1. ForShure

    iBasso D-Zero or get new Schiit?

    Hey all, my first DAC/Amp combo I purchased was the iBasso D-Zero and it has given me noble service. I am moving away from portable audio into desktop audio now that I am not on the go as much so instead of being used as an Amp, my D-Zero is being used strictly as a DAC. It seems to sound great...
  2. D126

    Magni/Modi vs Fulla?

    Fulla or Magni/Modi combo for SQ? Or is Fulla mainly for portability?
  3. euterpe

    Audio System Qs to drive Q701

    Hello im a complete newbie to audio area for PC so I came to ask... I have an overall good PC, but desperately need an audio upgrade I was able to fish out 600$ total to spend and I already have decided to buy  AKG Q701 and Titanium HD The question here is: Will getting an external amp...
  4. skaurus

    Closed headphones with neutral sound - advice needed

    Hi!   I'm looking for a new headphones; they should be closed and I would like neutral/balanced ones, just because I'm that kind of person :-) Also they should be comfortable enough to wear them for say 4-5 hours without significant discomfort (more is better). Price limit is $400.  ...
  5. mark333

    3 Headphones

    For the past few weeks I was really intent on getting one of the higher end more "refined" headphones.  After a lot of pondering, I decided that I may be getting ahead of myself.  Maybe I don't want one refined, technically superior headphone.  I think since this is my first step info the...
  6. joachimvhw

    DAC for AKG550

    Hi   My new AKG550 get static from my onboard RealTek soundcard, and people advised me to buy a DAC, which should also increase sound quality significantly. I've been looking for a good DAC for these headphones, and there's a few recurring names. Could someone shed some light on which would be...
  7. TurbinePro

    Headphone Amp upgrade?

    I currently have the magni+modi. What would be a good next step within the 1000 budget?
  8. Sierra419

    Please help! I'm new and I dont know what I'm doing!

    Ok, I'm new here so please bear with me.  I know a lot about computers and I'm pretty knowledgeable on home theatre equipment but I'm totally new to the ins and outs of high quality audio.  I currently own a pair of Tritton AX Pros that I use for Xbox and PC, but mostly PC.  My AX Pros just plug...
  9. huddy

    Q701 DAC + AMP for my computer

    Hi   I realise there's probably quite a few threads around talking about this, but I still seem to be undecided what I should go for I think mainly because a lot of the suggestions were not based on experience (i.e people who had actually owned the 701s and the DAC/AMP they were...
  10. Kinru

    Need some advice (headphones + amp/dac)

    Hey all,   As of right now I am using HD555s with the foam mod and just my motherboard's integrated sound. I bought the Titanium HD the other day (when it was $110 on amazon) and have been playing around with it today. Performed several blind tests with various quality songs (from 120kbps to...
  11. Rossy007

    Finally came today

    Just got my AKG Q701's today (black) I am currently using them off my ipod 5th gen until my Schiit Magni comes (Thursday)   If this is what I have to look forward too, Woohoo. Although I have read a lot about burning in (yes it makes a difference, no it doesn't)  i will be running some pink...
  12. Fabama

    High Frequency Noise at Certain Volume Levels

    I have owned my pair of Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80's for about a year now, however I have been using them un-amped up until yesterday. I recently received my first amp and DAC combo (I bought a Schiit Magni and a Topping D20), and I have noticed a bit of a strange issue. At particular volume...
  13. D126

    What effect does an audio processor have on headphones?

    If I were to use a Modi/Magni combo with my Laptop would I be getting optimal audio versus my desktop where I have an DX/Modi/Magni combo?   How exactly does an audio processor effect sound quality (or is it a manufacturer way of rating an overall processor/DAC/Amp setup)? I thought all it did...
  14. timidteddy

    magni modi stack right under computer monitor and beside speakers okay?

    I wonder if there's any interference?
  15. Socrates138

    Help me set up my amp + dac to computer

    I have no idea where I'm supposed to post this thread. I looked around in forums and couldn't find one that seemed, relevant so I just decided to post here.   I just got my Schiit Magni in the mail and I'm ready to set up. However I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do.   My set up is...
  16. keanex

    [Review] thinksound On1, on-ear wooden beauties

        Pros: Environmentally conscious, wood housings, great isolation, removable cable, lightweight, clean sound, good instrument separation, good level of detail. Cons: Soundstage can seem congested at times, can come off sibilant with Magni, mid-bass can come off as pushy. Style: Full-sized...
  17. yakumo2897

    STAX SRS 2170 VS. HiFiMan HE-400 with Magni/Modi Amp and DAC *Opinions needed*

    Hello Everyone,    My Father recently got a set of Stax SR Lamdba Pro and a SRM-1/ MK-2 connected to a Primaluna tube amp that is the best, most detailed, sound I have ever heard. After going home and listening to my Sennheiser RS 170, it made me reevaluate my life and now the hunt for a new...
  18. zoolzoo

    Can distortion even at low volume damage cans?

    I mainly listen to my MS2i's through a Magni/Modi stack. They don't handle really low frequencies very well. Sometimes even at low to medium volume levels certain bass frequencies will garble them up a a strong climax at the end of a drum crescendo in classical music, or a big bass...
  19. jTizMLG

    Bravo v2 vs Magni (question)

    I was just wondering. Pairing with the Modi dac and HD600 headphones is it necessary to get the Magni as well? Or should one just get the Bravo v2 amp? As to someone trying to save money.
  20. Formido

    Magni/Modi vs ODAC/O2

    Howdy all; first post on Head-fi.   I'm looking to purchase a DAC/amp combo for my K701, and I've narrowed it down to the ones mentioned in the title. Which would be the better choice?
  21. ziphyx

    Desktop amp for HE400's

    Hi all,   Recently after much research I bought myself a pair of hifiman HE400's. I listened to them thoroughly and read a lot of reviews and threads concerning these headphones and amps to drive them. I am actually very pleased with these headphones though I feel like they could use a touch...
  22. heckofagator

    Magni vs Asgard 2?

    Hi all,   I'm still deciding between a sound card and an external dac like the Modi, but for now, I just wanted to make sure I had the amp section figured out.   I have desktop speakers, which are my primary listening device at my desk.  If I get the Modi, I'll have to manually switch on/off...
  23. Gruber277

    I broke my Schiit Magni! Need some help.

    Alright, so I broke my Magni. Long story short, I plugged the wrong power cord into it, flicked it on, and it died. On the inside, there's no popped capacitors or visible signs of components being fried. I have desoldered and removed the power jack, and will be replacing it, because I'm hoping...
  24. Gamingmusiclove

    HE400+Magni/modi combo

    How good do the magni/modi combo pair with the HE400? Should i get this or an e12? I would appreciate the portability, but quality is first
  25. imranh101

    Want to use E11 as a permanently-plugged-in solution. Ideas?

    So, I have an old E11 that I used to use when at school and such. No longer at school it hasnt been used for a while.    Want to use it so I can use headphones w/ TV but that would require me to charge it then un plug it all the time. Would rather just be able to plug it into a USB port on my...