1. Musok

    AKG K240 MKII vs AKG K612 vs Sennheiser HD558

    Hey guys,   Just sold my Sony V700 because they lack comfort and I'm now looking for some new headphones that are comfortable, with a good sound and extra-light.   From my search, I loved the full-size and open concept. Tried some Sennheiser HD555 and loved the way this kind of phone sounds...
  2. Woesty420

    HD598 vs. K612pro

    Looking to get a pair of headphones for 75% gaming and the other 25% music listening. -FPS games -All genres of music   Looking for a big sound stage for the more engaging surround in games and I've come down to these two and having hard time deciding. I can get both at roughly the same...
  3. L

    AKG K612 pro vs K550 & other suggestions

    Hello, I've been a lurker for a few years now, such a valuable resource for info! Although now I finally have a question. I previously used head-fi to make a decision on my last pair of headphones, the Sennheiser HD 555. They were the first reference cans I brought and thoroughly enjoyed...
  4. Vic1ous

    Need some advice pretty fast.

    Alright, so I recently had to move my pc into the main living room where the tv/pool table is. I had my own little computer room where I used my klipsch speaker setup and was pretty happy playing games and watching movies, but all that has ended and now I have to figure out a good...
  5. MaciekN

    EQ your Ms-1i into K601/612

    Based on the graphs found on the web I tried to EQ my ms-1i to sound at least close to what k601/k612 should sound like. Basically I was wondering how much difference could there be.   I used Electri-q equalizer.   Points: 1. Peak at 20 Hz + 3.7 dB BW 1.3 2. peak at 100 Hz -2.6 dB BW 1.5...
  6. twiz

    Computer Build

    I am building a new PC next month and am looking for some suggestions on my audio setup. I will be running both Windows and Linux. Will be used for gaming (RPG and FPS), music (obviously), and misc.    Between headphones, DAC/AMP, video card I am looking at spending around $500. Suggestions?
  7. BojoGG

    Could someone technical compare me these two Dac || xonar vs fiio ||

    So right now i got Xonar DS sound card and i want to know if its worth to upgrade to fiio e10. Xonar DS has Chipset Wolfson WM8776  Specs:http://www.wolfsonmicro.com/documents/uploads/data_sheets/en/WM8776.pdf Fiio E10...
  8. conquerator2

    Which DAC to get?

    Hi guys, I've been trying to choose a DAC/amp combo unit but am currently stuck between 4:   1] AUNE X1 24bit 192kHz USB DAC Headphone Amp...
  9. Tsubop

    Looking for accurate open back headphones. AKG Q701 or AKG K612 Pro any good?

    So I want a headphone that is open back (don't care about sound leakage), with a large soundstage, and good accuracy. Odds are I'll be using this headphone for movies, gaming, and music (electronic, classical, a couple other things). I also don't really care if the headphone has to be amped. So...
  10. kman1211

    Review and Comparison of the $200 Open-Back Underdogs: The AKG K612 Pro and the Sony MDR-MA900

    I've owned the Sony MDR-MA900 for about four months now, I got them because I wanted something with more relaxed treble and a bigger soundstage than my K240. My AKG K612 Pro's were a gift from a close friend and I have owned them for about a month now. I find both of these headphones a bit...
  11. Shinta1010

    Looking for a new pair of headphones need help :)

    I've been searching for headphones for a few days and really like the look of the AKG's.   Now, the kind of music I listen to doesn't really go with the headphones, so I need your opinions.   I listen to trance/house/techno/dubstep and Hip-Hop/Rap. Are there any AKG's that would be decent...
  12. 32x2z

    Need advice on buying headphones

    I'm looking at buying a soundcard and headphones. I was thinking this combination. http://www.amazon.com/product/dp/B000Y03A3A?tag=donations09-20 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16829132010 Am I maximizing my soundcard with the current headphones? If I am not what should I...
  13. Ryannnn

    *HELP!* PC Gaming Headphone/Headset Advice!

    Hello guys, My name is Ryan and I have been trying to look for a new pair gaming headphones or headsets for some time now. My Steelseries Siberia v2 Mic broke a few days ago and managed to get a full refund, so now i'm willing to get one. I play pc games such as, Minecraft, Loadout (Fun Shooting...
  14. klfl

    FS: Mint AKG K612 pro

    First owner for less than one month. Mint condition and fully functional. With all accessories and box.   US and paypal only, 2 day shipping $5, gift or 3.5% pp fees. Price is firm, no trade of any kind and no international shipping. Thanks for looking.   Some impressions from fellow...
  15. Brooko

    AKG K702 (The Classic) vs. K612 Pro (The Upstart) – Review and Comparison

         My full sized headphone journey has been a long one (mostly mid-fi), but a distinctly enjoyable one.  It has allowed me to learn a lot about my own preferences, and also allowed me to spend considerable time with some good, some great, and some not-so-good cans.   This thread is an...
  16. Brooko

    AKG K612 Pro

    Extremely good condition AKG K612 Pro for sale.  Only 2 owners.  Very little head time.  I purchased it for a comparison review - and whilst I'd like to keep it - I'm already committed with my HD600 and RS1 - and possibly the Aplha Dogs (if they wow me).   Comes with full retail box.  ...
  17. NickLong10029

    Not satisfied with Fiio E9 and AKG Q701. Would the O2 amp + ODAC produce less aggressive highs

    Hello all,   I have a set of AKG Q701 headphones. I love absolutely love sparkle in the highs and its massive sound stage, which I don't get out of my portable Sennheiser Momentum's. However, I find that the treble is quite fatiguing to my ears. I have used it over 100 hours. I am currently...
  18. qbizzle

    need help picking headphones

    I currently own a pair of superlux hd668b that i use for gaming and listening music. For gaming I play majority FPS but like other genres as well but soundstage is big for me for positional sounds. Also, my prefered genre for music is hip hop. I've been looking to buy some AKG K612PRO and i...
  19. XANADV

    HiFi cans for PC gaming

    Hello all. I am new to this forum as I just signed up today. Sound reproduction has been an increasingly interesting topic for me in recent months and now it is time to make my first leap into this hobby of yours.    I know this question has been asked hundreds of times over the years (I have...
  20. Donnyboy98

    Philips Fidelio X2, Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro and AKG K612 PRO Reference

    If anyone can explain these headphones such as "the DT 990 pro is a bass heavy headphone which wouldnt be as good for gaming" or "the AKG has the bigger earcups which will be better for long gaming periods" for example, just to make my mind up.   Thanks for all the feedback and help!
  21. AKG K612 PRO Reference Studio Headphones

    AKG K612 PRO Reference Studio Headphones

    (From AKG Website) K612 PRO headphones are reference open, over-ear phones that deliver natural sound imaging for professional monitoring. The advanced open technology offers comfort for long working sessions and a full, spacious sound. AKG’s patented Varimotion™ diaphragm technology completes...