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What headphones out there have a v-shaped signature, but an even better soundstage than the DT990?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by velorium, Jun 21, 2014.
  1. Velorium
    I love the v-shaped signature of the DT990 but I want more height out of the soundstage. A few weeks ago I was able to listen to the AKG K612 with an Aune T1 with the E88CC Golden Lion tube. The soundstage was great and I could actually hear sounds coming from below ear level, basically from the floor. However, the K612 is a little too analytical for my day to day listening. I plugged my 990s into the same setup and the tube amp definitely helped, but I think I found the 990s limit with regards to soundstage. Any suggestions?
  2. viralcow
    Interesting, so you think the K612 has a wider soundstage than the DT990? I had the opposite impression. At least, the DT990 shouldn't have as wide of a soundstage as it does, considering its bass impact.
    To answer your question, I think you'll have a hard time finding what you're looking for - in my experience the DT990 is about as good as it gets if you're looking for visceral bass + open soundstage.
  3. Velorium
    The K612 definitely was opened up by the tube. We rolled about a half a dozen through the Aune that day just messing around and I really can't speak highly enough of the soundstage. In comparison, the 990s feel like a wide hemisphere dome around my head directionally. The distance of the K612 was definitely confined a bit, but it was essentially a complete astronaut helmet of sound. I'm laughing at my own descriptions here but that's the best I can describe it.

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