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akg k612 vs Q701

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  1. lsamod
  2. kman1211
    The differences between the Q701 and K612 is that the Q701 has a wider soundstage but the wider soundstage comes at a cost where the center image can be missing at times. The Q701 has slightly more detail and is brighter with a bit of a glare in the upper-midrange and lower treble. It also doesn't extend as much in the bass as the K612 and has less bass. The K612 is more neutral and linear. The Q701 is more soundstage and analytically oriented.
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  3. lsamod
    I'm looking for a flat sound with a good bass impact, deep bass response. I'm not a basshead.i listen to mid centric music(no electronic at all).and I'll probably use it with fiio e12. I think k612 will be a better choice for me. Thanks!
  4. PurpleAngel Contributor
    If you get the K612 Pro, post a detailed review, please.
  5. kman1211

    Mid-centric music is where the K612 truly excels, it's a very neutral and linear headphone comparable to the HD 600 in terms of refinement and neutrality, the HD 600 is more intimate while the K612 is more laid-back and detailed. I listen to a good amount of electronic personally and I find it satisfactory for electronic, so I don't think bass would be a problem, it's a very deep and linear bass with good impact if the track calls for it. And if you ever feel for some reason there isn't enough bass on certain songs, the E12s bass boost will solve it.
  6. lsamod
  7. lsamod
    I'm still a very beginner, so don't expect an accurate review. But I'll definitely do a review!
  8. kraken2109

    I see you have the 612 pro, do you also have HD600s (I'm guessing since you mentioned them).
    How do they compare?
  9. kman1211

    I don't own the HD 600, but my friend has one and I had had a good chance to compare the two for numerous hours. Well detail wise the K612 slightly edges out the HD 600. The HD 600 I found is more intimate while the K612 being more laid back. I found both very natural sounding, one could argue which is more natural, I had trouble deciding which sounded more natural as the presentation is quite different on the two headphones. I found the HD 600 had a bit more depth to it's sound as well as slightly more prominent bass and warmth although it doesn't extend as deep in the bass, the soundstage was slightly smaller than the K612 while the K612 had a larger soundstage which causes it to be more laid-back, although the K612 isn't as laid-back as say the Q701 or the K702 Annies. The K612 was more musical/euphoric to my ears, the HD 600 was slightly dull in comparison. The K612 I found to be a little darker in the treble than the HD 600. The bass was more impactful on the HD 600, the K612 had a thicker possibly more solid tone to it's bass. The K612 had a greater sense of clarity and transparency to my ears. The HD 600 sounded very slightly veiled in comparison, although I wouldn't call the HD 600 a veiled headphone by any means. I found it a toss-up in which was better, which is better comes down to preference, refinement was basically equal to my ears and each had their advantages and disadvantages. I preferred the K612 a bit due to a more euphoric sound and greater clarity. Although there is something to note about me; AKGs sound unusually euphoric to my ears while most other headphones sound slightly dull in comparison to me.
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  10. kraken2109
    Thank you so much, comparisons like that are so useful.
    I'm thinking of buying the K612 soon :D
  11. lsamod
  12. lsamod
    Guys, can anyone explain more about genre versatality of q701's? (I'm mid centric)thanks! :santa:
  13. Shaffer

    I own both, as well as K702. The 612 sounds more forward with relatively mellow highs and slightly veiled mids. The HD600 are much more detailed, more resolving, sound more balanced with a back/mid-hall presentation. The 612s come across as more exciting, initially, depending on what sort of thing you're looking for. Both benefit from a good amplifier. Good luck.
  14. kraken2109
    I'm assuming you think the HD600 are better overall then? Are they worth 50% more money?
    Thanks, and sorry for hijacking the thread.
  15. Shaffer

    To me, yes.
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