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Need a pair of gaming/music headphones, can't decide

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tier one, Nov 24, 2012.
  1. Tier One
    Last year I bought a pair of DT700 pros (80ohms) and I do really enjoy them. I am looking at getting another pair but I can't decide between the HD 598s or the AKG K601. I will be using them for xbox gameplay and music on my computer/phone. I don't have an amp right now just a DAC for my pc. I can hear everything in shooters on my xbox with the dt770s but I have trouble with positioning and I have heard that open backs have wider soundstages that should help me with that.
    If anyone has any experience with these and can tell me what I should do it would be greatly appreciated. Also please offer any other suggestions if you think they would be better, open backs and  >$200 please
  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
    I've only heard good things said about the K601, but they are 120-Ohms, what DAC do you have?
    I heard someone say they have a little less sound stage then the Q701s, but have more bass.
    I'm sure others on Head-Fi have them and offer more details.
    Or save a few dollars and get Senn HD558, there is a used pair on Amazon for $129 + 8 shipping.
  3. Tier One
    It's a weird dac, it's not great just a gamax mini dac but it sounds much better than my headphone jack with almost no background noise. But I don't really know how much it can power if anyone knows that would be great. What I use for xbox is a huge sony home theater system, it takes my xbox's optical cord and has a 1/4 inch jack on the front that I use I have no idea how strong it is but it powers my dt 770s far past what I can listen to without pain and at the highest there is no distortion so if that will  work for the K601 let me know.
  4. PurpleAngel Contributor
    I'm going to guess the K601 (120-Ohm) will work fine with the receiver.
    If you get the K601, please post a detailed review.
  5. Tier One
    Do you think either of them will be cripplingly weak on bass? Compared to like the ad700s?
  6. PurpleAngel Contributor
    On the xBox, is it set for 5.1 (6-channel audio) and has DDL (Dolby Digital Live) enabled?
  7. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Every other headphone on the planet has more bass then the ATH-AD700.
  8. Tier One
    No people have told me to use the default dolby digital option on two channel, I think that is all my stereo can output as well, it has options for up to 7.1 surround sound but when I use it with the dt770s everything sounds muffled and strange.
    Here are some pictures of the stereo system if that helps.
  9. Lord Voldemort
    Easy answer: the HD598. 
    First of all, without an amp it is hard to drive the AKG K601 to proper volumes. Second of all, the HD598 has a superior soundstage. Audio Technica and AKG headphones tend to have a very wide soundstage with no good sense of frontal and real imaging. 
    I recommend getting a HD598 used. And actually, even a HD555 (modded) and HD558 will do just as great for gaming purposes. 
  10. Tier One
    Thanks, scratching the k601 do you think I'm better off to get the hd555, hd558, or the hd598? Or is that just a matter of cost? Is there any glaring differences between them that you know of?
  11. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Looks like a hand me down stereo receiver, pre-DDL, It uses the Dolby Pro Logic II chip (designed 12 years ago) it might support the old 2-channel "Dolby Surround", So maybe Dolby Digital 2-channel might mean the same thing.
    I'm guessing your receiver might only be able to receive 2-channel of PCM (uncompressed) digital audio thru the S/PDIF Toslink optical connection, DDL or DTS-Connect can send 6-channels of compressed audio thru S/PDIF (optical or coaxial)
    Might look into buying a used A/V receiver with HDMI, off Craigslist or eBay, HDMI can pass 8-channels (7.1) of PCM (uncompressed) audio.
    The latest Dolby audio processor is Dolby Pro Logic IIz (2009).
    I prefer Yamaha receivers because they all come with Yamaha's Silent Cinema (Headphone surround sound), as well as Dolby and DTS audio.
  12. musiclife
    Even without an amp you think the K601 will be hard to drive if connected to a PC? Usually sound cards have higher output than mp3 players no?  
  13. PurpleAngel Contributor
    I have the HD558s and like their sound, used at Amazon $129 + 8 shipping.
  14. Tier One
    Yeah my dad got this like 10 years ago it is really old and I still am rockin' the original 360 so it doesn't have hdmi. But I think you are right on the two channel thing because even when I go to "surround mode" it still only shows it going through two channels the only difference is it sounds really airy if that makes sense.
    Actually this DAC I got from gamax has an optical input on the back do you think that can give me 5.1? All it really says on the bottom is CIRRUS LOGIC 24bit 32-192KHz and the voltage. Is it possible I would get better performance out of that as apposed to the stereo receiver?
  15. Lord Voldemort
    For gaming strictly, the Hd555 (modded) will do just as well. The HD558/ 598 have about the same soundstage size but it is definitely more resolving, with better imaging. For music, this can be a deal breaker. The 558/598 are also more comfortable than the HD555/595 due to more cushion and less clamping force. 
    The biggest difference between the HD558/598 is probably the vocals. The HD598 simply has superior vocal production, with better timbre to boot. Well actually scratch that. Probably the biggest difference is the bass difference: the HD558 is simply bassier. But the bass is a bit loose while on the HD598 it is tighter. In addition, for strictly gaming you'd prefer this leaner bass over the HD558's because the bass often distracts one from hearing footsteps. Don't get the wrong idea though - the HD598 has a very close to neutral level of bass, certainly as much as the DT880 and more than the AKG Q701 / AD700 / AD900. Overall, the HD598 sounds more exciting and engaging than its brothers. 
    I'd weigh your options based on price range. They are all excellent. 

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