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HD598 vs. K612pro

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by woesty420, Jan 11, 2014.
  1. Woesty420
    Looking to get a pair of headphones for 75% gaming and the other 25% music listening.
    -FPS games
    -All genres of music
    Looking for a big sound stage for the more engaging surround in games and I've come down to these two and having hard time deciding. I can get both at roughly the same price and I've heard good things about both and is make it extremely hard to pick. 
    If anyone has tested both of them, opinions would be greatly appreciated. 
    I've read that the k612s are very natural sounding with forward mids which I know is beneficial for gunshots and footsteps. I've also read that they can lack bass and some music genres won't be as nice on these. Some people also complain about the headband, which doesn't look like much of an issue to me. 
    As for the HD598s, they are said to have a wide sound stage and to be excellent for gaming. Also, heard they lack bass too, not sure which is worse. They are said to be more fun sounding while the 612s I heard will maybe lose the fun factor. As for comfort I haven't heard any complaints. Removable cable is also a nice feature.
    I can get both for roughly the same cost so that isn't an issue.
    Don't have amp at the moment other then a SB Z but I will be getting one, so It's just down to which is preferred for gaming and hitting all music genres rather then being amazing at a few and lacking in some.
  2. Woesty420
    Even if anyone has had negative issues with either headphone, post them. That will help me decide. 
    They both seem like awesome headphones and I'm having a very hard time deciding.
    Thank you.
  3. kman1211
    The K612 can lack bass on certain systems, the headphones are sensitive about synergy, amping is also a must with them. The K612 is the more detailed, refined, and less forgiving of the two, meaning lower quality recordings and overly compressed music won't sound that great on them. In terms of fun factor, the K612 is more enjoyable for me to listen to than the HD 598, so I would personally give fun factor to the K612. Both headphones are excellent in terms of soundstage and imaging, can't recall which did better at this, the K612 probably has better imaging though. The HD 598 doesn't require amping and it's a lot more forgiving but they can sound a bit boring in comparison to a properly amped K612.
    If your willing to deal with the hassle of system synergy, the K612 is the more rewarding and the overall better headphone, but if you want something that isn't much of a hassle to get to sound right, then go with the HD 598.
  4. Woesty420
    Ok thanks for the answer!

    I won't be amping right away other then my SB Z, but eventually I will be getting an external amp.

    Will the 612s sound real bad with just the SB Z?

    It will be maybe a month or two before I pick up an amp unless it's in the $100-150 price range like the magni or vali. But then I figure it would be best to wait for a better solution.

    I know the 612s will not sound good through iPod which isn't big deal but just curious will the hd598s sound alright through an iPod?

    I will be down to amp properly it just can't happen right away, but your in no way saying the 598s are bad right? And for gaming there won't be huge amounts of difference?
  5. kman1211

    I haven't heard the SB Z so I can't say. The K612 likes a little warmth to it's sound from my experience.
    The Vali will probably be the better match for the K612, the Magni was just okay.
    The HD 598 sounds alright out of an ipod, the K612 not really. The HD 598 isn't bad by any means and I would recommend it or the Sony MA900 for no hassle gaming headphones. No, there won't be a big difference in terms of gaming. The biggest difference is going to be in music.

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