Magni and Modi)
    and if I were to connect it to my desktop... Q701 > Schiit Stack > Titanium HD?
  8. Tjj226 Angel
    Oh god no. Do not use that dolby crap. I have the asus essence stx that I will soon be getting rid of. All the dolby crap does is make the sound stage really echo-y. Just don't touch the dolby stuff and let your headphones do the work. I game just fine with normal 2.1. Positioning is just fine, and the bass is just fine out of my turn table amp. 
  9. Tjj226 Angel
    It doesn't work that way. 
    First off, as I mentioned, don't use dolby. 
    Second off, something like the modi and a tube amp would be your best bet. Your setup would go PC (through USB) to DAC to Tube amp to Q701s. 
    A DAC is a digital audio converter. It takes what should be raw audio data, and then converts the data into an audio wave, and then outputs it to your amp. You amp will increase the power going out to your headphones and will change the sound into something much more natural than a plain sound card. 
  10. euterpe
    I appreciate your replies, please hang on with my bad audio experience
    Is going thru USB better than 3.5mm, RCA, Optical?
    How do I enable surround sound without CMSS?

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