How do nice quality headphones sound, do they really make the music sound better?
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Jan 12, 2013
I'm currently using $15 headphones that I got from wallmart .. I can listen to music and it sounds alright but I woundered, if I were to have better headphones would the music actually sound better? never got a chance to use some nice headphones you know, due to low cash.
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They make the music sound more realistic, not better.  Important distinction to make.

But yes, better headphones will sound better than $15 ones. More expensive doesn't always mean better though. Beats cost a lot, and they aren't very well regarded. So definitely do some research if you are planning to upgrade.
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Yea, that depends. If you already have a laptop or another good source, You can get an inexpensive amp or amp/dac like the Fiio E10, E11, or E17. The newer Fiio stuff is great for the price, a great place to at least start your audiophile journey. A Q701 + E17 for example can be had for less than $400, about $350 or so if you shop around online. It will sound much better and much closer to how music should sound than a $15 headphone. You don't have to spend thousands, or even close to a thousand to get great sound. 
And higher end headphones are going to need higher end equipment (amp's, dac's, sources, etc..) so if you really want good or great sound you'll be spending a lot.

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Don't get anything to revealing then, Youtube quality isn't all that great usually. 
I listen to music with bass lines on my ipod, can you guys suggest anything? I download most the songs from youtube

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I'm noticing instruments, pieces, and subtle beats and background noises I never knew existed in certain songs on my cheaper phones. Also, I can hear the vocals resonating/bouncing around the studio in live recording, for example. I have never heard that o_o. M50 owner atm
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Clarity, sound stage and realism are likely what you'll experience. The higher you go up you start experiencing things like lush, smooth and silky sounds.
As for a good starter pair I suggest the Sony MDR-V6 ($75 on Amazon). It'll like be night and day to what you've experienced.
Nice bass extention, detailed mids with amazing clarity on vocals and bright clear highs.
From a point like this you can guage other headphones and their sound.
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Overall the answer is yes and even through you tube.  $15 headphone, to be honest, most of the cases those headphones are only for you to have a source to produce music for you to hear and nothing more.  To me just by spending a little bit more will open your eyes on what you did not know exist.  Just keep in mind not all same pricing headphones are equal in value some will excels while other sinks.
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I think what people are trying to say is that the whole opinion thing is this. Music is recorded and recorded according to the ear of the producer, the recording medium, process and each step of the way. Then you pop that music in whatever and play it and how you listen to it, with the changes/effects of the playing device. Every step of this path adds or subtrracts something.

Imagine you are at the pub listening to a band. Its the band and your ears and nothing like whats involved as I first mentioned above. Therefore the aim of all the above is to "faithfully" record and "faithfully" reproduce what you would have heard in that pub with your ears. Anything different would be classed as "distortion".
So better equipment will more faithfuly reproduce closer to the original sound. This is th aim of all recording and playback.

The more expensive headphones will "distort" less (my hd598 headphones quote <= .1% distortion) where $15 headphones may have 3% distortion. However the whole process has to be considered. If its a 128K 44.1khz smapled file from a poor recording then thats allready "distorted".

Just look how many people are spending an every increasing amount for a every decreasing amount of improvement. Its the law of diminishing returns.

If the $15 headphones sound cool and ok to you then as they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However when one sees the bright city lights and tastes the proper chef meal over Macdonalds how can you forget the beauty that you have now sampled.

So the trick is to research and read. understand and learn. Sample and try. You may try the best suchi and spit it out as its not for you. But reading about new deep fried pizza may be just what you like and better than the cardboard boxed home cooked one. sound nd headphones are no different to most other things in life.

Go ahead and be informed, researched, experimented, trialled and you will reach your holy grail little grasshopper.

Does any of this make any sense? Here's hoping.

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I'm currently using $15 headphones that I got from wallmart .. I can listen to music and it sounds alright but I woundered, if I were to have better headphones would the music actually sound better? never got a chance to use some nice headphones you know, due to low cash.

If you love music then the best headphones in the world won't make you enjoy the music more. For me the appreciation of hi-fidelity is a learned thing. You slowly learn to appreciate the difference in sound reproduction. Jumping from cheap ear buds to a high end headphone for example, you may actually hate it because the pounding bass and edgy treble will be replaced by tight bass and smooth treble and the clarity could actually be annoying! However if you start at the bottom and slowly work your way up the chain you will learn to appreciate the improvments. But it gets very addictive and expensive. Leave now while you can!
(thats the best name I've seen on here yet, and is my hobby too ha!)

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