1. domer

    What makes a "true" tube amp? (Aune T1 MK2 question)

    I recently jumped in on a drop for the Aune T1 MK2 headphone amp, and as I was reading more about it I ran across the following post on reddit (there is a very good chance that this guy posts in here too, I'm sure):   quote:   Dude, this is not a tube amp. This is a solid state amp with a...
  2. djdakine

    replacing my DT-770 250ohms with what?!?

    SIGH   lets just put my stupidity in quick recap   had a baby - so wanted something portable sold my DT-770 picked up ATH-m50x - felt it really lacking at home picked up a AUNE T1 MK2 regret not having my DT-770 at home   I cant get myself to buy the 770s again, especially paying more...
  3. rt310

    Advice on a new setup?

    Hi there, So I've been using my current setup for a little over year now (HD650s+Aune T1), and while I have by no means found it an unpleasent experience, I think that a change in sound signature is in order. At the moment I'm finding that my music sounds quite sterile and unlively, and I was...
  4. Brooko

    Comparison / Review: A tale of two flagships – T1 vs HD800

    T1 and HD800 - click any image in the review for larger version.    INTRODUCTION I’ve been incredibly lucky this year to have access to quite a few headphones – both owned by myself, and loaned by another wonderful NZ Head-Fier (62ohm) – who I’m incredibly indebted to.  So this year for me has...
  5. Emilijus

    Bravo Ocean vs Aune T1

    Hey guys, I Just can't find A/B tests of those two amps. So, what do you think: 1. Which one is better overal? Why?  2. Which one is better with Beyerdynamic HP's?  3. Any A/B comparisons with Bottlehead Crack? How much Crack is better from one and other? Cant afford Bottlehead Crack...
  6. Velorium

    What headphones out there have a v-shaped signature, but an even better soundstage than the DT990?

    I love the v-shaped signature of the DT990 but I want more height out of the soundstage. A few weeks ago I was able to listen to the AKG K612 with an Aune T1 with the E88CC Golden Lion tube. The soundstage was great and I could actually hear sounds coming from below ear level, basically from the...
  7. ZenocideZ

    NAD D3020 Discussion Thread

    Found the forum do not have one so I am making one here. I know it is a hybrid stereo desktop amp with build in headphone amp (Not sure about its spec). But I wish to see more discussions about its potential headphone amp power, so post in this forum section.    I saw Malaysia and Indonesia...
  8. W

    Suggestion for Opened back & light weight over-ear with Aune T1.

    Hi !  i am kind of bass-head which prefer sound signature like Audio Technica ATH-WS77 and JVC M55X.  After purchased Aune T1 24bit usb dac, my taste shift to good sound staging. My aune T1 got stock electro harmonix 6922 EH and GE 6aq8 ecc85, Siemens e88cc(6922, cca) .  Still in doubt i love to...
  9. Syndicat3

    Aune T1 OR Objective2 for DT990 Pros...which is smarter?

    There's the deal for the Aune T1 and from what I've read, it's a nice dac/amp for these headphones so long as a get a different bulb. But really, it's not a great deal after the duties and taxes, and shipping to Canada. It will easily come to $160-$190 CAD. Up until tomorrow I can still cancel...
  10. Kbman

    Schiit Vali vs. Aune T1

    Okay so I just recently purchased some Q701's after a few months of deciding what to get and now I need an amp. I had been looking at the Schiit Vali for a while, but then found the Aune T1 for a very good price. My question is, what is the better quality amp? Don't even worry about the pricing...
  11. JakeMcCarthy94

    Aune T1 Help

    Good afternoon everyone, I'm new here but have been reading as a guest for a little while now. Anyways I just bought an Aune T1 with the factory EH 6922, and I also bought a gold lion tube. This is my first tube amp/preamp, but it does not sound right. I am mostly using it as a DAC thats...
  12. Rnerem

    Beyerdynamic DT-880 Pro Headphones (250 Ohm) and Aune T1: Will this work well/better options

    I am currently in the market for a new setup. I listen to to almost all genres of music and I am a very analytical listener. I own the Meelectronics A161 and I hope to continue to use it. This is what lead me to the Dt-880 Pro. I have read that it is a very analytical headphone and I think that...
  13. tuliphd650

