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best headphones under 200$

  1. Lucagt9
    what are in your opinion the best headphones under or about 200$? i'm searching for great sound quality and deep clear bass for electronic but also pop music. i can also buy an amplifier if it could help
  2. zNapalm
    Would recommend the AKG K612 if you want to sacrifice money for an amp or you can go for Sennheiser HD 598s. Those are the ones I've had the best experience with.
    Granted, I did just join the forum.
  3. Lucagt9

    do you know beyerdynamics custom one pro?
  4. Lucagt9

    i'm searching for great bass
  5. genclaymore
    Define the type of bass sound that you want as there are plenty of different types of bass. Do you want headphones with alot of bass impact, or accurate,tight bass or do you want Head exploding bass. I asked as I found the bass on the A900X to be good as well the DT880 pro-250. But what i found that sound good to me with its bass might not sound good to you,Your best bet is to go some where that let you listen to headphones so you can try out some. That way people can give you suggestions and you can get them a try, hoping the store you try it at will have them plugged into a decent setup.
  6. Lucagt9
    thanks for your answer, well i'm searching for a pair of headphones that have marked bass frequency, they mustn't make me think that in my electronic tracks there's much more to hear. i've a pair of beats pro and i love their bass, but i'm trying to replace them with a better headphone, i'm conscious that the pro's have strong bass, my new headphones had to be better than them in sound quality but also had to reproduce bass in a very impact way. i've also a pair of v-moda lp2 and i'm searching for a pair of headphones with those characteristic improved 
    thank you :)
  7. ghostchili
    Easy choice if you have to stay under $200.
    Audio-Technica ATH-M50x
  8. Lucagt9
    I heard that they are not so good as reguards bass.. It changes with an amp?
  9. onebigunion
    50x has pretty good bass, bit of mid-bass bump and deep extension.  Shouldn't need an amp.  NAD HP50 has good bass too, but new is $249.  Open box available for about 200, with warranty.   Neither of these are bass-EMPHASIZED, but have deep impactful natural bass.  Onkyo's on-ear phone also has excellent bass and good sound quality for about 150.
  10. Young Spade
     Can you be a bit more precise? Do you know how the cans directly compare to each other? 
    Regardless, to the OP, at least do some searches and read up on each of the cans listed in this thread. If you really want to find the best thing for your money you'll have to do some personal research and find out what suits your needs best. 
  11. Lucagt9
    And what about the new soundlink bose with noise cancelling? They are a bit over budget but if they are good i could think about them
  12. luberconn
    don't get the bose unless you travel by bus/train/plane a lot.  they have the best noise cancelling hands down, but build quality and sound does not match the price the sell for.
     for $200 you can get UE6000+ an amp that will produce great bass and cleaner sound than your beats.  bass wont be quite as deep, but tighter and still plenty of quantity.  UE6000 have "noise cancelling" but it's more of a bass/treble/volume booster IMO.  on passive mode the sound is more balanced with a slight bass tilt.  on active mode, it sucks the mids out slightly but they become bass cannons and good treble.  work very well for electronic music/hip hop/dub/trap.
    i hear the custom one pros have good bass and sound quality is ok, but a bit higher in price. 
  13. onebigunion
    The Onkyo is close  to being a basshead phone.  Its bass quantity is above neutral.  Its fairly tight bass, but could be tighter, and goes deep.  Fairly neutral and clean mids and highs, highs a bit emphasized though.  NAD has deep, deep bass and is pretty punchy, very enjoyable, neutral mids, highs a little laid back.  M50x has less bass emphasis than the others, although still a little above neutral. Mids and highs pretty neutral. no sibilance but good detail.
    Hope this helps.  My observations don't coincide with what some others may say.  Some say 50x has recessed mids and a strong V-shaped response.  I don't find that at all, amped or unamped.
    Comfort wise, to me the 50x wins easily.  NAD Headband is flat and not well-padded.  Onkyo is an on-ear phone but still fairly comfortable, some connector problems have beenn reported.   50x has very well-padded headband and deep comfortable earcups.
  14. Schokolade bar
    The M50 has pretty good bass for what they are, although they are not amazing. If you want to save some cash, grab the standard M50s because they are about 70 dollars cheaper and the removable cable isn't that big of a deal in regards to the M50s due to the fact that they are generally quite sturdy and won't need a cable replacement. Just be warned that the M50 is a bit fatiguing and might not suit your taste, so I'd strongly recommend trying sets yourself before buying.  
  15. Young Spade
    Thanks for the info. One of my friends has the m50 and likes it; for me, it'll just be another reference point in helping people make educated decisions. I wish there was some headphone-rental service out there :)

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