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Need opinion: Budget AMP+DAC CM6631A + WM8741 + OPA627 + TPA6120

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by neo-st, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. Neo-ST
    I'm intending to buy Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 250ohm headphones and a friend of mine (who's into this world more than me, I just started learning) suggested to buy this amp+dac.
    It's Chinese made, "Breeze Audio", it's budget ($128 w/ free shipping) and he says it has the latest chips, that many other renowned brands have at higher price point.
    Do you think it looks good, should I go ahead with the purchase?
    I'm not an expert at audio, just trying to find the best budget USB amp/dac for 770s.
  2. Neo-ST
    Chinese trash or? Avoid and pay more for better known manufacturers or? [​IMG] 
  3. genclaymore
    China does make some good dac and amp's, they aint all bad. my Audio-gd NFB15.32 is made in china and it is a great one but outside your budget most likely.  I seen a Aune T1 for $149 but I do not know how it sound's, some one that have used it with a DT770 pro-250 will have to chime in here.  You should be able to find some good deals in the F/S section of the forums.   A used NFB12.0 would be a good choice if you can find one cheap enough.  If you had a good sound card, you could use it as a source and get a headphone amp. But you do not mention what audio options you have for your pc.
  4. Neo-ST
    I have a bad integrated sound card, so practically i need both the dac and amp...

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