    Amps for both HD650 and T1

    Hi,   I am really a new one in this forum. It is my first post here .    I am finding an amp for my HD650. I know that normally most people will chose an amp for HD650 not more than $600. (just for normal case). Firstly I have the same opinion. But after I tried T1 once, I thought I will buy...
  14. Torokun

    Aune T1 vs. Little Dot MK II

    Hi guys,  Head-Fi noob here. I look forward to learn more from all of you.   To start out in the world of wallet emptying audiophile world, I've been checking out Aune T1 and Little Dot's MK II as a good entry point.   I read reviews on them but it's extremely difficult to determine...
  15. Koolpep

    Aune T1 Mk2 vs. Mk1

    Seems that Aune released an updated version of the famous T1. The T1 Mk2.   Did anybody had the pleasure to listen to the new version yet?   What are the sonic differences.   Here is what I could find: - Tenor...
  16. Utopia

    Will we ever see new high impedance headphones?

    It's been a few years now since we got the HD800 and T1, and it seems to me that all new headphones being released are planars or low impedance dynamics, like the Fostexs or K812.    Do you guys think we'll see new high impedance headphones anytime soon? It would be great to see something like...
  17. gregorygood

    Comparison of the Beyerdynamic DT880 (250Ω) and the T1 using a Violectric HPA-V100 and USB DAC 24/192

    This is my second review / comparison of Headphones on this forum. I first must admit I love music. Listening to quality Headphones makes a huge difference no matter the brand. For this go around I am going to compare the Beyerdynamic DT880s (250Ω) and the Beyerdynamic T1s (600Ω).   I must...
  18. andreaburlizzi

    sennheiser hd 600 or 650 for rock music with aune t1???

    i'm using the sennheiser hd 598 with aune t1 amp, but i want to upgrade my setup with sennheiser hd 600 or 650... which is better (with stock cables) with my aune t1? I listen pop/rock music, like oasis, muse, ac/dc, metallica, gun's n roses... thanks!
  19. RAFA

    Toshiba HR-V7 Electret Condenser Headphones

    Today I received an almost new pair of these Toshiba headphones.   They sound unexpectedly good. Especially the mids are very nice. Generally I have not the impression that these headphones are almost 30 years old.   The actual problem and my question is: How can I drive these headphones...
  20. Charliemotta

    Aune T1 help with tube problems please.

    When I use a 12AX7 or 12AU7 tube in my AuneT1, it sounds terrible. I usually have the volume right at 12 o'clock with any other tube (6DJ8 or 6922EH). Now with the 12's I have to turn it up all the way and I can just start to hear it and it's sort of muffled. This 1st happened with a 12AU7 and I...
  21. axelotl

    GS1000i vs T1?

    Hey guys. Been lurking for a bit, completely new to the world of high end headphones. So I have a decent amount of money I'm willing to drop on a pair right now. I'm trying to decide between the gs1000i's or the T1's. Any help?
  22. LunaP

    From DT880 pro's to ...DT 990Pro or T1 question more on clarity.

    So I've spent a few weeks reading up on threads between the DT 880s and DT 990's as well as the comparison thread w/ videos etc ( which was an amazing read) I'm aware of most of the pros and cons on most though there are a few questions left from my side to ask as I'm on a journey ( which I get...
  23. q2klepto

    Apple EarPod alternatives?

    I think I lost my Apple Earpods, which gives me an oppurtunity to get proper earphones!    Outside of Earpods, my only other earbuds have been Apple earphones (garbage) and $10 Sony in-ear canal (also garbage).  When i had the in-ear canal buds, i did not like the feeling.  I felt like i was...
  24. Neo-ST

    Need opinion: Budget AMP+DAC CM6631A + WM8741 + OPA627 + TPA6120

    I'm intending to buy Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 250ohm headphones and a friend of mine (who's into this world more than me, I just started learning) suggested to buy this amp+dac.   It's Chinese made, "Breeze Audio", it's budget ($128 w/ free shipping) and he says it has the latest chips, that...
  25. viralcow

    How I'm going backwards in my headphone journey (Tip to any newcomers)

    At Head-Fi there's this idea that you can always get something better. Whatever your crazy tastes are, there's always another headphone out there that will make music sound better than what you have now, until (theoretically) you work yourself up to a TOTL system with a $2000 amp and...