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(Full-Size) Headphone Recommendations by Genre: Nu/Heavy Metal, Rock, etc.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by showdown, Dec 26, 2012.
  1. ShowDowN
    Hi guys, I have been lurking around your wonderful forums for a while now, and finally decided to have the guts to post since I am total noob when it comes to hi-fi audio(but I'm  learning:) I noticed a lot of people come on here and ask for advice/recommendations on what headphones would fit them best for the type of music/genre they listen to. I thought it would maybe be a cool idea to have a dedicated thread and have members list all the recommended (full size) Headphones (open or closed) that they think would be the best for that type of genre/music, In this case Heavy Metal, Nu-Metal(my favorite!), Hard Rock, Etc. If you guys think this is a bad idea or it has been posted before (but I missed it) then ignore this and delete the thread, or if some of you have even better ideas then that would also be awesome and welcomed. I'm in the same situation other newbies like myself are in where we have no idea on what headphones would fit us the best for our type of music we listen to. Then we (the noobies lol) will have a better understanding/direction to what headphones to look into. I'll go first since the headphone I own is a obvious one.. the grado. lol
    *Grado SR325is
    Genre's: Rock,.Nu-Metal, Heavy Metal, and all other types of Metal. lol.
    Type of Headphone: Open Back headphone.
    Price: Anywhere from $250-350 new and used
    Source: iphone, and I believe most phones and mp3 players.
    Amps: Works well with FiiO E-17, So it should work well with other amps. Even though I believe you do not really need a amp to run this Grado. I noticed a small difference, volume was able to go higher and everything seemed to sound smoother.
  2. jasonb

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